September 24th 2016


Yorkshire Cover Auctions 


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11832 EL Paris-Amsterdam via Frankryk over Arnhem(red) charged 95. S/line Gezuiverd(desinfected) & LFR3.35
21861 small unpaid cvr Switz-Kent via St Louis 3, charged 6d. Boxed Fr.1f78c accountancy. PHOTO50
3Boer War: 1900(Sept) cvr to UK, GB 1d lilac & violet skeleton APO Volksrust pmk. Part flap.40
41901 Transvaal VRI 4d regd env FPO 11(Krugersdorp)-UK + GB 1d(x2)+3d (Z1,7 cat £28). PHOTO50
51902(Jan) OHMS env ex Sgt in 26th IY APO Klerksdorp-UK, GB Id lilac (Z1). See also lot 1652.15
6 WW1: (see lot 1158):1915(Aug) cvr between family members: 1 in KuK Regt convalescent unit Krisevci(Croatia) & 1 POW on Chausey Island(English Channel) @ Hungarian 10f rate. Austrian circ.censor.25
71916 POW cvr Ostrau(Saxony)-German volunteer unit in Morocco(military cachet). Needs research.25
81916 cvr USA-Austria @ 5c rate intercepted in France with military censor label.15
91916 stampless censored cvr Germany-USA. Boxed violet Released by British Military Authorities.20
10Forwarding Agent: 1872 cvr Paris-USA via London & N.York franked GB 3d dp rose SG102 pl.8(cat £60). 2 diff.agent cachets (Drexel Harges in Paris + JS Morgan & Co,London). Scarce thus. PHOTO75
11Poste Restante: 1939 regd airmail cvr Togo-Paris with SG110-2(cat £10). Redirected to Poste Restante, Monte Carlo where Monaco 30c P.Due(D34) pays fee.
12P.Due: 1926 underpaid cvr Buxton(Br.Guiana)-Germany. Tax marks both countries inc Chemnitz Porto cds.15
13WW2: 1941(Jan) POW printed env Brantome Camp(Dordogne)-Germany with camp censor.15
141942 Swiss advert cvr to Peru @ 50c rate intercepted in Bermuda with Examiner 6119 label + mss IC.15
151944 scarce illus RAF SEAsia Postage Free Xmas censored(RAF) airletter to UK.25
161944(Nov) Xmas postage free printed censored airletter comm.used Indian FPO 26(Ansariya,Lebanon)-UK.25
171945 multilingual(mainly Asian) airdrop leaflet 'Allied Troops have entered Berlin' fine unused.20
18WW2 red & blk airdrop leaflet SJ121 dropped over Burma/Siam by RAF 355 Sqdn. See also lots 1029-30.20
191946(Nov) Pan-am test flights(4) US-Jamaica,St Lucia,Trinidad or Br.Guiana & back. Dual country franking.40
20UN:(see lot 372-4): 1945-7 UNRRA cvrs(2,1 printed stationery) Germany-USA/Palestine(latter via US Army).25
211957-65 Swedish Bn in Egypt cvrs(3 inc Swedish blue feldpost env) to Sweden. 2 ex Gaza & diff.UNEF pmks.25
221962 cacheted cvr Danish Forces in Congo-Denmark with s/ring UN pmk. See also lot 431,450,1070,1731.15
231825 EL St John(NB)-Malta(rare destination) via Deal Ship Letter(S8) & London forwarding agent (Bainbridge & Brown) rated 1/4d. PHOTO75
241832 EL Bahia(Brazil)-UK per William rated 3/2. 2-line Liverpool Ship Lre (S3).25
251837 outer St Stephen(NB)-UK per Wilmot rated 1/2d. Boxed Gravesend Ship Letter(S9).30
261839 outer St John(NB)-UK rated 1/4d. Stepped Ship Letter Dover(S11) across flap.25
271859 GB 1d stars(x2) on piece (Z130 cat £140) & fine A91 mailboat pmks. PHOTO50
281860 EL Rosario(Argentina)-N.York(Br.Pkt pmk) rated 28 in mss + 33 h/stamp.20
291862 family EL written Coviglicego(on mountain pass betwn Florence & Bologna re Grand Tour) to USA posted Liverpool(Brown,Shipley forwarding agent) per Scotia rated 48(h/st) & 38(mss).40
301887 cvr GB-P&O SS Ballarat @ Pt Said. 2-line Rec'd after Ships Departure(reverse) so sent onto Sydney & charged 6d then 2/=. Refused by P&O Captain with Advertised Unclaimed h/stamp. PHOTO100
311899 cvr German marine FPO 12(SMS Moltke)-Germany @ 10pf rate.20
321903 St Lucia ppc to France, KEVII 1d tied octagonal Cayenne a Fort de France p/bot LC. PHOTO50
331908 Guadeloupe ppc ex Cartagena(Colombia)-France, French 10c sower & St Nazaire a Colon LA No.2.25
341912 Ragusa ppc comm.used to Austria, Austrian 5h & Cattaro-Triest 2 maritime TPO pmk.25
351915 Principe Umberto ship ppc comm.used to Argentina @ Italian 5c rate & ships p/bot pmk.20
361922 Venice RP ppc comm.used to Egypt, Italian 50c & violet Lloyd Triestino Semironis p/bot cachet.40
371925 cvr to Egypt, mixed Dutch(SG300A) & Dutch Indies issues(3) & Esperia Italian p/bot pmks.25
381929(July) illus cvr for USS Utah visits Weymouth(UK) addressed locally @ US 2c rate + ships pmk.10
391930 cvr to USA, Iceland 1e(strip of 4)+3a(Fa124-5 cat £21+) & Edinburgh cds + s/line p/bot(Hosk.279). PH.45
401930 ppc comm.used Lisbon-Germany, German 15pf & Cap Ancona Hamburg-S.America seapost flap pmk.15
411931 cvr to Pt Sudan(rec’r) via Pt Taufig, Ubangi Shari SG11(cat £32) & violet Khedival Mail SS Talodi. PH.50
421931(Jun) cacheted D.Europa Southampton catapult flight cvr USA-Saar, SG557,9(x2),A629,652.35
431932 cvr Honolulu-USA @ US 3c rate tied box Packet Boat + RMS Niagara Marine PO pmk.15
441937 cvr India-passenger on Q.Mary,N.York(Cunard rec'r),mix KGV-VI 3½a. Oval Detained Late Fee Not Paid20
451937 Consignees Mail(h/st) cvr Cristobal(Canal Zone)-Br.Guiana @ 5c rate tied HAPAG Hamburg-W.Indies Line pmk + Paquebot Trinidad cds.20
461982 cvr ex MV Orangemund to S.Africa, S.African 8c tied Luderitz Paquebot (scarce Hosking 2815).20
47Balloon:1932(Sep) Gordon Bennett Cup flown cvr Basel-Ebrach, Swiss SG318+27(cat £100) & sp.pmk. PH.50
481957,59 & 61 illus/cacheted Swiss flight cvrs(3) ex Basel,Rapperswil or Zurich.20
49Bicycle:1901 lovely illus French advert cvr to Dunlop tyres@ 15c rate with TPO pmk.Large Lacoste cycle(rev)40
50Birds:(see lot 511-2,1253): 1967 Botswana set to R2 (SG220-33 cat £30) on illus unadd.FDC.20
511975 Malawi set to 4k (SG473-85 cat £50) on illus unadd. FDC.35
52Chess: 1950 Dubrovnik Olympics illus unadd. cvr, Yugoslav SG647-51(cat £32) & sp.red pmk.30
53Concorde: 1969(Apr) + 71(Dec) illus maiden flights in UK of 002 & 0125
541970(test flight)-79 illus all different FFCs(7, mostly transatlantic).35
551973(Jun-Aug) cacheted FFCs(3) 02 Toulouse-Gabon, overflight Icelandic volcano, Bristol-Toulouse.30
56Drink:(see lot 1767): 1912 illus(front & back) cvr for Encore Scotch Whisky,Bombay-UK @ Indian 1a rate.25
57Esperanto: 1927 Danzig illus(view Zoppot beach) 10pf green p.stat.card (P39) fine unused.20
581939(Aug) airmail cvr Bern Congress(cachet)-UK, Swiss SG391+3F & Mobile PO pmk.15
591953(July 25) illus unadd.FDC of scarce Yugoslav 300d (SG756 cat £225) & sp.pmk. PHOTO150
60Fire: 1935 regd advert cvr Basel-Colombia(destination), Swiss SG353(x2)+6(cat £15). Fire insurance company (La Baloise) multicolour label tied reverse.20
61Fish: 1984 Malawi set to 4k (SG688-702 cat £32) on illus unadd. FDCs(3).25
62Football: 1966 World Cup sets (42 stamps) on illus unadd.FDCs(21) Antigua-Tristan. No Aden States/Ghana.40
63Gold: 1930 S.Lucknow(NSW) Gold Mining share certificate for 100 shares.10
64Helicopter: 1947(Nov) Dutch 7½c p.stat.card uprated & flown(cachet) The Hague-Brussels.20
651965 illus regd FFC Fredericksburg-Kastrup, Danish airs SG290-1(cat £30). See also lot 1580.25
66Hotel:1891 underpaid hotel env Leipzig-hotel in Switz, taxed, refused label, hotel dated cachet + Swiss Dues.25
671895 Danish 10o p.stat.card with illus of Hotel Kongen,Copenhagen comm.used to UK.20
681905 ppc Savoy Hotel,Assouan-UK @ Egyptian 2m rate. See also lot 175,1049,1164,1253,1507,1575.15
69Jewish interest: 1934 p/card comm.used(in Yiddish) Narol(Galicia)-Rabbi in N.York, Polish SG285a(x2).10
70Motoring:(see lot 638): 1955(Jan) illus unadd.Monte Carlo Rally FDC of Monaco SG517(cat £95). PHOTO60
71Mountaineering: 1972 German Exped'n to Everest cacheted cvrs(2 diff) Nepal-Germany. Inc letter ex leader.25
72Music: 1950 illus Luxemburg FDC for Zinnen(composer): SG539-42(cat £60).40
73Olympics: 1906 comm.cvr Athens-India(destination/rec'r), 25L Olympics (SG139).25
741920 advert cvr Belgium-Denmark, SG236a + Olympic set SG256-8.25
751936(Aug) Olympic flight cacheted p/card Frankfurt-Berlin, SG606(x3) + MS618(Brown Ribbon cat £24).25
761956 Winter Olympics set of San Marino (SG496–505 cat £25) on 3 illus unadd. FDCs.20
77Photography: 1923 illus(2 box cameras) cvr Quezaltenango(Guatemala)-Dutch Guiana, SG126+96(x2).20
78Red X: 1917 Italian army censored p/card PM18-UK ex British Red X(cachet) radiographer with Italian army.25
791953 Belgian set (SG1436-41 cat £40) on 2 cvrs Brussels-UK. See also lot 953,1157,1734.25
80Rocket: 1961(Jun) illus 1st Swiss rocket post cvr ex Bellinzona, SG654(blk of 4)+ sp.label tied rocket cachet.10
81Royalty: 1911 colour KGV novelty pop-up Coronation souvenir ppc used Hornsey-Sussex @ ½d rate.20
821915 Sandringham printed env to Kings Lynn(official paid red pmk), fine violet GvR cypher30
831928 souvenir programme for Trooping of the Colour before KGV. Uncommon.15
841937 cvr Sandringham(red official paid pmk)-St Ives, fine & scarce GRI VI cypher. Bit roughly opened. PHOT.45
851947(Feb) regd(violet h/st) cvr Royal Train-Cape Province, S.African pairs SG111-3.15
861956(July) Duke of Edinburgh’s Study Conference,Oxford sp.pmk on cvr to Lincs, KGV ½d(x5). News cutting.20
871957(Jan) cacheted cvrs(3) for Duke of Edinburgh's visit to Ascension,Tristan & St Helena.15
881968(May) illus cvr for Royal Visit to STAMPEX in Norwich @ 4d rate. See also lot 305.15
891982 airmail cvr USA-Princess Diana @ Kensington Palace. 4-line Examined by Sgt Fitzgerald (Duty Orderly).25
90Scouts: 1939 French 40c+60c sp.printed pictorial p.stat.card fine unused & scarce.25
911947(Aug) Peace Jamboree,France sp.printed p/card to UK, SG909+1017 & sp.pmk.15
92Skiing: 1936 regd cvr Graz-Yugoslavia, Austrian set SG788-91 cat £200. PHOTO125
93Space: 1983(Nov) sp. NASA illus folder with Challenger illus flight cvr, US $9.35 (SG2044 cat £32).25
94Temperance: 1923 Good Templars illus env Roatan(Honduras)-UK @ 20c rate.15
95ABU DHABI: 1983 regd parcel card to India @ UAE 31dh hi-vals rate (stamps cat £20).20
96ADEN: 1901 cvr Aden Camp-USA, Indian QV 2½a (SG104).30
971915 Scottish RP golf ppc underpaid GB-passenger on board TSS Mandala with 3 different tax marks inc box Foreign Postage Due 1a + rare Aden unpaid octagonal cds. PHOTO150
981932 Indian 2a+1a regd env(225x155mm) insured Aden Camp-Bombay + 4-colour 3p,2a6p,4a,8a.45
991937(Apr 1) printed local FDC with dhows set to 1r (SG1-9 cat £54). PHOTO45
1001937(May 12) regd(London label) cvr to UK, SG3,5,7 + 13-15(FDC). Stamps cat £15.15
1011943 local cvr to HMS Battler, SG17,19-20,22,24,26(5R cat £22).20
1021952 cvr(inc letter) to UK ex MV Cheshire, GB ½d (SG503 blk 4) + Paquebot Aden pmk.10
103AEGEAN: 1915 RP Psitos ppc comm.used to Italy, Italian 5c ovpt Rodi & s/line violet Censore N.125
1041944(Oct) airmail front Rhodes-Lannadi, War Fund airs(SG232-5 cat £150; top val.signed).Unpriced cvr. PH.120
105ALAND: 1898 stampless weather report card comm.used Mariehamn-Helsinki.20
106ALBANIA: 1914 regd cvr Scutari-Australia(rare destination/rec'rs) via Brindisi, surchs SG40-5(cat £35). PH.100
1071921 harbour ppc Durres-Vienna, 10q as SG125 but ovpt'd BESA in scroll.40
1081923 15q p.stat.card comm.used Elbasan(violet pmk)-Holland via Durres.40
10919 29 regd cvr to Paris flown Tirane-Vlone then via 2 Italian TPOs, SG204-6,53,59-61(x2 cat £44). PHOTO75
1101942 censored(German) advert cvr Durres-Prague, SG355-6.25
1111959 airmail cvr Tirane-USA, SG544(20L air),575+8(cat £17).25
112ANDORRA: French: 1951 RP border ppc underpaid to UK, 15fr (F132) & GB 1d P.Due (D36).15
1131966-74 Europa illus unadd.FDCs(9) of F198-200,8-9,14-15,22-3,31-2,6-7,45-6,56-7(cat £210).90
114ANGUILLA: 1930 comm.cvr to USA via St Kitts, St Kitts 1½d(SG40a) & Valley pmk.30
115ANTIGUA:(see lot 1071): 1868 prices current EL to Nova Scotia, 1d(SG7). Mss red 1. Cat £600(cvr). PHOT.175
1161912 2½d arms p.stat.env comm.used St Johns-Switz.25
1171917 advert cvr St Johns-USA via Halifax & N.York, Leewards 1d + ½d war stamp (SG53).20
1181917 regd cvr St Johns-USA, blk of 4 + 3 ½d war stamp (SG52 cat £24).30
1191926 regd cvr to USA, 2½d+3d (SG72,74 cat £31). Minor stain.45
1201941(May) airmail cvr US Naval Base,Antigua(sp.pmk)-USA @ US 10c air rate.25
1211948 regd cvr St Johns-USA, 10/= (SG108 cat £38).35
1221948 regd cvr St Johns-USA, KGVI £1 (SG109 cat £70). PHOTO70
123Barbuda: 1928 regd(red h/st) cvr to UK, Leewards 6d (SG72 cat £48). PHOTO100
124ARGENTINA:1858 EL B.Aires(Br.PO)-N.York(Am.Pkt rec'r) via UK @ 2/4d + 45 h/st. Double Atlantic crossing25
1251858 EL B.Aires(Br PO pmk)-Italy(destination/rec'rs) per Camilla via UK & France charged 10. Box GB 1f60c.30
1261870s-84 official local Cordoba outers(2) with boxed Villa San Carlos or Gral Mitre pmks.40
1271905 Liege Exhibition sp.ppc comm.used Heavy(BA)-Paris then Italy @ 6c rate.15
1281908 regd cvr Trenque Lauquen-USA, 30c (SG235). See also lots 28,487.20
1291982(Apr-Jun) Argentine Occupation of Falklands illus cvrs(4 inc regd). 1 ex Malvinas.25
130ASCENSION: 1923 Union Castle Line env to UK, 3-colour SG2,4(corner fault),5(cat £68). PHOTO65
1311938 regd cvr to UK, set to 1/= (SG21-8 cat £30).25
1321952 regd cvr to UK, set to 1/= (SG38b-44a cat £21).15
1331956(Nov 19) small regd FDCs(3) to UK, QE2 set to 10/= (SG57-69 cat £80).60
134AUSTRALIA: 1915-19 nice fronts(28 inc regd) to Adelaide with range KGV 1d red head shades(some + ½d)65
1351916 OHMS cvr New Norfolk(Tas)-Bothwell redirected to Kempton with 2 diff.KGV 1d shades both perfin T.25
1361916 OHMS cvr New Norfolk-Kempton, 2d roo (SG24 cat £12) perfinned T.35
1371923 KGV 2d drugs co.p.stat.env Sydney(Empire Exhib'n pmk)-USA + KGV 2d.35
1381924 Eastern & Australian Steamship Co env Thursday Is-USA, pair 1½d grn (SG61).40
1391925 long env Sydney-USA per RMS Maunganui, blk of 6 ½d (SG56 cat £12+). See also lot 63.30
1401930 cvr Denmark-Australia ret'd with box Not Known by Postmen Melbourne + DLO pmk + 5-line Inconnu h/s35
1411930(Jun 2) local Melbourne FDCs(2) of Sturt set (SG117-8) in blocks of 4 (cat £40).50
1421934 airmail cvr Adelaide-UK via Karachi, 2d+1/= Victoria (SG147+9a cat £24).25
1431934(July) 'Faith in Australia' double flight cacheted cvr Melbourne-N.Guinea with SG139+147(cat £19) & back with SG179+197(cat £15).25
1441936(Aug 3) illus S.Australia FDC Glenelg-Burwood(NSW), SG161–3(cat £15).35
1451938(Jun) printed FFC Cairns-Sydney(rec'r), SG117+127. Eustis 812A. Unclaimed Sydney pmk.20
1461940 KGVI 1½d p.stat.card(H&G30) comm.used(survived sinking ship) airmail Melbourne-UK + SG164,180.20
1471943(Dec)airmail cvr Unit Postal Stn(oval violet rubber)S124(Qld)-S.Aust @ 4d rate. Proud NS.AMF box cens25
1481945(May) POW p/card Murchison Camp-Germany with Camp CO & Aussie censors.25
1491951(Mar) cacheted FFC Sydney-Valparaiso(Chile), 5/= (SG224a).15
1501953 regd airmail cvr Springvale-USA, mixed issues inc late use 6d roo perf OS (O8 cat £20).20
1511966-9 QE2 4c or 5c lettercards(3: H&G53-55) fine unused.25
1521966 QE2 24c green regd env, H&G47 fine unused.15
153AAT: 1948(Mar) cvr Macquarie Is-Australia @ 2d rate. 2-line ANARE 1947 cachet.20
1541954(Feb) printed Expedition p/card Mawson(ANARE pmk)-Brisbane @ 3½d rate. 4 diff.Exped'n colour labels15
1551972 multi-cacheted Antarctic Exped'n cvr Davis-Australia on board Nella Dan, SG8+19.10
156BCOF: 1948 regd(violet h/st) cvr Unit Postal Stn 453(Eta Jima)-Australia, 6d (J4 cat £23). PHOTO50
157AUSTRIA:1880 2kr p.stat.card to Vienna via KK Post Ambulance No.9 TPO,s/line KK Fahrendes Postamt 29.25
1581897 Slovenian cvr Rietsdorf(mss pmk + date)-Sagor, 5kr & 2-line Postconducteur im Zuge Wollan-Cilli 1913.25
1591915 regd cvr Vienna-Berlin, War Charity set (SG242-6). See also lot 34,92,357,377-8,478,593,768,1430.25
1601925(Aug) airmail cvr Vienna-Sweden via Frankfurt, SG583+626. Scarcer route.30
1611927-37 ppcs/advert cvr(14) with all different fine TPO pmks.75
1621929(Apr) acceptance for Graf Zepp.Mediterranean flight to Seville(rec'r), airs SG618,26,33(cat £117). PH.100
1631934 airmail cvr Innsbruck-UK via Vienna & Berlin, 1s+2s airs (SG631-2 cat £24).35
1641933(July) Robert Kronfeld glider flight sp.30gr+2sh p.stat.card(H&G291) + 20g air (SG624 cat £19) all tied WIPA Vienna sp.pmk & flown Vienna-Salzburg.25
1651937(May) cacheted Whitsuntide flight ppc Vienna-Graz, airs Mi600-1,8. Only 145 flown.30
1661938 regd express(label) airmail cvr Vienna-Belgium, scarce 5s air (SG776 cat £28). PHOTO65
1671939 regd cvr Vienna-Holland, German Mi682-3,94. Scarcer usages.30
1681949 airmail cvr Steyr-Canada, Childrens Fund (SG1162-5 cat £120). PHOTO80
1691952 regd censored plain FDC Semmering(sp.pmk)-S.Africa, SG1087+1233(x2 cat £78). PHOTO50
1701953 cvr Linz-Czech, SG1152,1242 + scarce (on cvr) 3g costumes (x4). Stamps cat £23.30
171Levant: 1873 outer Smirne(thimble pmk)-Pest via Trieste, 15sld (Mi5). PHOTO45
1721877 EL Constantinople-Genoa, 10sld (Mi4 type 2).25
1731890 20pa on 5kr p.stat.card comm.used Beiruth(s/ring)-Egypt. PHOTO50
1741905 Palestine ppc Beirut-Prague, 10pa (Mi43).15
1751907 mosque ppc Jerusalem(pmk + hotel cachet)-Germany, pair scarce 5c POs in Crete (Mi12 car 100eu).PH65
1761914 Salonika ppc comm.used Salonich 1-Switz, pair 5c POs in Crete (Mi17).20
177Lombardy Venetia: 1865 outer Venice-Carrara, 3s(x2)+10s (Mi20,22 cat £117). Ferchenbauer cert. PHOT.175
1781852 EL Milan(low box pmk)-Mirandola, 4mgn 45c type 1(cat £80). Signed Raybaudi. 2-line Too Late. PH.100
179BAHAMAS: 1900 QV 2d regd env size G + QV 2½d & scarce 27 out-island pmk + Inagua cds. PHOTO200
1801901 staircase 1d p.stat.env, H&G6 fine unused.12
1811915 cvr Mangrove Cay-UK @ 1d rate. Boxed Nassau Tourist Resort cachet in use six months. PHOTO65
1821936 illus cvr USA-Nassau underpaid with 2 different tax marks inc circ. Taxed 2d (Proud UP10).20
1831944(Sept) regd airmail cvr Nassau-UK, £1 (SG157b cat £140). PHOTO100
1841948 OHMS cvr Nassau-Bermuda(rec’r) with d/ring crowned circle Paid at Bahamas.25
1851951 airmail advert cvr Nassau-UK, 4d+3/= (SG132b,158).25
1861952 regd airmail cvr Nassau-UK, 10d+5/= (SG154c+156e cat £24).20
1871957(Feb) Pan-am cacheted FFC Nassau-N.York + 1973(Apr) or 75(Feb) Lufthansa illus FFCs(3) to Frankfurt25
1881970-2 OHMS cvrs(2) San Andros,Andros(red or blk diff.skeletons + oval HM Customs pmks)-Nassau.30
1891977 5c regd env size G or 8c size H Nassau/Freeport-USA + 3c,50c or 11c,50c (SG361,68,470). 2 items.25
190BAHRAIN: 1894 cvr to Cairo via Bombay & Sea PO B, blk of 5 Indian ½a(Z5a x5 inc blk of 4 cat £80 but 2 damaged by opening) reverse. PHOTO100
1911940 airmail cvr to USA via H.Kong(censor) & Pacific clipper, SG27+30(x5 inc blk 4 cat £180) reverse. PH.250
1921951 airmail cvr(inc letter) Awali-UK, 3-colour SG51-2,3(x3 cat £21).30
1931974 SRN6 Hovercraft cacheted MidEast tour cvr Al Bid-Bahrain, SG142(x2)+T194(war tax) & Manama pmk.15
194Mainly 1970s On Postal Service envs with Bahrain Paid red or blk pmks, paquebot, scarce war tax but not tied, regd p.stat.env size H etc (8 items)30
195BANGLADESH: 1974(Nov) Biman Airlines illus FFC Dacca-Bangkok, SG16(blk of 4)+25.10
196BARBADOS: 1902 OHMS wrapper Dept of Agriculture-Scotland, sq.circ.pmk + rare Official Paid cachet.PH.250
1971930(Apr) regd FFC to USA via P.Rico, 4d+1/= (SG235,7).30
1981937 regd cvr to Zagreb(destination/rec’r), 5-colour SG229(x2)-30,31,2(x2),46.25
1991976 wmk change set of 9 Orchids to $1 (SG543-51 cat £24) on airmail cvr to USA. See also lot 1760.20
200BASUTOLAND: 1920-8 fronts(2) Butha Buthe/Teyateyaneng-UK @ S.African 1d/2d rates.30
2011923 S.African KGV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Masitisi-Morija, pmk’d Quthing.40
2021926 S.African 4d regd env size G Leribe(scarcer regd cachet)-E.London + 1d(x2). PHOTO65
2031937 plain Coronation FDC to S.Africa with scarce Makoalis pmk (only open 10 years).40
2041950(Jun) Drakensburg Air illus FFC Mokhotlong-Ladysmith(Natal) @ 2d rate. 24 flown. PHOTO125
2051951 OHMS cvr Director of Medical Services(cachet) Maseru (1st machine cancel)-WHO,Geneva, SG18+23.25
2061961 FDC Mamathes(scarce s/ring temporary pmk in use 20 days)-Jo’burg, SG58-65 (ex 2c).20
207BECHUANALAND: 1889 Br.Bech QV 4d regd env size G(H&G7 variant .,) fine unused Specimen h/st ovpt.20
2081896 cvr Palla-King WilliamsTown via Mafeking,Kimberley, pair 2d (SG39). PHOTO200
2091906 Cape 4d regd env size G Taungs-Hoopstad(ORC) + Cape KEVII 1d. PHOTO75
21019 14 RP ppc Kanye-Prague(destination), 1d(SG72). Uncommon. PHOTO65
2111929 cvr Gaberones Village-UK, pair 1d(SG92). Mss 'shot lioness, expect trophy'. PHOTO125
212BELGIUM:(see lots 1761-2): 1865 EL Verviers-London, 40c (SG27 cat £36) & 374 numeral.35
2131879 5c p.stat.card + 5c(SG60) comm.used to Roubaix, written Luingne, posted at Mouscron (boxed station h/stamp) & pmk’d Ouest 3 TPO.20
2141907 10c p.stat.card comm.used Bruxelles(Leopold Quarter pmk)-Rhodesia(destination).25
2151915(Jan 1) regd cvr Brussels North Station-Berlin, Germany 10pf(x4). Only in use 2 days. PHOTO65
2161915(Dec) regd cvr military PO(sender in car-cycle unit)-UK, 11 vals to 1fr (SG170-91).25
2171928 cvr Anvers-Norwegian Legation,London, scarce 4–colour Orval SG461(v.scarce on cvr)-3,65.35
2181937(Oct)sp.printed p/card 1st group flight to Congo & return per Phalene(cachet) joint franking & delay cachet25
2191938(Apr) ppc flown Wavre-Stanleyville(Congo) & return for Colonial Exhibition(cachet), joint franking Belgian airs SG562+686(scarce on cvr) + Congo.25
2201939 regd cvr Antwerp-Manchuria(destination), Anti-TB set (SG831-8 cat £25).25
221Congo: 1910 advert cvr Matadi-Fr.Guinea(destination) via French transit PO Matadi, 10c+15c (SG61-2).40
2221925(July) regd airmail cvr Luebo-Belgium via Leopoldville, SG87-90(airs),117,20(blk 4),26. PHOTO45
2231928 airmail cvr Port Franqui-UK, 4-colour SG118,26(x2),31,35,43.25
2241938 cvr Coquilhatville-USA, SG181-3,220.15
2251940 regd cvr Jadotville-Switz, 3-colour mixed issues SG181,91a,223.20
226BERMUDA: 1908 Jamaica ppc to UK, GB 1d & Hamilton cds + rare s/line paquebot (Hosk.2383). PHOTO200
2271914(Aug) ppc to USA @ 1d rate with box CM11 violet Passed Censor Bermuda + initials. PHOTO200
2281915 cvr Baileys Bay-UK @ 1d rate. Violet triangular Passed Postal Censor Bermuda.35
2291923 regd (Devonshire label) cvr Devonshire South-USA, 2½d+3d (SG49,81).40
2301934 illus Bermuda Greets the US Navy cvr to Hawaii, 1½d(SG79b) & Warwick East pmk.25
231c1930s ppc comm.used to USA, 1d(SG79) & circ.Posted on High Seas USMS Pan-America blue pmk.20
2321938 KGVI 1d red p.stat.card H&G17 fine unused.10
2331947 regd airmail cvr Hamilton-USA, 12/6d (SG120a cat £75) stated to show position 12 flaw. PHOTO200
2341978-9 Wildlife set to $5 (SG387-403 cat £25) on 3 illus unadd.FDCs. See also lots 14,1170.20
235BHUTAN: 1971 comm.internal cvrs(7), many On Government Service franked 20ch opts (SG223,40-1). Samchi & Tashokho-Dzong pmks noted. Stamps cat £31.40
236BOLIVIA: 1899 10c p.stat.env Tupiza(firms cachet + d/ring violet undated pmk)-Salta(rec'r).20
2371917 comm. 3-colour cvr La Paz-USA, SG134,5(x2),47.20
238Late 1940s air regd cachet cvr Br.Legation,La Paz–Brunei(destination) via Singapore, SG373(x2),438,44(x2).20
239BOSNIA: 1918 regd advert cvr Sarajevo-Bohemia, KuK milit.post 10h+40h (Mi127+133).15
240BRAZIL:(see lot 1070): 1917-8 300r regd p.stat.envs(2), H&G1-2 insured for $5400 or $12,500 AG de Pote or Dom.Jesus do Lufa-Oltoni + SG265(x2) or 7.50
2411931(Mar) air cvr to Beirut(destination/rec’r) via Marseille(red box cachet), SG385,451,72 & Aeropostale pmk.25
2421931(Aug) Graf Zepp cacheted(grn) FFC Curitiba-Latvia(destination) via F'hafen, SG335+508(Zepp cat £24).25
2431933(Sept) Graf Zepp double cacheted FFC Rio-Recife-UK via F'hafen, meter franking + SG532. PHOTO50
2441934(Dec) Air France(cachets/pmks) ‘transported entirely by air’ cvr Rio-Vienna, hi-rate SG362d-3,406,10.25
2451938 300r eagle scarce lettercard, H&G52 comm.used S.Paulo-Rio.25
2461939 regd cvr Ministry of Labour (pmk)-Holland, scarce Vargas minisheet MS614b(cat £33). PHOTO50
247BR.ANT.TERR: 1963 long cvr Hope Bay-UK, set to £1 (SG1-15 cat £130). PHOTO80
2481965(year in mss) airmail cvr ex Stonington, SG6(x2)+12(2/6d cat £18) & Adelaide Is pmk. Totally commercial25
249BR.GUIANA: 1935(May 6) illus local Georgetown FDC of S.Jubilee set (SG301-4 cat £30).40
2501943(Dec) censored regd airmail cvr to USA, SG310(x3)+14(48c). S/line red Late Fee. Central crease.15
2511952 KGVI 6c regd env size G(H&G12a) to UK + SG293,310(x2),17($1).30
252Guyana: 1968 regd airmail cvr Georgetown-Canada, SG407b($5)+431(pair). See also lot 12.15
253BR.HONDURAS: 1897 QV 3c p.stat.card comm.used to Nicaragua (Cabo Gracias rec’r).30
2541920 comm.cvr Stann Creek-USA, 1c+2c (SG101-2).25
255BR.LEVANT: 1894 40pa on 2½d p.stat.env Smyrna(cds + F87)-Belgium via BPO Constantinople.20
2561909 KEVII 1pi on 2d+1d regd env size G (EU3) fine unused.10
2571910 regd cvr C’tinople-Germany, surch.set SG22-4 inc thin pointed 4 on 1¾pi(cat £27+). PHOTO50
2581914 ppc comm.used C’tinople-USA, 1d (L17).20
259GB used in: QV 6ds (Z97,99 pl.6 cat £93) & fine C pmks(2).25
2601867 10d brown (Z110 cat £170) with fine C pmk. PHOTO50
261BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS:1947 regd airmail cvr Tripoli-UK, 3-colour MEF 3d,5d,1/=. BMA/T/1 censor 143 label.PH50
2621948(Dec) forces airmail cvrs(2) to UK @ 20c rate (E3) & Asmara forces pmks in blk or blue.75
2631949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, 3-colour BMA Eritrea E1,3,7. PHOTO50
2641949 cvr Asmara-UK, BMA Eritrea 75c(E8). Cat 500eu(cvr).50
2651951 telegrams(2) Asmara-Massaua/Cairo, perfinned 3- or 4-colour BA Eritrea to 2sh50 or 5sh (E23-4).65
266BR.VIRGIN IS: 1919 regd cvr Tortola-Italy, 3-colour SG72 + war stamp SG78b(x2),79a(cat £44). PHOTO65
2671921 regd cvr to UK via St Thomas(US Virgin Is), pair 2½d (SG72 cat £18) & Tortola pmk.40
2681932 regd OHMS cvr to USA, 3-colour SG86,92,96(cat £20).35
2691935 regd cvr Road Town-UK via St Thomas, S.Jubilee set SG103-6 inc 2½d kite flaw cat £275 alone. PH.250
270BRUNEI: 1952(Mar 1) regd airmail FDC to H.Kong via Singapore, set to $5 (SG100-13 cat £15).20
2711951 airmail cvr to UK, 8-colour franking @ 50c rate: SG79,80a-1,2b-4,5-6 cat £48 & s/ring pmk. PHOTO50
2721955 airmail cvr Pensions Office-UK, 10c+50c (SG106+10a).10
273BULGARIA: 1906-7 ppc @ 5st rate or 5st p.stat.card uprated + 5st Gorna Bandu(blue pmk)-France or Svogue- Germany via Varna-Sofia No.2 or Radomir-Sofia TPOs.40
27419 22 regd cvr Sofia-Vienna, 4-colour SG191,247,51-2.25
2751927(Nov) regd FFC Varna-Sofia, SG268+283 & sp.pmk20
2761929 regd firms advert env Sofia-Switz, perfinned pair 6L(SG273). See also lot 1492.25
277BURMA: 1860 cvr Rangoon(red paid ship letter + forwarding agent)-UK via Calcutta, India 4a(SG35). PHOT150
2781877 cvr Rangoon(R1 duplex)-Scotland via Calcutta, India 2a(x3). PHOTO100
2791919 local Rangoon PO On Postal Service receipt Chief Court(cachet)-market trader with 3 different pmks.20
2801931(May) Rangoon-Akyab stage of Australia-UK 1st flight, Indian 3a air. STB only 16 flown thus. PHOTO100
2811933(Oct) IA illus FFC Akyab-UK, Indian SG202+224.25
2821939(Dec) cvr Rangoon-USA, mixed KGV-VI SG2+26. Triangular Rangoon censor 9.15
2831945(May) OAS censored cvr Indian FPO 592(Pegu)-Bombay. See also lot 1126.10
2841945(Aug 15) illus Surrender Day cvr Exptal PO 36(Pazundaung)-Rangoon, SG37,40,42,46.25
2851946(Jan 1) very long unadd.FDC of set to 10r (SG51-63 cat £120) & Prome pmks.65
2861946 advert airmail cvr Moulmein-UK, 4-colour SG52-3,5-6,9(cat £16)20
2871947(Jun-Jly) KGVI 9pi p.stat.card(H&G8) + 6as airletter(H&G1) Indian FPO 197-UK. Ex Dorset Regt.Scarce.35
2881947(Oct 1) local Rangoon FDC of Govt ovpts to 10r(SG68-82 cat £42) & Kemmendine pmk. Sl.damage(rev).30
289CANADA: 1850-1 ELs(2) to Montreal/Quebec both rated 3, fine Steamboat Letter Quebec cds in red or blk.65
2901854 cvr Toronto(red paid pmk)-Albany, 2–line red CANADA/Paid 10cts.30
2911860 cvr Montreal-USA, 5c beavers (SG31x2 cat £40) & target cancel.35
2921868 cvr to Woodstock, pair 3c LQ (SG58 cat £50) & GWR West TPO pmk. PHOTO65
2931873 regd cvr Chatsworth-Toronto, p.11½ SQ 2c+3c (SG94+6 cat £48). PHOTO45
2941875 cvr Millbridge(date in mss)-Toronto, p.11½ SQ 1c+2c (SG91+94 cat £41).45
2951887 cvr Forest(cds)-UK, 5c olive-grn (SG85 cat £17).20
2961894 regd cvr London East(sq.circ)-Berlin(Ont) via TPO, SG102(x10 inc blk 6)+105(cat £132). PHOTO100
2971897(Apr-Dec) cvrs(4) Montreal(no code or F) or Toronto(B or D code)-USA @ 3c SQ rate all flag cancels.25
2981900 Dominion Express QV 1c red money order pictorial p.stat.card comm.used local New Westminster(BC).20
2991917 colour illus(full-size layout sugar refinery) cvr Almonte-Toronto, 2c+1c(SG239).20
3001928(Aug) local Halifax cvr with 2c coil (SG257) & oval violet Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition PO pmk.25
3011929 regd cvr Lac du Bonnet-Winnipeg, SG247+281. Western Airways blk & red air label + s/line Long Lake.20
3021929 regd advert cvr Toronto-USA, 3-colour SG244,67-8(x2 cat £17).20
3031934 comm.cvr Toronto-China(destination & Shanghai rec’r), 5c (SG323).20
3041934 airmail cvr Montreal-S.Africa, SG318(Ottowa air pair cat £48)-9(x3).40
3051939(May) illus Royal Visit cvr to USA with Royal Train(violet h/st) & scarcer French Train Royale pmks,13c-$1 (SG363-7 cat £38).35
3061952 airmail cvr Toronto-UK, coils SG421-2(strip of 3 cat £37). See also lot 1763.30
307CANAL ZONE:(see lot 45): 1915 ppc comm.used Balboa-Peru(destination) via Panama, 2c ovpt (Sc.39).15
3081925 2c p.stat.env(U9) Coco Solo-USA.20
3091927-9 ppcs(3 diff) comm.used Cristobal(2 diff.pmks)-USA/Germany @ 1c-3c US ovpt rates.20
310CAPE: 1895(Feb-Nov) cvrs(2) Mowbray-UK, 2½d(SG56) & triangular or 965 pmks.25
3111897 1d on 1½d p.stat.card comm.used Lawrence St,Port Elizabeth-UK.15
3121897 cvr Plumstead-UK per RMS Dunvegan Castle, 2½d(SG63) & 659 numeral.25
3131901 regd advert cvr Pt Elizabeth-USA, 3d+6d (SG52b,64).40
3141905 regd cvr Queenstown-Tasmania, mix franking SG63a(pair)+75.40
3151908 ppc comm.used Kimberley-St Lucia(destination/rec’r) @ 1d rate.15
3161911 Jo'burg ppc comm.used locally in Cape Town @ ½d rate with scarcer Poste Restante cds.40
3171912 OHMS regd cvr Cape Town-UK, blue crown official free GPO h/st overstamped Transvaal 2d(SG262 x3). Interprovincial use. See also lots 209,1657.20
318CAYMANS: 1910 rare local cvr Boddentown-Commissioners Office,G'town(rec'r) @ ½d rate. PHOTO300
3191912 regd cvr Georgetown-Prague, 4-colour ½d-6d (SG25-7,30 cat £42). PHOTO175
3201937 regd cvr Georgetown-UK via Jamaica, 1/= (SG104).25
3211948 regd local Cayman Brac cvr, 5/= (SG125 cat £15) & Little Cayman pmk.20
3221949 underpaid 'Wells' cvr St Lucia-Cayman Brac, 1d(SG117) tied T in circle.40
3231950 regd airmail cvr West Bay-UK, UPU SG132-4.18
324CEYLON: 1854 cvr Kandy(steamer letter pmk)-Scotland rated 1/10. Age stains.30
3251869 cvr Kandy(red paid cds)-UK via Galle, mixed issues 1d+1/= (SG61,71b cat £24). Sl.faults. PHOTO100
3261884 QV 4c p.stat.env Colombo(scarce Insufficiently Paid red cds)-Germany underpaid & taxed. PHOTO65
3271885 QV 2½c on 2c p.stat.card comm.used Dickoya(paid pmk)-Colombo(rec'r) & 72 numeral.25
3281890 cvr Matara(paid pmk)-UK via Colombo(paid pmk), 28c(SG199) & 23 pmk.35
3291893 QV 5c p.stat.env Aranayaka-Fort via Railway PO(early thimble cds).25
3301902 Times of Ceylon QV 2c p.stat.newspaper printed wrapper Diyatalawa-POW Camp Ragama(oval censor)25
3311934 airmail cvr Colombo-passenger on SS Alster,Genoa, 5-colour KGV 1c,2c(x2),5c,10c(x2),25c.25
3321943 Xmas illus censored airgraphs (x2 different) to UK.30
3331944(Feb) OAS ppc RAFPost Colombo(violet short-lived pmk)-UK. RAF censor W16.25
3341944 formular regd env size H Wennappuwa-USA, SG386c,7d,f,9(all x2). L/254 censor label.20
3351950 ceremonial elephant RP ppc airmail Colombo-Scotland @ 15c rate. 2-line Insufficiently Paid for Air h/st.15
336CHILE: 1908 5c p.stat.env to Talca(rec’r) pmk’d Curico-Talcahuano TPO.20
3371917 advert cvrs(2) Iquique/Valparaiso(regd)-Canada, SG153,8-9(x2: 3-colour) or 155(40c).20
3381930 airmail cvr Concepcion-USA, SG194,200,14-15,20.15
339GB used in: 1873 1/= grn pl.13 (Z84 cat £65) & C30 pmk.20
3401877 5/= pl.1 (Z88 cat £400) & Valparaiso cds. PHOTO100
341Easter Is: 1966-74 cvrs(5) to USA with 2 different pmks. Uncommon.50
342CHINA: 1886 cvr Shanghai-UK via Paris, French 25c P&C. PHOTO65
3431909 H.Kong ppc comm.used Shanghai Br.PO-Switz, HK 4c & box paquebot (Hosk.3358). Rare. PHOTO150
3441935(May 3-6) events programmes(2) for KGV S.Jubilee celebrations in Amoy inc visit of HMS Cornwall.Rare50
345CHRISTMAS IS: 1972 official Postage Paid airmail cvr regd(blue h/st)-Australia(rec'rs).10
346COCOS: 1952(Sept) Quantas illus cachet FFC to S.Africa @ 2/= rate + 1963 illus FDC to Australia of SG1-8.20
347COLOMBIA: (see lot 33): 1897 2c p.stat.card Bogota-Berlin via Barranquilla(transit pmk) & French p/bot no.2.25
3481927(Oct) air cvr Hamburg-Bogota @ 85pf + Scadta 30c+60c(x2) ovpt'd A flown B'quilla-Neiva. PHOTO100
3491935 regd airmail (Mancomun label) cvr Barranquilla-Germany, SG399,449(5p cat £28),59.35
3501951 Belgian Legation env(+seal) airmail Bogota-UK, 5-colour SG724-5,7 + Avianca(air) ovpts SG4,10(1p).15
351COOK IS: 1921 regd OHMS cvr Rarotonga-Switz, 3-colour mixed issues SG57,72-3(all x2 cat £31). PHOTO50
3521922 regd cvr Rarotonga-Australia, 4-colour ovpts SG47,56(pairs),58-9(cat £26).45
353COSTA RICA: 1939 regd cvr San Jose-UK, 3-colour SG226-7,248(x3).10
3541908-9 3c or 4c p.stat.cards(2: H&G4,11) comm.used Cartago-S.Jose or S.Jose-N.York. Both long box pmks.25
355CRETE: 1922 advert cvr Heraklion-Greece, Greek 10d (SG217 x2).10
3561948 regd(old La Canee label) airmail cvr Hania-USA, Greek SG638(x2 cat £13)+662.20
357CROATIA: 1861 Austrian 15kr p.stat.env comm.used Essegg(lower town pmk)-Pest(rec’r).25
3581941 cvr Zagreb-Lt in airforce,Petrovaradin, pair 1d50 (SG12).35
3591943 censored advert cvr Zagreb-Cilla(Slovenia), SG82(x2)-3.20
3601944 regd parcel card Varazdin-Sarajevo, SG33,35,48(30d),83,138e. On reverse 3k50 postage dues.20
361CUBA: 1841 outer Havana(Br.PO pmk)-UK rated 2/3d.25
3621856 disinfected EL Nuevitas-Spain via Santiago, ½r blackish-grn(SG6) & oval mesh pmk.35
3631902 5c blue/amber p.stat.env(U18) Havana-Belgium15
3641928 yacht club ppc comm.used to NZ(destination),1c (SG336) & violet Est.Medina Havana cancelado pmk.20
3651932(Apr) flown FDC of 5c air (SG385) Matanzas-Santiago. S/line Demorado por Mal Tiempo (delayed).20
366CYPRUS: 1896 10pa QV wrapper comm.used Larnaca-Paphos(rec’r), redirected to Limassol.25
3671924 regd cvr Larnaca-UK, 5-colour SG103,5-8(cat £43). PHOTO65
3681928 long OHMS regd cvr Nicosia-UK, 3-colour 500th anniv SG123(x2),4-5. GPO wax seals.40
3691944 advert cvr Larnaca-UK, SG154(x2). M/53 censor label.20
3701951(July 2) airmail FDC Limassol-NZ(destination) via Egypt(censor), SG152a,55ab,56b. Scarce.25
3711963 GB forces 1/= regd env size H FPO25(skeleton pmk)-UK + GB SG571,79,634(x4).20
3721964(Aug-Sept) airmail cvrs(2) Nicosia-USA @ 25m rate. UNIFICYP cachets for Austrian Field Hospital or Australian Police Contingents. Boxed cachets: Turkish Bombs on Cyprus endanger World Peace in blk/red25
3731964(July) airmail cvr Nicosia-USA @ 25m rate. Both HQ UNFICYP & Comircon dated cachets.10
3741977(Nov) UN Forces in Cyprus printed env FPO61-UK @ GB 9p rate.10
375CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 1918(Dec)-19(Jan) regd stampless comm.cvrs(2) Vysoke Veseli/Sadova-Skrivanech with boxed Franco 45 or Franko hotove zaplaceno h/stamps.50
3761916 incoming ppcs ex Austria/Germany or local p.stat.cards(5) with 5 diff. KuK military censor Plzen s/lines.35
3771919(Feb) mix franking Austrian 8h p.stat.card + 3h(SG4) comm.used Reichenberg-Berlin.25
3781919 advert cvr Brno-Hodonin, pair 10h Austrian P.Dues with franco violet h/st tied.20
3791920 comm.cvr Satov-Sweden, 3-colour imperf/private perfs(rough) SG7,9(x2),11.25
3801925(May 7) local Mahrisch Trubau regd express FDC of Masaryk marginal SG234-40 with red pmks. Wmks!20
3811932 regd advert cvr Prague-Guatemala(destination/rec’r), SG265(4k)+302a(x2).20
3821937 regd airmail cvr Hluboka nad Vitazou-E.Africa(destination/rec'r), pair 5k airs (SG314 cat £11).20
3831937 Prague '38 advert p/card comm.used Bratislava(red mobile postbus pmk)-Vienna, SG288,345,47.15
3841950 comm.cvrs inc official/p/stat.card(4 inc underpaid) to Russian/British/US Zones in Germany with circular red armourial censors of Nachod 4,Cheb 1,Cesky Tesin 7 or Milevsko 2. Uncommon lot.50
385Bohemia & Moravia: 1939(Aug) NSDAP printed env Mahr.Ostrau(Sudetenland)-NSDAP leader in Prague via Deutsch Dienstpost(cachet + pmk) franked German 3pf(x4) Hindenburg.25
386Czech Fieldpost in France & GB: official record of GB/Czech stamps inc MS & cancels used in 24pp bklet. 5000 printed but 4500 destroyed. Pen marks on front cover.40
387DANZIG:1922(Oct) firms advert p/card locally used to Langfuhr, pair 50pf(Mi80) & damaged frame(stamp 21).50
3881938 regd airmail cvr to Switz, Relief Fund set (SG276-80 cat £30) & sp.exhib'n pmk. Central fold. See lot 57.25
389DENMARK: 1845-7 ELs(2) to Saxkjobing rated 13 or 19. Copenhagen type 20 cds in blue-grn or 21 in black.35
3901852(Nov) EL Copenhagen(clock pmk)-Helsingor, 4mgn 4RBS (SG4 cat £70). PHOTO50
3911858 outer Copenhagen(blue footpost pmk)-Lt in 16th Battalion, close-clear 4mgn 2sk (SG8 cat £85). PHOTO65
3921861 outer to Vejle, 4mgn dark brown 4s 3rd print (SG15 min.cat £16) & fine Sjaell.Post.Eidg.Bureau T2 pmk.20
3931864 EL Copenhagen-Frederiksund, 4s pale red (Fa13b)20
3941895 adressebrev regd Aarhus-Bramminge, 16o (Fa33h).25
3951900 4o p.stat.env Korsor-Rostock + 16o (Fa42).20
3961905(Dec) local Copenhagen ppc @ 3c rate with 1905 Xmas seal tied. Scarce.25
3971918 POW p/card comm.used Camp No.2(Hald)-Austria. PHOTO50
3981924(Dec) cvr Middelliard-UK, Danish Post SG218A(x2),21A,22B(cat £31). Inc Xmas card.25
3991931 ppc Copenhagen-UK, 5-colour 1o,2o,4o numerals + 5o,20o b’day inc scarce Fa251.25
4001937 regd cvr Copenhagen-Manchuria(destination), 4-colour SG270-1,99,309.20
4011938(Sept) cvr Copenhagen-UK marginal blk of 6 5o DFU Exhib’n ovpt (Fa119 cat 325kr).25
4021950 40o airletter(scarcer LF2) fine unused. See also lots 22,65,67,873,1765.15
403DWI: 1887 3c p.stat.card comm.used St Thomas-Italy(destination).35
4041877 6c to 1908 Fred'k VIII all different fine unused single p.stat.cards(7).40
405GB used in: 1867 10d pale red-brn (Z27 cat £275) & C51 pmk. PHOTO75
4061873 1/= grn pl's 10(on piece)+12 (Z130 cat £120) & fine C51 pmks(2).35
407Schleswig: 1903-7 ppcs(2) Fjelstrup-Kolding or local Fjelstrup use, franked 5pf or 10pf Germanias.25
408DOMINICA: 1892 cvr to USA, Leewards 2½d (SG3).20
4091906 matching small local Roseau cvrs(3) with 2d,2½d or 3d (SG29-31).40
4101924 OHMS regd cvr to USA, 3-colour SG71,75(scarce 3d),82(cat £26). PHOTO50
4111926 Main St,Soufriere ppc comm.used to USA, SG71-2.25
4121934 regd cvr Roseau-Natal(destination) via N.York, plate 1 marg.singles 1½d+4d (SG75,81).20
4131942 airmail cvr to USA via Antigua, KGVI 2d+1/=. S/line violet Passed by Censor.20
4141947(15/10) regd airmail FDC to UK of 3½d,7d,2/= & 10/=(cat £44). Scarce. PHOTO50
415DOMINICAN REP: 1899 comm.cvr Seybo(red pmk)-Sto Domingo(violet pmk), 2c p.stat.cut-out tied. PHOTO45
4161934 US Consular Service airmail env(+ cachet) Sto Domingo-USA, airs SG302(x2),31. See lots 1666,1766.20
417ECUADOR: 1905 unusual regd official stampless cvr Quito-Secretary of State for Posts,Paris.25
4181899 5c grn p.stat.env, H&G18(+ grn surcharge at left) used to Guayaquil, unusual blanked out 1899 pmk.20
4191932(July) military FFC(cachets) Loja-Guayaquil, pair 5c (SG459).25
420Galapagos: 1957(July) illus unadd.cacheted cvrs(3) with different island/colour cachets.25
4211967(Oct) illus TAME cacheted FFC to Quito, 20c local ovpt. Scarce.25
422EGYPT: (see lots 21,1254): 1856 ELs(3) Br.PO Alexandria(blue cds)-France per Euxine,Valetta or Vectis.50
4231868 outer Alexandria(Fr.PO)-Marseille(Paq.Angl rec'r), French 40c Napoleon & 5080 pmk.40
4241915(Aug) OAS cvr CS Office IEF(Pt Tewfik)-UK. Circ.IEF red censor 95.15
4251916 advert cvr Cairo-USA, 10m(SG78). Blk/white censor label + boxed Passed Censor 15.15
4261925(Apr) local Cairo cvr, SG123-5(cat £45) & sp. Geographical Congress pmk.40
4271929 regd cvr Alexandria-Paris, 30m on 1fr(SG77). French 30c P.Due pays poste restante fee.20
4281934 regd airmail cvr Cairo-UK, Aviation Congress set (SG214-8 cat £80). PHOTO65
4291954(July) Kings Cabinet Office env ovpt'd President of Republic Office + cachet (due to Revolution) Republican Palace-USA, SG439,89(x2),93-4(x2).20
4301956 airmail cvr Cairo-Paris @ 52m rate. 3-line cachet: Freedom of Passage Guaranteed thru Suez Canal.15
431Gaza:1961-2 stampless airletters(2) comm.used Danish Bn,UNEF-Denmark, UNEF skeleton pmks in red/viol.25
432GB used Alexandria: QV 2½d pl.1, 4d verm scarcer pl.14, 1862 6d pl.3, 6d buff pl.11, 1865 1/= pl.4 all with fine BO1 pmks: Z47,56,60,64,77 min.cat £247(5)65
433GB used Suez: 1876 2½d rosy mauve (Z49 pl.6 cat £30) & light BO2 pmk.10
434EL SALVADOR: 1852 official cacheted EL San Salvador-Guatemala. Red fancy Franqueado. Scarce. PHOT.65
435Undated medical journal advert wrapper San Salvador-USA via Salina Cruz, 3c official(O584) & fancy pmk.30
4361918 advert censored(US) cvr San Salvador-USA, 17c official(O700).20
4371936(Apr) airmail cvr San Salvador-Chile, SG778,842(x2),45(scarce 1p: 2 sides imperf),67,69(cat £16). Signed currency control cachet.25
4381937 PO receipt for inland regd letter San Salvador-Atuachapa, 8c (SG867). Rarely offered.20
439ESTONIA: 1880 Russian 3k black p.stat.card comm.used Wesenburg-Reval (rec’r).25
4401919 RP beach ppc written Heungerberg-Sweden via Finland(2-line censor), SG1-2 & Tallinn pmk.15
4411939 regd cvr Tallinn-Switz, Parnu Centenary set (SG148-51 cat £25).25
442German Occ: 1941 illus(Narva front & back) cvr Love-Tallinn, 4-col.mix franking inc pair 15pf(cat £46). PH.100
443ETHIOPIA: 1935 regd(type 7 label) advert cvr Addis-UK, 2g+8g(SG309: scarce on cvr) tied rev. Env.cnr fault25
4441936 cvr Dessie-Italy @ Eritrea 50c rate. See also lot 558.20
4451936 wedding procession on camels ppc Gondar-Italy, Eritrea 5c (SG200 x2).15
4461938 Italian E.Africa Govt cacheted/printed env PM130E(Addis)-Rome, Eritrea 1L(SG242).25
4471939 advert cvr Addis-Milan, mix franking 75c (SG322f cat 250eu on cvr) + Italian E.Africa 1L air. PHOTO75
4481940 censored(German) air cvr Addis-Vienna, mix franking SG322c, Eritrea SG200,42 + Ital.E.Africa 1l air.25
4491952-3 airmail/regd cvrs(2) Addis-India/Australia(destinations), SG371(blk 4) or 402+8. Arabic censors.25
4501978 10c airletter (+30c) comm.used UNDP,Addis-UK. Interesting message.10
451FALKLANDS: 1895 QV 1d reply card used to Germany(rec'r) with F1 duplex & F2 cds. No message.40
4521935 cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG139-42 cat £12).20
4531936 cvr Fox Bay-UK, SG73a(strip of 3)+127(cat £24).40
4541939-42 regd cvrs(2) Stanley-UK/Switz, SG146-7,49,51,54 or 148+57(cat £13).25
4551945 cvr Pt Stanley-Argentina, 3d(SG153). See also lot 129.15
4561960 QEII 1d reply p.stat.card, H&G8 fine unused.20
457Deps: 1949 pair cvrs(2) S.Shetlands-Falklands, S.Wedding set G19-20.20
4581960 cvr Base Z Halley Bay-UK, G26,28,30(x2 cat £10). Ex RRS John Biscoe(cachet).20
459S.Georgia: 1937 Falklands Coronation FDC of Z70-2(cat £12) S.Georgia-UK.20
4601977 airmail cvr to UK, 1p-25p on glazed paper (SG54-65 cat £50+).40
461FAROES: 1966 cliff ppc underpaid Thorshavn-UK @ Danish 40o rate & 3 different tax marks.10
4621968 regd cvr Torshavn-Copenhagen, Danish 1k30 (Fa460).10
463FIJI: 1898 OHMS stampless cvr Suva-sugar company,Navua. Rare. PHOTO150
4641898 cvr Auckland-Suva, NZ 1d+2d cancelled on arrival. Rare. PHOTO200
4651932 colour AS Fairbrother advert envs(2 diff) Suva-UK @ different 2d rates.25
4661933 cvr Raki Raki-Suva(rec'r) @ 2d rate.25
4671936 regd cvr Suva-Samoa, S.Jubilee SG242(x2)-3(cat £19).25
4681941(Oct) cvr Suva-NZ, KGVI vals(14) to 5/= inc SG249a,54,58. Stamps cat £45+.35
4691944(Sept) OAS censored cvr RNZAF NZAPO A(Lauthala Bay)-NZ.25
4701944 OHMS cvr postmaster Suva-USA, red Postage Paid in Cash pmk.25
4711949 regd(no.1) cvr PO Wainunu(s/line)-UK @ 1/= rate. PHOTO65
4721953 cvr Dreketi-Suva via Labasa, 2½d(SG256c).25
473FINLAND: 1910 complete parcel card Helsinki-Kristinestad, Russian 20p(x2) type 2.25
4741863-73 outers(2) to Helsinki rated 9 or 13, low box Bjorneborg or Karis/date, box FR.KO & ANK in blk/blue.30
4751917 10p p.stat.card comm.used Abo-Vasa(rec'r) + pair Russian 2k green.20
4761928-32 internal cvrs(4) @ 1mk/2mk rates tied s/lines Tast,Trifoona,Hyttl or Skaldo.50
4771932 regd advert cvr Helsinki-UK, SG270+292(pair). See also lots 105,440,1768.10
478FIUME: 1897 Austrian 2k p.stat.card to Lussinpiccolo pmk'd Fiume + box paquebot(Hosk.1133).30
4791919 regd cvr to Trieste with hi-vals SG46,48-50,63,65(cat £41). PHOTO65
4801920 local cvr with ovpts SG93,99,101.20
481FRANCE:(see lot 10,13,33,90): 1769-89 ELs(2) to St Gillies or Monesties(par Alby), 2 diff.s/line Toulouse.35
4821863 EL Lyon-Brescia(Italy) via Da Susa a Torino TPO, Napoleon 40c (SG97 x3 cat £22).30
4831865 EL Paris-Florence(Italy), strip of 4 10c Nap(SG113a) & fine pointille fin pmk. Scarce combo. PHOTO100
4841867 EL Paris(star pmk)-N.Orleans via Boston(Br.Pkt paid), pair 80c (SG122 cat £64+). PHOTO75
4851872 EL Paris(star pmk)-Trieste(rec'r), pair 30c Napoleon (SG116 cat £48+).40
4861875 formular card comm.used Lille Station-Figeac, 5c+10c (SG192+4 cat £32).25
4871891 cvr between Argentine Consulates in Paris & London, 50c P&C (SG273).20
4881924 underpaid cvr GB-Wissant taxed with 5c + scarce millesime(3) pair 20c(SGD300) P.Dues.35
48919 25(May 2) Pasteur 45c sp.printed p.stat colour p/card(H8) used FDI Phil.Exhib'n Paris-UK. Scarce.25
4901928 local Marseille cvr with scarce Sinking Funds SG460-3(cat £260). PHOTO200
4911932 regd airmail cvr Mantes-Rumania(rec'r), airs SG483-4(x2 cat £11).20
4921937 regd airmail cvr Paris(Expo label + pmk)-UK, airs SG537(x2)-8(cat £25). UK official seals.20
4931938 Air France env Valence-Capt,Polynesian,New Hebrides(destination) via Marseille-Australia @ 6fr25 rate25
4941938 regd airmail cvr Paris-Norway, SG505,9a,79,603-4,12,15(cat £32+).25
4951939 cvr Paris-Shanghai(destination/rec'r) via Siberia, 2fr25 (SG591b)15
4961939(Jun 5) plain FDCs(2) Paris-UK of Intellectuals set SG645-8(cat £22).25
4971941 censored(PC90 label) airmail cvr Cannes-USA @ 15fr rate (SG591d x6).15
4981942 censored(Examiner 430 label) cvr Lourdes-UK via Lisbon, SG718+745.15
4991944 Iris red 2f40 p.stat.card comm.used Paris-UK. Red T141 boxed censor.15
5001954 cvr Angers-Le Mans, SG1183 + scarce 1215(Relief Fund cat £33). See also lot 342,423,427,532,1632.25
501St Nazaire: 1945(May) regd patriotic 'liberation' cvr Guerande-Batz, 1f+4fr ovpts & taxe percue h/st. PHOTO45
502Used abroad: 1867 EL Smyrna-Dutch Indies(destination) via Egypt French PO, French 40c+80c & 5098 pmk.40
503FRENCH COLS: Afars & Issas: 1970 regd airmail cvr Tadjourah-USA, SG522,24,36,43,47(cat £23).25
504Algeria: 1872 mourning cvr Satif-France, French Ceres 25c & 5062 pmk.20
5051930(May) airmail sp.flight Alger(red pmk)-Tunis, SG51 + set of 6 25c-10fr sp.flight labels tied.35
5061962 cvrs(5) to France or local with varied EA ovpt types on SG387 & mainly FPO pmks.25
507Antarctic: 1956(May) cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, 15fr Madagascar ovpt (SG1 cat £70).50
5081964(Jan 1) cvr Terre Adelie-NZ, SG5,7,24(cat £115). PHOTO75
5091966 expedition cacheted cvr Terre Adelie-UK, 30fr ITU (SG39 cat £150). PHOTO100
5101967 cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, Quiet Sun set (SG36-7 cat £180). PHOTO125
5111969 regd airmail cacheted cvr Terre Adelie-UK, 200fr albatross (SG18 cat £80). PHOTO65
5121970 expedition cacheted cvr Terre Adelie-Germany, 10fr petrel (SG28 cat £65).45
5131974 multi-cacheted exped'n cvr Alfred Faure Crozet-Germany, 50fr penguins (SG34 cat £110). PHOTO80
514Cameroun: 1928 regd cvr Bafia-Paris, SG78+100(cat £15).25
5151934 comm.cvr Lomie-Paris, strip of 3 SG74(cat £17). Scarce pmk.25
5161937 regd airmail cvr Douala-Switz, SG80,86,90,99(x2),110-15(cat £40).30
517Equat.Africa: 1947 airmail cvr Pt Gentil-Paris, 8fr Victory SG228.10
518Gabon: 1922-5 comm.used ppcs(2) Libreville/Pt Gentil-UK, SG54+8 or 57(cat £12).25
5191936 advert cvr Pt Gentil-Switz, mixed issues SG105,30-1 + Middle Congo SG48 + AEF SG10(cat £14).25
520Guadeloupe: 1927 regd cvr Pointe a Pitre(violet pmk)-USA, surcharges SG95-8,101(cat £25+).30
5211943(Sept 27) local FDC of ovpts SG174-9(cat £38) Pointe a Pitre-Basse Terre.35
522Guinea: 1916 10c p.stat.card, H&G11 fine unused15
5231938 airmail cvr Kankan-France, SG134+158.15
524India: 1901 regd cvr Pondichery-Bordeaux via Italy, 3 blks of 10 1c+2c (SG1-2 cat £28) tied reverse. PH.65
5251926 cvr Chandernagore-Switz, 18c on 30c (SG72) tied reverse.25
5261930 cvr Pondichery(large oval pmk)-France, 20ca (SG97).15
527Indochina: 1899(Dec)-1900(July) Tonkin expeditionary corps stampless cvrs(2) Langson/Vinh Thuy-France with 20mm or 26mm d/circle undated Corps Expeditre Tonkin cachets.50
5281901 expeditionary corps stampless cvr to France with blue Marine Francaise Service a la Mer anchor cachet & Corps.Exp.Tonkin Ligne N4 pmk.30
5291902 red band cvr Fort Bayard (Fr.PO pmk)-Paris, 15c (SG25).35
5301928 regd cvr Can Tho-Paris via Saigon, SG119+123(strip of 4).20
531Ivory Coast: 1939(Apr) cvr Abidjan-France(rec'r), SG118,22(x2),25. Juridicial Society cachet!20
532Levant: 1900 ppc C'tinople-Lloyd Agent,Las Palmas,Brazil?, French 10c P&C.20
5331911 Jerusalem ppc comm.used to France, 5c Blanc & Caiffa dotted circle pmk35
534Madagascar: 1901 regd expeditionary corps cvr Diego Suarez-France, 40c (SG11).30
535Martinique:(see lot 1777): 1884 no value blk/pink formular card, H&G3 fine unused. Only 500 printed.10
5361937 cvr Fort de France-USA, 30c (SG93 x5 cat £30)25
5371947 cvr Fort de France-USA, SG203,6-8,21(cat £22).20
538Mauritania:(see lot 557): 1946(Mar) illus/cacheted cvr Trarza Fair,Rosso–Senegal, SG87+101(cat £11).25
539Morocco: 1922(Aug) air cvr Casablanca-Germany via Toulouse, scarce mix frank SG48,118 +M.Ags SG196.35
5401930 airmail advert(reverse: rates/routes etc) cvr Casablanca-France @ 2fr rate.15
5411957 regd airmail cvr Rabat-Luxemburg(destination/rec'r), SG398-9,414-6.10
542New Caledonia: 1899 cvr(inc 2 interesting letters) Noumea-France, Colonies 25c (SG53).40
5431939 airmail cvr Noumea-France, SG176,215,220(cat £14).20
544Niger: 1939 regd cvr Maradi-France, Caillie set (SG84-6 cat £9).20
545Oceania: 1894 Tahiti newspaper wrapper Papeete-prison on L'Uranie, Tahiti 5c h/stamp. PHOTO100
5461916 10c lettercard + 1922 20c p.stat.card (both H&G7) fine unused(2).50
5471953 plain airmail FDC Papeete-France, 14fr Gauguin (SG213 cat £70) & sp.pmk. No flap. PHOTO50
548Polynesia: 1964 cvr Atuona Hiva Oa-Paris, SG3,6,9,31(cat £20).20
549Reunion: 1938(July) cacheted trial flight cvr to Madagascar(rec’r), SG95+104.20
5501945(Dec) cacheted regd airmail cvr island Governor,St Denis-French Mission,UK(delegation rec'r), SG170 (x2)+263(cat £10) tied reverse.25
5511947(Mar) cacheted 100th Air France airmail La Montagne(hexag.pmk)-Mauritius, SG251(x2)+6.15
552St.Pierre: 1933 cvr to UK, Paris Exhib’n set (SG135-8 cat £35).30
5531939 regd cvr to Canada via RPO, 5-colour SG178,82-4,87,92,94,98(cat £70). PHOTO65
5541946-8 advert(x2 diff) cvrs(2 inc regd) to Canada/USA, SG330+4 or 327+351(cat £12).25
555Senegal: 1904 ppc comm.used Dakar-Belgium, 3-colour SG8-9(x2 ea),10.20
5561936 airmail cvr Dakar-HM Dockyard Simonstown,S.Africa(destination) multifranked(both sides) 22 vals to10fr inc SG121-2,161(cat £44). S/line violet Trajet Dakar-France.35
5571943 airmail cvr St Louis-Fr.Guinea, Mauritania SG124e(x2)-f(cat £12). Pink postal censor label tied.20
558Somali Coast: 1925 illus(Royal Warrant to Emperor of Abyssinia) advert cvr Djibouti-Switz, SG182+194.20
5591966 airmail cvr Djibouti-Aden, Satellite interpanneau blk of 4 SG489-90(cat £33+) tied reverse.30
560Sudan: 1930 ppc comm.used to Tanganyika(destination), 10c(SG121) & Kidtra a Kouliyi TPO pmk (error 03)20
561Togo:(see lot 11): 1924 cvr Nuatja-UK via Quittah(G.Coast), SG41+3(x2) tied reverse.15
5621929 cvr Agu(blue pmk)-UK via Keta(G.Coast), SG67(x4)-8(x2). Minor env creasing.20
563Tunisia: 1913 scarce postal order for 83fr (inc coupon) used locally in Sfax.25
5641917 ppc Tunis-Sweden, 3-colour SG30-1(x2),33. Red circ.armourial War Ministry Tunis postal censor.25
5651926 regd parcel card Sfax-France, mixed issue parcel stamps P44,50,157-8.30
5661928(Feb) GPO env regd Tunis-France, 1f50(SG142: pre-issue date). Advert cachet for Child Welfare issue.15
5671931 cvr to Switz, strip of 3 SG166 & Sousse a Tunis TPO pmk.15
5681942 2f80 on 2f20 airmail p.stat.card, H&G12a comm.used submarine base,Bizerte-France. Ex Capt.corvette.25
569Wallis: 1947 regd cvr Mata Utu-USA via Noumea, 4-colour SG134,6(x2)-8(cat £38). PHOTO50
5701954 Liberation illus FDC Mata Utu-France, SG160(cat £23).20
571GAMBIA: 1897 1d p.stat.card(reply half) comm.used Bathurst-Belgium via Liverpool Br.Pkt30
5721913 KGV 2d regd env size G printed matter to Germany + KGV 1d. Imprint rubbed.40
5731923 ppc comm.used Bathurst-Argentina(rare destination), mixed issues SG109+122.25
5741938 OHMS regd cvr(inc contents) Bathurst-Canada. Oval GPO + Official Paid cachets/pmks.20
575GERMAN COLS: Cameroun: 1902 RP group ppc on reverse 5pf p.stat.card comm.used Buea-Germany.25
576China: 1907 advert cvr Foochow-Germany ‘via Sibirien’(h/st) @ 2c rate.25
577E.Africa: 1909 4h p.stat.card comm.used Morogoro-Berlin.30
5781913 Mombasa RP ppc to UK, 7½h & oval Usambara TPO No.6 pmk code a. PHOTO50
579Levant: 1894-1905 20pa ovpt p.stat.cards(3 diff) comm.used C'tinople(3 diff.pmks)-Vienna.25
5801905 10pa type 2 p.stat.env(U3) comm.used Jerusalem(a pmk)-Germany.25
5811909 ppc written Jaffa comm.used to USA, 10c(Mi49) & scarcer Jerusalem type 3 pmk with bars.30
5821914 scarcer message half 20pa reply card(P12F) comm.used Jerusalem-Switz.25
5831917 feldpostkarte comm.used Mil.Miss.Konstantinopel-Germany. Military unit cachet.20
584Morocco: 1906 camel caravan ppc comm.used Larache-Paris @ 10c rate.25
5851911 ppc comm.used Mazagan-UK, pair 5c (Mi35).25
5861912 ppc comm.used Tangier(Marokko scarce code c pmk)-Bavaria, 5c(Mi47).20
587SW Africa: 1900 Windhoek ppc comm.used Swakopmund-Germany, 3pf ochre-brn(Mi5b).40
5881901 German 2pf p.stat.card Ramansdrift-Germany + 3pf(Mi11). Scarce mix franking. PHOTO75
5891906 feldpostkarte Otjosondu troop-Berlin with KD Feldpoststation Nr.1 pmk40
5901907 Gross Barmen ppc comm.used feldpostkarte Karibib-Okahandja(rec’r).25
5911912 5pf p.stat.card(P18) comm.used Okahandja(diff.pmk to above lot)-Swakopmund.25
592GERMAN STATES: 1863-4 stampless ELs(3) Frankfurt/Dresden/Leipzig-Switz rated 9 or 18(blk) & 40/80(red)20
593Bavaria: 1913 ppc to Austria, 5pf & Reutte-Innsbruck 290 TPO(Austrian).10
5941920(May) regd 3-col.mix issues express cvr Gerolzhofen-Nurnberg, Mi135Ab(x3),180 + German Mi123.25
595Hamburg: 1834 outer ex Sir Wm Loraine returning from Denmark-UK rated 30 & 1/8d with butterfly pmk.15
5961854 firms EL to Denmark rated 6 with KDOPA d/ring pmk. See also lot 1306.10
597NGC: 1868 1gr p.stat.env regd Coln-Berlin + Mi1b(damaged),3,6 making rare 4-colour franking. PHOTO50
5981870 cvr Wildeshausen(box pmk)-Iowa(USA) via Chicago, 2gr (Mi5 x2). See also lot 1780.25
599Prussia: 1859 3sgr yellow p.stat.env(U19A) comm.used Dessau(box pmk)-Kogersdorf.10
600Thurn u Taxis: 1865 outer Gotha(273 numeral)-Ehingen via K.Wurtt TPO31, 4mgn 3sgr (Mi31).25
601Wurttemburg:1863 EL Lauhingen-Bietigheim via K.Wurtt TPO 236, 3kr yell-orge(Mi22b) Cat 500eu(cvr).PH.100
6021901 cvr to Canada(destination) via N.York, 20pf & K.Wurtt TPO 459 pmk.20
603GERMANY: (see lot 7,12,31,40,75,215,348,407,915):1873 local Frankfurt cvr with 1kr (SG23 cat £55).40
6041897(Mar 22) mechanical ppc for opening of Centenary Fair,Frankfurt used FDI locally @ 3pf rate (Mi45b).25
6051899 insured cvr Brunswick-Hamburg, 3-colour 5pf,10pf,50pf(Mi50 x2).25
6061901 regd cvr Hamburg-UK, Reichspost 25pf (Mi58). Cat 130 euros(cvr).30
6071908 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Gross Lichterfelde(station PO)-Mexico(destination/rec’r).20
6081910-12 p/card & cvr both @ 10pf rate to Holland with fine Dutch Consulate at Aachen wafer seal or Dutch vice-consul at Munchengladbach cachet (2 items).25
6091912(Jun 10) 1st day usage Rhein-Main sp.p/card flown Frankfurt-Siegen + 10pf (Mi1) airmail.30
6101912(Jun) Rhein-Main sp.flight card comm.used Frankfurt-Stuttgart @ 5pf rate + 20pf airmail(Mi2).35
6111921(Jan) Allied High Commission,Cologne(cachet) cvr to UK, Mi219(marg.with part H54 cat 80eu cvr)+246.25
6121922(Oct) Berlin ppcs(2) comm.used to Australia(destination), Mi111+211 or160+210(airs cat £73).50
6131923(Jan) regd cvr Berlin-USA, 20mk plattendruck pair + 50mk walzendruck strip of 3 (Mi207W,9P cat 75eu). Opened by currency control(label) in Hamburg. See also lots 1446,1527-8.40
6141923(Aug) airmail cvr Nurnberg-Partenkirchen via Munich, SG112,220,242(x2),271-3,75a(cat £115). PHOTO65
6151923(Sept) cvr Hannover-Berlin, scarce 75,000mk single franking (Mi276). PHOTO125
6161923(Nov 12) cvr Berlin-Sweden @ 40md rate (Mi327W x8 inc blk of 6 cat 48eu). FDC stamps/rate.30
6171924(Aug) airmail comm. p/card Berlin-Switz, blk of 4 10pf (Mi357y cat 60 euros).35
6181926 regd airmail cvr Hamburg-Munich, 50pf air (SG361 cat £42). Returned as 'not known'.30
6191926(Apr 12) cacheted FFC Darmstadt-Munich(rec'r), 20pf (SG395).20
6201928(Oct) Zeppelin LZ127 flown ppc F’hafen-USA, 2RM Zeppelin (SG444 cat £80).60
6211929(July) Graf Zeppelin cacheted FFC to USA, 4RM Zeppelin (SG445 cat £55).45
6221930(May) Graf Zepp cacheted round trip cvr via S.America, 4mk S.Am.ovpt Zeppelins(x3) cat £1800. PH.800
6231930(Nov) cacheted DO-X flight cvr carried on European tour ex F'hafen then flown to Canaries, steamer to Brazil (Rio 22/4 b/st) then flown to USA, SG376(x2)+445(cat £66). PHOTO150
6241931 airmail express(cachet/label/env) cvr Berlin-UK via rohrpost to airport, 3-colour SG430,8-9(cat £10).20
6251931(May) Baltic Sea Zeppelin cacheted p/card F’hafen-France dropped at Copenhagen, 1mk (Mi382).45
6261932(Mar 1) Goethe 15pf p.stat.card (P214) used FDI Berlin-UK. Also gummed illus Goethejahr label.20
6271934 Hindenburg 15pf p.stat.reply card halves(2, P198 type 1 or 223) comm.used Modena(Italy)-Eisenach.40
6281934 German airmail(h/stamp & red pictorial cachet) cvr Nurnburg-Argentina, Mi522,37-8(2RM cat £35).35
6291935(Jun 23) regd OSTROPA FDC with scarce MS cat £1300+ & sp.label/pmks. Minor stains. PHOTO500
6301935(Sept) Graf Zepp 12th S.American flight card(100th crossing) posted on board to Holland, SG534+80.40
6311936 airmail cvr Radolfzell-India(destination/rec’r), 4-colour Hindenburg Mi512(x2),16,19,22b(cat 50eu).25
6321936 regd cvr Berlin(PO accounts office pmk)-Glasgow, 9-colour Hindenburg Mi512(x2),3-21.20
6331937(May) Hindenburg cancelled German flight cvr flown on ill-fated N.American flight as far as Koln(rec'r).25
6341937 regd airmail cvr Dresden-Switz, 4mk Zeppelin (SG445 cat £55).40
6351938 German airmail advert cvr Hamburg-Argentina, airs SG530,4-5(2RM cat £37).30
6361938 regd airmail cvr Hamburg-USA, Winter Relief set (SG663-71 cat £30). Opened by Customs label.20
6371938(Dec 4) 6pf Sudetenland p.stat.card used to Presswitz + SG668,72-3 & sp.Sudeten technical flight pmk.35
6381939 regd advert cvr St Augustin-Rumania inc scarce Nurburgring Races ovpt (SG685 cat £42). PHOTO50
6391939(Jun) Graf Zepp Bielefeld cacheted flight using 6pf Hindenburg p.stat. + Mi531(x3) Frankfurt-Arnsberg.30
6401940 regd censored cvr Bremen-Zurich, 4-colour Rpf ovpts (SG712-5 cat £44).40
6411940 regd local Charlottenburg cvr, scarce 40pf single franking (SG726) & Day of Stamp sp.illus pmk.25
6421942 censored regd cvr Berlin-Switz, Brown Ribbon + Postal Congress (SG805,10-12 cat £17).15
6431943 Hitler 6pf p.stat.card comm.used Munich-Denmark. Double censored inc secret writing wipes.15
644Alsace: 1940 regd express cvr Strassburg(pictorial pmk)-Germany, 4-colour Mi2-3,10,16(100pf).30
6451941(Dec 31) local cvr with Germany 3pf + Alsace,Lothringen & Lux'burg 3pf opts all tied Strassburg illus pmk15
646Lorraine: 1941 regd express cvr Metz(illus pmk)-Germany, 3-colour 3pf,20pf,60pf ovpts.20
647Upper Silesia: 1921 Danish stamps ppc comm.used Schoppnitz-Munich, 10pf+30pf(Mi16b,20a).15
648Zones: 1945(Nov) regd cvr Berlin Templehof-Munster, Berlin 6pf(pair)+30pf (Mi2,7A).12
6491948(21/6) illus currency reform FDC Hamburg-USA, SGA36-8.20
6501948(22/6) illus last day cvr 10x franking Hamburg-USA, SG943(strip of 3 80pf).20
6511948(Jan 1) illus regd FDC for post-war regd letters Baden Baden-USA, Baden FB9+11.25
6521948(Aug 15) sp.printed FDI sheet for Cologne Cathedral set (A104-7 cat £24).20
653Berlin: 1949 comm.cvr to USA, 50pf UPU (Mi38 cat £65).45
6541949 comm.cvr Nikolassee-USA, pair 20 on 80pf opts (Mi66 cat £46). Cat 150eu(cvr).40
6551956(Oct 5) illus unadd.FDCs(2) of 50pf + 70pf buildings (B143+5). Cat 700eu (FDCs). PHOTO(ex)175
6561960 airmail cvr to Canada, scarce 1DM statue (Mi153). Cat 100 euros(cvr).25
657West: 1949 cvr Koblenz-USA, mixed Rheinland FR32-3(x2),49-50 + 1033-4(x3 sets f&b cat £225). PHOT.150
6581954 cvr Husum-Denmark, Humanitarian Fund SG1099(x2)+1102(cat £120). PHOTO80
6591954 airmail cvr Hannover Fair(sp.pmk)-UK, Humanitarian Fund SG1099-1102(cat £120). Cheap @20
6601956 regd airmail express cvr US Army HQ,Heidelberg–US Embassy,Denmark, pair 1DM Heuss (Mi194).25
6611958 airmail cvr Frankfurt-Lebanon(destination), scarce 30pf Heuss (Mi259). Cat 150 euros(cvr).30
662East: 1950 airmail cvr Chemnitz-USA, R38,E21,33-6(in pairs cat £39).30
663GIBRALTAR: 1834 stained EL(wine for 92nd Highlanders mess) to Madeira rated 5/2 & 9/8d, fine black arc.40
6641840 EL Malaga-UK rated 1/=. Fine Gibraltar arc + paid. PHOTO100
6651889-90 QV 5c-15c single + reply p.stat.cards(6: P15-20) complete fine unused.20
6661895 front to UK @ 25c rate. Fine hand-painted drawing of the rock & ship.20
6671925 large OHMS regd cvr to Belgium via Plymouth, 4-colour SG90,5a,7-8(cat £33). Minor cover tones.30
6681935 regd OHMS cvr to USA, 3-colour Rock SG110,12-3.15
6691938(Mar 16) regd cacheted FDC to UK of 1/= (SG127 cat £30).25
6701943(Jun) airmail cvr to UK @ 6d rate. Scarcer A6012 censor label.15
6711967 ship set to £1 (SG200-13 cat £50) on illus unadd.FDC. Also 1969 5d SG205a on illus unadd.FDC.40
6721987 Guns set to £5 (SG569-81 cat £35) on 2 illus unadd.FDCs. See also lots 756,1577.25
673GILBERT & ELLICE: 1907 long cvr Fanning Is-UK via Fiji, NZ 3d birds. PHOTO125
6741911(Apr 8) cvr Funafuti-Switz via Sydney, 1/=(SG7 cat £70). Earliest known pmk ex island. PHOTO200
6751950 airmail cvr Canton Is-USA, set to 1/= (SG43-53 min.cat £14).15
67619 57 local Tarawa cvr with set to 10/= (SG64-75 cat £32).30
6771959 airmail cvr ex BFPO Christmas Is(pmk)-UK, QEII 6d-5/= (SG70-4 cat £17) pmk’d Christmas Is.25
6781965(Aug) regd(box h/st) Nui-UK, SG65,68,69a(scarce cat £42).35
6791969-72 regd(2 diff.h/st in blk or violet) cvrs(4) Nanumea/Manumanga-UK @ 8c rates.20
680GOLD COAST:1889 QV 2d regd env,H&G1c Accra-Germany per Volta+4d(SG16)& 551 pmk. Minor stains.50
6811893 QV 1d p.stat.card Elmina(blue pmk)-Austria via Cape Coast & L'pool Br.Pkt. PHOTO200
6821902 QV ½d p.stat.card Akropong-Aburi(rec'r).40
6831908 OHMS regd(scarce h/st) Victoriaborg-Paris, pair 2½d(SG62). Inc contents. PO closed 1915. PHOTO65
6841921 regd cvr Coomassie(extends D8 pmk with inv.date)-Switz, KGV ½d(x3)+1d(x4).20
6851925 KGV 1d brn p.stat.card comm.used Koforidua-Switz + ½d(SG86). STB scarce card used. PHOTO80
6861937 airmail cvr Takoradi Wharf-UK, Coronation SG117-9(x3 ea cat £30).25
6871939 airmail cvr Bogoso(scarce D4 skeleton pmk)-UK, KGVI 3d(x2).20
6881942 underpaid cvr Asamankese-USA, SG120(x4). Both censor 18 & blk/orange GC censor label. Tax marks both countries & Victory h/stamps..30
6891945 airmail advert cvr Kumasi-Paris @ 1/6d rate. Boxed red OAT. PHOTO75
6901948 matching KGVI 3d regd envs(2) both size G Takoradi-UK + each with blk of 4 SG133a-4(cat £15).20
6911958 underpaid internal cvrs(2) ex Takoradi/Tarkwa. Tax marks & D9-10 or 11 P.Dues tied.20
6921697 EL Hampstead-Bloomsbury, Dockwra type T Fri for Temple office + time marking. PHOTO100
6931712 outer Antwerp-Governor,Bank of England,London rated 10 with most part tiny bishop mark.45
6941784 EL Bath-London, Dockwra type T Th for Temple office + time marking.50
695Undated free(Wm Hathorne) outer Ches/ter(2-line)-Grimsby with 2 pre-1787 bishop marks.40
6961791 EL(shooting license) Eton-Aylesbury re- rated 3 to 6, s/line Windsor (44x5mm).25
6971792 EL to Chester rated 5 with 2 strikes concave Leeds.30
6981797 EL to Rochdale pd10 with fine Leeds semi–circle.30
6991799 EL to Aylesbury, re-rated 5 to 7, Henley convex arc (variety: last 3 letters spaced).35
7001799 EL to Aylesbury re-rated to 7, s/line Oxford (35x4mm)25
7011801 EL to Aylesbury re-rated to 1/9d with fine Henley.T 38 box mileage.30
7021802 EL Denham-Aylesbury re-rated to 6, fine Uxbridge box mileage.30
7031808-16 re-rated outers(2) to Aylesbury with 2 diff.types Beaconsfield/Beconsfield 26 mileages.40
7041810 EL Ashton under Lyne-Preston with unique red Manchester 185 cds inverted + Penny P.Unpaid(boxed)30
7051814 EL Shepton Mallett(unique 135 mileage)-Sherborne rated 7.20
7061821 EL Earl Stanhope(countersigned),Chevening-Tunbridge with s/line Seven-oaks.20
7071833 EL Wycombe-Aylesbury rated 6, s/line High Wycomb(mileage erased) across flap.20
7081840-4 paid ELs(3) to Leeds/London with Hull red/blue pmks + fine red 1d h/stamps (3 diff.types).40
7091844 paid EL(re property) Basingstole-London, fine red Pd1.20
7101848 firms EL London(red unframed pmk)-Genova via di Pt Beauvoisin(2-line) rated 1/3d. Oval PF(scarce).20
7111848 EL Cleobury Mortimer-Coventry via Bewdley P1, Cleobury Penny Post.20
7121848 ironworks EL W.Bromwich-Westminster via Wednesbury with red Paid 1 h/st. PHOTO50
713Crimea:1854(Dec) stampless envs(2) to Scotland rated 3 or 6 with unframed PO British Army blue-grn cds.100
7141854(Dec)-55(Mar) stampless cvrs(2) to Scotland rated 6d or 1/=. Ex same correspondence as above lot.40
7151840(Dec) fine 3mgn 1d blacks ex pl's 7&8 on local Scottish or London-Mansfield outers(2) & red MXs.80
7161842(Dec) mourning outer Lady Rolle,Exmouth-Exeter, 3mgn 1840 2d blue & light MX pmk. PHOTO80
7171843 EL to Oxford, fine 3mgn 1d imperf & 8 in MX pmk.50
7181843 Edinburgh EL to Hamilton Palace, fine 4mgn 1d pl.29 & MX pmk.35
7191843 1d pink env Norwich(fine MX)-Islington with most part Reepham udc.20
7201845 mourning EL to Bristol, 4mgn 1d imperf & 75 numeral + 2-line Castle Bromwich.20
7211850 outer Dundee-Capt of Brig Pearl,N.Shields, 3+4mgn pair 1d imperfs SG10.20
7221850 EL Liverpool-USA(Boston Br.Pkt rec'r) per Hibernia, cut-square 1/= embossed SG54.80
7231851 EL Glasgow-Genoa via di Pt Beauvoisin, part cut-to-shape 10d embossed. PHOTO80
7241851 EL Launceston-Dunstable, 4mgn 1d imperf & 439 blue numeral. PHOTO125
7251855(May) cvr Dereham-Wymondham, 1d p.16 die 2 (SG21) & 245 numeral. Cat £110(cvr).35
7261855 EL London-Whitehaven, 2d blue pl.5 (SG20a). Cat £550(cvr).150
7271856 EL London(15 pmk)-France, 2d SG34(x2 cat £140). PHOTO75
7281856 EL Glasgow-London, 2d blue SG23a & boxed Queen Street. Cat £525(cvr). PHOTO150
7291856 small cvr Honiton(s/ways duplex)-Chard, 1d brn-rose (SG32 cat £55).30
7301862 regd cvr London-Glasgow, strip of 6 1d stars SG40. Couple with trimmed perfs.50
7311864 cvr Tadcaster(772 duplex)-Chapeltown via Wetherby & Chapel Allerton, 1d SG42.20
7321867 cvr London-Peebles, 1d pl.81. Thimble circ. C&G RPO(scarce).25
7331867 cvr London(twin 49 duplex)-Col.Bell,Govt Office,Guernsey(rec’r), 1d pl.71(x3 inc pair cat £12). Late fee?25
7341869 EL Liverpool-Trieste via Aachen, 1d pl.127 + 2d scarcer pl.12(both x2 cat £286). PHOTO165
7351869 cvr Glasgow-Paisley, 1d pl.110 + 2d pl.14(cat £49).25
7361876 cvr Aberfeldy-Edinburgh, pair ½d SG99 pl.11(cat £50).25
7371877 Grand Trunk Railway printed circular Edinburgh-Dewsbury, ½d SG49 pl.10. Cat £70(cvr).20
7381877 firms cvr London WC1-USA, ½d SG48 + 2d SG47 pl.15(cat £63). London quartered pmk.25
7391879 'turned' Midland Railway EL Southampton-Derby & back with 1d pl's 198 & 200(cat £10).15
7401882 local cvr to Pointon, 1d lilac & fine blue Folkingham cds + 302 duplex.25
7411894 1d lilac front Chelmsford(sq.circle)-Lee illus unusually with both black window cleaner & woman.25
7421855 outer London-Paris, 4d SG62. Cat £750(cvr). PHOTO150
7431858 cvr Ryde(IoW)-Belgium via Angleterre par Ostend TPO, 4d dp rose(SG65). Env fault cat £1000(cvr).PH200
7441859 EL London-N.York via L'pool, 1/= SG72. Inc late fee. Cat £425(cvr).100
7451859 triple rate 3-colour front Liverpool-Naples via France, SG40+ pairs 66,73(cat £1000). PHOTO200
7461861 part EL London(twin 46 pmk)-Bordeaux, 1d star(SG40: late fee)+4d SG66(cat £160). PHOTO65
7471862 cvr London(NW22 pmk)-Ledbury(rec’r), 4d SG79. Cat £300(cvr) & high rate for inland cvr.75
7481862 cvr International Exhib'n(IEW pmk)-Vienna via Aachen, pair 3d SG77 (cat £700). PHOTO350
7491862 outer London-Boston(Am.Pkt paid), 1d star(late fee) + 1/= SG90. Cat £450(cvr). File fold.100
7501862 EL London(12 pmk)-Amsterdam, 9d bistre SG86 with trimmed wing mgn. Cat £1000(cvr). PHOTO150
7511864 outer Lombard St-Sicily, 1/= SG90. Boxed Piroscafi Postali Francesi. Cat £450(cvr). PHOTO120
7521864 stampless outer London-Basle via Paris, scarce 60 red h/stamp.40
7531865 EL Manchester(red paid)-Peru(destination/rec'r) via Panama Br PO, pair 1/= SG101. Cat £725(cvr).PH200
7541865 outer Lombard St(B duplex)-Sicily, 6d pl.5 + 1/= pl.4 (SG97,101 cat £415). PHOTO150
7551866 stampless EL London WC38-Stockholm via Hull rated 3 in mss.20
7561868 cvr Romford-Chief Justice,Gibraltar(rec'r), 6d SG104. S in circle. Cat £200(cvr).50
7571870 EL Liverpool-Sweden via Hull, 6d mauve SG109 pl.8(cat £140). Red 4 mss.65
7581870 firm illus(inside)env Birmingham-Transvaal(destination)via Cape Pkt Plymouth cds, 1/= SG117 pl.4.PH150
7591872 outer London(89 pmk)-Italy, 6d pale chestnut SG122b. Cat £150(cvr).40
7601872-3 cvrs(2) L'pool(S466S pmk)-Phila Hospital for Insane(destination),USA, 1 per Cuba, 3d SG103 pl's 8-9.65
7611873 EL London-Genova, 1d pl.154 + 6d grey SG125 pl.12. Box red L1. Cat £375(cvr). PHOTO120
7621874 double regd front Middlesbrough-Norway via London, 3d+6d both pl.12, SG125+143(cat £380). PHOTO80
7631874 outer Quayside,Newcastle-Denmark, 3d SG144 pl.15. Cat £120(cvr).35
7641875 underpaid cvr London-USA, pair 1d pl.160. 2-line Insufficiently Prepaid + boxed Due 7c.25
7651875 outer London-Marseille, 3d SG144 pl.14 + 1d pl.149 pays late fee. Box red L1. Cat £127(cvr).35
7661875 firms paid outer Lombard St-Dutch Indies(destination/rec'r) rated 1/3d + 12½c red h/stamp.25
7671876 front London-N.York, ½d pl.12, 1d pl's 187,192 + 4d SG153 pl.16 strip 3. Stamps cat £930. PHOTO200
7681876 regd cvr Bermondsey-Krakau(Poland), scarce combination 1½d SG51 pl.3 + 2½d SG141 pl.4(x3) cat £315. Austrian 15kr fiscal tied. PHOTO350
7691876 outer London EC79-Tunis(destination) via Marseilles, rare 4d vermilion SG152 pl.15. 15c in red. PH.350
7701877 EL London(31 pmk)-Stavanger(Norway), 2½d SG141 pl.740
7711877 EL London EC99-Amsterdam, fine 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.6. Cat £125(cvr).30
7721878 EL London-Trieste, 1½d SG52 pl.3 + pair 3d SG144 pl.18. Unusual combo. Stamps cat £235. PHOTO150
7731879 outer London(EC53 pmk)-Greece(rec'r), 2½d SG141 pl.14. Cat £125(cvr).35
7741880 cvr Kilmarnock-Southern Railway,B.Aires(destination/rec'rs), 4d grn SG153 pl.15. Cat £600(cvr). PH.150
7751881 cvr Birmingham(sq.circ)-Constantinople(BR PO rec'rs), 2½d blue SG157 pl.2320
7761881 larger insurance company cvr Edinburgh-Peebles, scarce 1½d SG167. Cat £160(cvr).45
7771884 cvr Twickenham(C93 pmk)-Karachi via Sea PO B, 5d grn SG193. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO120
7781886 family EL Kensington-Mexico(destination/rec'r), 4d grn SG192(cat £120). Scarce. PHOTO150
7791888 cvr London W65(sq.circ)-US Consul,Japan(oval blue rec'r), 5d scarce die 1(SG207). Envelope stain.50
7801892 QV 10d p.stat.env(ES17) regd Devonshire Sq,W1-Edinburgh. Scarce. PHOTO50
7811894 QV 2½d+2½d grey(florets) embossed env London EC(hooded pmk)-Grenada(destination & D rec’r).25
7821894 QV 2d regd env size G Mark Lane-Hamburg + 3-colour 1d lilac, 2d+3d Jubilees.30
7831894 regd cvr Gracechurch St-Annoncey(France), 1d lilac + 6d Jubilee (SG172,208).25
7841895 late fee front London(rare L3 duplex)-Paris, 2½d+3d Jubilees.40
7851895 cvr Sydenham-Burma(destination/rec'r) via Sea PO A @ 2½d rate.15
7861897 Oakham parcel post label with Jubilee 4d+1/=(x6 inc strip of 4 cat £498) & MO&SB pmks. PHOTO200
7871898 booklet: Postal Money Order Agreement between UK & Portugal.20
7881899-1904 QV 1½d embossed p.stat.envs(2 diff. on blue/white) to Germany + QV 1d or KEVII ½d(x2).20
7891899 1d pink+6d(undated types 5 & 15) STO p.stat.env Lombard St(d/ring)-Canada via Queenstown.30
7901899 docks vignette ppc comm.used Bute Docks BO Cardiff-Fiume(destination/rec'r) @ 1d lilac rate.20
7911900(July 2) QV 1d pink env S.Kensington(1d post 37mm pmk)-Victoria.10
7921902 KEVII 2d+1d regd env size G Charing X-Austria + 4d(SG235 cat £35).20
7931904 KEVII 2d regd env size F Walsall-Amsterdam + 3-colour KEVII ½d,1d,2½d(x2).30
7941904-12 ppcs/cvr(5)& scarcer sq.circle pmks of Walthamstow,Peckham,Chingford,Hammersmith, Highgate.N40
7951907 long regd cvr Manchester-Denmark, KEVII 2½d+4d(x2 cat £52) & 2d regd oval pmk.30
7961907 ppc Crewkerne-Victoria Jail,Hong Kong(destination/rec’r) @ 1d rate.15
7971908 local London cvr @ 1d rate, redirected to Budapest + additional 1½d(SG223).20
7981911(Jun 22) FDC p/card Kilburn–Samoa(destination) of 1d Mackennal. See also lot 1245.40
7991912(Oct) 1d Ideal Stamp p/card Jubilee Stamp Exhib'n,RHS,London(sp.pmk)-Canada @ 1d rate.10
8001913 cvr Kegworth(G33 duplex)-Argentina(destination), 2½d cobalt blue (SG371).15
8011915 sp.Alexandra Palace POW Xmas card comm.used within London with PC POW cachet. Scarce.20
8021919 Temperance Building Society annual report in KGV ½d p.stat.wrapper used local London + news pmk.15
8031919 OHMS local Alnwick phone bill + receipt. Unusual survivor.20
8041921 KGV 4d grn + 1d red regd env(EU35) Birmingham-Canada.25
8051923 KGV 3d+1½d regd env size F insured(label) London-Germany + ½d, 5d ginger-brn, 1/= pale bistre.25
8061924-5 comm.London cvrs(2 inc advert) with Wembley 1½ds(SG431 or 3 cat £85). 1 with Wembley lion pmk.50
8071924(Jun) cvr Wembley Park(Empire Exhib'n lion pmk)-Switz, SG430-1(cat £26).20
8081925 banking cvr London-USA, Wembley 1½d (SG433 cat £70).45
8091925(Jun) airmail cvr Penrith-Morocco via Toulouse (& redirected to France), SG419-20(x3).25
8101926(Apr) FFC London-Copenhagen @ 4½d rate.20
8111928(Jun)air cvr Phil.Congress,London(sp.pmk)-BPO Tangier(rec'r) inc Wembley(SG432-3 cat £100). PHOT.65
8121929(May 10) plain PUC FDC London-USA of SG434-7. PHOTO125
8131929(July) airmail cvr Totley(Sheffield)-Iraq(Basra rec'r), PUC SG434+7(x2 cat £22).20
8141931-4 cvrs(7) Bugle(Cornwall)-Cardiff unusually all franked diff.1½d control singles betwn N30 & U34.40
8151933 airmail EL(re baking powder production) West Norwood-Riga(Latvia) @ 4d rate.15
8161933(Aug) IAL Western Air FFC Croydon-Plymouth, 3d label tied. Pilot signed(Scott). PHOTO50
8171934(Dec) 1st through airmail Plymouth-Adelaide(Australia), 5d+10d (SG425+8 cat £42).30
8181935 German airmail cvr London-Argentina via Berlin @ 4/= rate.15
8191936(Dec 2) local Gloucester FDC of photogravure 9d (SG447).30
8201937(Apr) cvr Radlett(Herts)-Barbados(Christchurch rec’r), blk of 4 2½d KEVIII (SG460).15
8211937(May 10-12) illus FDCs(2) to Canada of KGVI ½d-2½d & Coronation 1½d.20
8221938 cvr Southgate(N.London)-Canada @ KEVIII 1d rate + grn 'poached egg' label & NDC London bars pmk.15
82319 38 firms env airmail(German) London-Chile via Argentina, mixed KGV-VI perfin SG449-50,65(x3 cat £43).30
8241939 advert cvr Liverpool-Venezuela per SS Traveller, 3-colour mixed reigns SG445,62,66.15
8251940(May) censored cvr London-Belgium @ 3d rate. Boxed No Service Return to Sender.15
8261940(Aug) censored airmail cvr Chelsea-N.Somerset Yeomanry,Palestine @ KGVI 2/6d brn rate.20
8271941(Nov) airmail cvr London-Trinidad via Canada (C15 censor label) @ 2/= rate.20
8281943 regd stampless cvr London W6-Gerrards Cross(Bucks). Circular Official Paid US Navy cachet.15
8291944 1½d & 3d POW p.stat.cards(2), fine unused.20
8301948 Olympics set on local London illus printed FDC with 2 different Wembley pmks.20
8311948(Apr 26) airmail regd FDC Newcastle-USA, £1 S.Wedding (SG494 cat £40). See also Channel Is lots.30
8321958-60 ppcs(2) comm.used ex Southampton/IoW @ 2½d rates (graphites SG565 or 591 cat £17).20
8331961 illus express CEPT FDC London(scarce PO Savings Bank slogan pmk cat £200)-Australia. PHOTO50
8341963 airmail cvr Watford-USA, 1/3d FFH phos(SG635p x2 cat £46).35
8351965 illus unadd.Churchill FDC with scarce Churchill Oxford cds.40
8361965 Battle of Britain illus unadd.FDC with scarce Biggin Hill,Westerham pmk.40
8371966 World Cup phosphor illus FDC with Wembley FDI. Printed address.15
8381971(Jan-Feb) postal strike cvrs(3) with all different labels for Southampton(x2 diff.sets) or Bournemouth.15
8391971(Jun 16) GB phil.congress illus FDC Norwich(sp.box pmk)-Teesside, Ulster paintings set.25
8401971 Literary Annivs set on illus FDC with Thomas Gray Stoke Poges sp.pmk + mailcoach cachet.Typed add.20
841Postal fiscal: 1882 cvr Grantham-Brussels, mix franking SG165 + pair F9(cat £58). RPS Cert. PHOTO65
842P.Due: 1900 underpaid 1d lilac cvr East Finchley SO(scarce sq.circ)-India, tax marks inc Overland P.Due 2as.20
8431919-20 cvrs(3) London/Cardiff/local OHMS all to Machynlleth with 3d,4d or 6d in blue charges.40
8441959 local Bournemouth unpaid cvr taxed with 1d+5d P.Dues (D47,52 cat £21+). See also lots 112,1671.15
8451960 long unpaid London cvr ex Hampstead with 9d to pay & 4d+5d P.Dues (D52,61 cat £20+).15
8461970 surcharged cvrs(2) Rhodesia-UK taxed at 1/9d(3-colour D57,74,76) or 3/6d(D65,74) P.Due rates.25
8471970(Sept) surcharged cvr Rhodesia-Torquay @ 3/6d P.Due rate but with D70(x2),74,84 mixed currency.20
848Officials: 1903 OHMS cvr Canterbury-Rugby, 1d Army Official (O49). Cat £100(cvr).30
849Alderney: 1948(May 10) Liberation illus FDC to UK, C1-2 & scarcer Alderney pmk.25
850Guernsey:(see lot 733): 1944 local St Peter Port cvr with ½d-2½d arms (SG1f,2b,3a cat £17).15
8511946(Jun 11) illus Victory regd FDC to Australia of SG491-2.25
8521969 set to £1 (SG13-28 cat £27) on 3 illus Philart FDCs to UK with printed addresses.20
853Jersey: 1893 QV 1½d p.stat.env regd(R h/st) David Place(cds)-UK + 1½d(SG198) & regd 409 pmk.35
8541943 local cvr to Millbrook, strip of 4(2 damaged) + single 1d on greyish paper (SG2e cat £70) & 2 diff.pmks.35
8551944 regd local cvr with mix franking SG3a-4a(cat £15) + Guernsey arms SG1-3(cat £20).35
8561955(Sept 1) QE2 2½d p.stat.envs(2) used as FDCs to Dorset + 10/= & £1 Castles(SG538-9). Vert.folds.75
8571955(Sept 23) regd FDC(2) First Tower-Dorset, 2/6d or 5/= Castles (SG536-7).40
8581970 surcharged airmail cvr ex Rhodesia with 1d,3d(strip of 3),1/= P.Dues(cat £9+).15
8591969 Inaug to 72 Militia illus unadd.commem FDCs(8) complete ex Paintings. See also lots 1774-5.15
860IoMan: 1958(Aug 18) illus FDC Peel-Kent of 3d regional.15
8611954 souvenir booklet for Isle of Man Steam Packet inc sheet of poster stamps of ships.25
862Lundy: 1953(Jun 2) illus unadd.Coronation FDC, ½p-12p ovpts & sp.pmk.15
863GREECE: 1848 outer Syra(v.fine type 2 pmk)-Malta(fair disinfection cachet). Boxed LP.25
8641906 Cavalla ppc comm.used to Paris, Russian PO Levant 10pa on 2k pair (Mi21y) & ROPIT pmk.25
8651906 advert cvr Athens-UK, 3-colour Hermes SG168-9,72A. See also lots 73,176,356.15
8661911 banking p/card Samos-Jerusalem(rec’r) via Smyrna, Turkish 20pa.35
8671914 regd advert cvr Athens-UK, 4-colour SG213,5(x3)-7,20(x2) tied reverse.20
8681917 cvr Tsamanta-USA, SG269(x5)+273(x2) & 685 diamond pmks.40
8691917(Jan)-18(Jan) censored(diff) Salonika ppcs(2) OAS APO SX2 or 4(Salonika area)-UK.15
8701921 regd(h/st) internal cvr ex Athens(Sisthmena), SG219(x2) & Greek Womens League 5L (C272) tied rev.25
8711932(Jan) IA illus/cacheted FFC Athens-Dodoma(Tanganyika), SG418b(x2)+420. 136 flown.30
8721934 comm.cvr Astoria-USA, 5dr+3dr (SG228,419d) tied 347 diamond of dots.20
873GREENLAND: 1939 Danish 7o p.stat.card comm.used Scoresbysund-Copenhagen + SG2-3.25
8741939(Apr 1) cvr Julianehaab-Switz, original set to 1kr (Fa1-9 cat £23). See also lot 1770.40
875GRENADA: (see lot 781): 1901 cvr Grenville-UK, QV 1d tied fine D parish pmk. PHOTO75
8761907 regd(h/st) cvr Grenville-Canada via N.York, KEVII 3d(SG71). PHOTO75
8771930(July) NYRBA FFC to Trinidad, SG114(x2)+124. For return flight see Trinidad.30
8781935(May 8) local S.Jubilee cvr Sauteurs-St Patrick, SG145-8 cat £42. FDC h/stamp so date error?.35
8791938 KGVI ½d grn wrapper(H&G11) + 1d purple p.stat.env(H&G1) fine unused(2).15
8801944 airmail cvr Gouyave-Barbados(Christ Church rec'r), blk 10 ¼d (SG152a cat £30). ISS/44 censor label.25
8811946 advert cvr Carriacou-USA, 3-colour KGVI ½d(x2),1d,1½d.25
8821949 regd airmail cvr to UK, SG157,59,65-7(S.Wedding set cat £20+).20
883GUATEMALA: 1896 10c p.stat.env comm.used Izabal-Holland via Livingston & N.Orleans.20
8841895-8 2c or 6c ovpt p.stat.envs(4: H&G7,b,8,13) all fine unused.25
8851903 underpaid US 2c p.stat.env to Guatemala, tax marks both countries inc violet T30.20
8861904 regd cvr to USA, 25c ovpt (SG129 x4 cat £10).25
8871906 cvr Escuintla-Guatemala(rec'r), SG117-8a(x2) tied reverse.20
8881923 US Dept of Agriculture express official cvr to Washington, mixed issue hi-vals SG125,602,69(x2).25
8891930(Mar) cacheted FFC to Costa Rica, SG223,9(x2)-10,41. 231 flown.25
890HAITI:(see lot 1771): 1901 3c p.stat.card, H&G3 comm.used Pt au Prince-Belgium per Hollandais.20
8911928(Feb 6) local Port au Prince flown(by Lindbergh) cvr, 3c (SG294). Scarce.35
892HONDURAS:(see lot 74): 1926 2c (SG187) bisect tied to local San Pedro Sula cvr.25
8931937 airmail advert cvr Tegucigalpa-Switz, 5c+50c (SG367 + scarce 374).15
894HONG KONG: 1906 geisha ppc Liu Kung Tau-UK via Shanghai Br.PO @ 4c rate.40
8951906 Canton ppc comm.used Victoria-UK @ 4c rate. Scarce H.Kong KB(Kowloon branch) cds.40
8961911 Ceylon ppc comm.used to UK @ 4c rate with code 11 pmk + box paquebot (Hosk.3108).30
8971915 regd(RL11 h/st) cvr to USA @ 20c rate. PHOTO50
8981935 advert cvr Sheungwan-Canada, 10c S.Jubilee (SG135).35
8991936(Mar) illus IA FFC to UK via Penang, 50c (SG128).20
9001937(May 12) mourning(?) regd illus Coronation FDC to UK of SG137-9(cat £15).25
9011937(Oct) Pan-am airmail cvr Victoria-USA, mixed KGV-VI SG124,8(strip of 5),39 tied reverse ($2.85 rate).20
9021937(May) airmail cvr Victoria-USA, 4-colour SG124,5,7(x5),9($2.80 rate).25
9031938 local printed matter cvr ex Sheungwan @ 2c rate (SG141).35
9041938(Jan 11) local FDC of 5c postal fiscal (F12 cat £16).25
9051941(Aug) cvr Victoria-USA, SG165+7. Box Not Opened by Censor. Rare patriotic label reverse. PHOTO150
9061945 airmail cvr Victoria-Denmark, SG149(strip of 3 cat £13). Red s/line By Air to London Only. PHOTO50
9071950 regd(label) advert cvr Sham Shui PO-USA @ $2.30 rate (SG152+8).30
9081963 Red X illus unadd.FDC of SG212-3.15
909China: 1921 cvr Hankow(Br.PO pmk)-UK, 10c ovpt (SG6). PHOTO100
910Foochow: QV 10c on 12c blue (Z330 cat £130) & F1 pmk.45
911QV 2c-10c (Z313-4,6,335 cat £186) & blk/blue F1 pmks(4).50
912Foochowfoo: cds pmks on QV 2c-20c (Z337,341-2,49 cat £43).15
913HUNGARY:1908 10f parcel card regd Budapest-Switz + 1k(SG133)+ no value red imprint Franz Josef h/st.25
9141913 express cvr Orhegyalja(box postal agency pmk)-Munkacs, 7-colour Flood Charity SG136-7(x2),8-9,43-5.30
9151916 p/card from soldier in KuK field hospital 5/12-Hermannstadt, Germania 5pf & Hungarian FPO 146 pmk.20
9161917 regd cvr Kassa-Germany, War Charity surch.set to 25f(SG153-62) + scarce D188 P.Due.25
9171919 local Budapest cvr with Personalities set (SG324-8 cat £22). See also lots 6,1422,1722.20
9181923 unpaid advert cvr Budapest-Veszprem taxed with mixed issue P.Dues D352+436(strip of 4).20
9191924(Sept) sp.illus cacheted FF p/card Esztergom-Budapest, SG414,25 + airs 433-6(cat £20+).25
9201929 1f complete regd parcel card Szentgotthald-USA + 6-colour SG460,63,75-8(hi-vals cat £11).30
9211930-33 regd airmail cvrs(2) Budapest-UK, each franked diff.airs to 1p (SG487 or 560).25
9221935(Dec 25) regd local Ujpest cvr, University set(SG574-9 cat £15) & sp.stamp day/VB 10K Xmas Day pmks20
9231950(July) illus UPU airmail cvr to UK, scarce 3ft ex minisheet (Mi1111A cat 50 euros used).25
924Serbian Occ:1919(Aug) regd cvr Temesvar-Yugoslavia(address part erased), compl.set opts inc both 1k50.25
925ICELAND:(see lot 39): 1930(Jan) FFC Pingvellir-Reykjavik, SG173-5(cat £165). PHOTO125
9261935(Nov 11) regd FDC Akureyri-Reykjavik of Jochumsson set (SG216-9). Jochumsson born/died here. PH.175
9271937 cvr to Akureyri per MS Dr.Alexandrine, 20a posted on arrival. Long message in Icelandic on reverse.40
9281938(Apr 1) regd FDC Reykjavik-UK of geyser 15a-50a (Fa227-9,32).40
9291940(Dec)-41(Aug) censored OAS cvrs(2) FPO 2(Arturi) or 3(Seydisfjordur)-UK.40
9301943 OAS censored (RAF 30) cvr RAF PO 001(Camp Winston)-UK.35
9311943 Xmas ppc comm.used to Reykjavik, 25a air p.14 (Fa206).30
9321945(Aug) censor(Danish) FFC Reykjavik-Copenhagen-Reykjavik, air set inc scarce perf 25a cat c£100. PH.125
9331952 85a airletter comm.used Reykjavik-UK + SG244a,294.20
9341952 Bjornsson set (SG313-6 cat £32) on illus FDC to Sweden.25
9351950-80 comm.cvrs, 1945 US APO860 censored cvr + 20th cent unused envs for Verzlunia ferry(10 items).25
936INDIA:(see lot 44,56,842,1772): 1841 EL to UK rated 2/2d. Box red India + Steam Letter Calcutta Paid14 pmk25
9371862 tiny regd(h/st) cvr Bunnoo(12 duplex)-Pindadurkhan(rec’r), ½a+4a (SG38,46).20
9381866 printed Via Marseilles env Calcutta(red paid pmk)-UK, 3-colour SG53,63-4(cat £50). PHOTO65
9391870 cvr Madras(Indian Paid pmk)-UK, 8a8p rate (SG36,53 cat £33). Firms forwarding cachet.40
9401875 cvr Attock(216 duplex)-UK via Allahabad, 8as(SG74).20
9411876 mourning cvr to UK via Bombay, 2a+4a(SG61,69) & unframed T-1-3-J-Dn TPO pmk + date in mss. PH.45
9421886 QV 2a regd env size F, H&G1 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
9431899 QV ¼a p.stat.card Daranagar Bijnor-Delhi. Violet s/line framed Detained Late Fee Not Paid.15
9441901 comm.cvr Calcutta-NZ(destination & rec’rs) via Tuticorin & Colombo(h/stamp), 3-colour QV SG81,89,99.30
9451916 cvr Bombay-USA @ ½a rate + violet ½a Bombay Womens Branch war fund label. 2-line Bombay censor20
9461918 cvr Ootacamund-UK @ 1a rate + ½a red/white Madras War Fund label.20
94719 20 comm.cvr Bombay-Iran via Mahommera(Indian PO) @ 2½a rate.25
9481922 KGV 2a+½a regd env scarcer size J Hyderabad City-Java(destination/rec'r) + ½a,6a.20
9491927(July) printed local Calcutta flown(by Flt.Lt Vetch) cvr @ 1a rate. Envelope age stains.25
9501932 airmail cvr Kalain-UK, 4-colour SG178,207-8,14(1r x2).20
9511934 OHMS airmail cvr Calcutta-India Office,London, 4-colour Service O108,10,15,29.25
9521939(May) 1a on 1a3p p.stat.env Bayavarama-Kondanoor(rec'r), Triang.Passed Censor Madras 12. Pre-war!20
9531942(Oct) censored cvr POW Camp 5-RAF,MEF @ 3½a rate + 1a Indian Red X blue & white label.15
9541946 long OHMS airmail cvr Madras University-UK, hi-val officials SGO138(x4)+150(x6). Central fold.15
955Used abroad:(see lot 96,190,277): 1903 cvr Bushirf(sq.circ)-Cairo via Suez, Indian QV ½a+ pair 1a tied rev.25
9561913 comm.cvr Muscat–Bombay @ KEVII ½a rate. PHOTO45
9571940 airmail censored cvr Dubai-Bombay @ Indian 2½a rate. PHOTO100
958INDIAN STATES: Bhopal: 1947 On Govt Service electricity bills(x2 diff), printed in orange or green, sent bookpost with 9p officials (O351b) tied 2 diff. Bhopal pmks. Cat £150 (SG on cvr).50
959Bikaner: 1942 OHHS pre-printed railway p/card comm.used to Ratangarh, Indian 3p Service (O143x3).10
960Bundi: 1942 printed native EL with 2as (SG82 cat £25). PHOTO75
961Cochin: 1943 tiny cacheted(official) cvr Trichur-Pazhan, 6p official (O55).15
962Gwalior: 1890 QV ¼a p.stat.card(message half reply card) comm.used Lashgar(sq.circ)-Bombay.10
963Hyderabad: 1891 2½a grn p.stat.env(H&G12) + unlisted ½a brown p.stat.card both fine unused. 2 items.20
9641949 6p p.stat.card + scarce 2p(SG60) comm.used internally.15
9651937 illus local Nizam Silver Jubilee FDC of SG49-52(cat £12).20
966Indore: 1889 pair of ½a SG6 on reverse of native cvr.20
967Jaipur: 1908 unpaid local Jaipur cvr redirected to Sikar via Gaya(3 diff.unpaid h/st) & multiple pmks.15
9681931 ¼a p.stat.card, H&G12 comm.used then redirected via Delhi RMS TPO & Indian ½a added.15
9691940 ½a p.stat.env on yellow paper, H&G6 Gangapur-Bandikui. Inc letter.15
9701948 ¼a p.stat.card, H&G20 regd AR(label still attached) ex High Court Jaipur + SG63,73.20
971Morvi: 1948 scarce 3p on 6pi p.stat.card, H&G8 comm.used.25
972Soruth: 1936 local Junagarh cvr with ½a Sarkari ovpt (O2).15
973Travancore: 1914 ¾ch p.stat.env, H&G7 regd to Trivandrum + SG10(x2),16.25
9741938 ¾ch p.stat.env, H&G11 regd Aleppey-Piravagarj + 3ch(SG63). Refused & returned.15
9751944 regd cvr Ankulangara-Athirampuzha, mixed officials (O6+99c) tied reverse.15
976IRAN: 1909 internal regd advert cvr(inc letter) ex Chiraz, 6ch+9ch (SG301-2) tied reverse.25
9771919 cvr Senneh-Hamadan @ 9ch rate. Blue/buff typewritten Opened by Censor label tied circ. Passed By British Military Authority. PHOTO50
9781927 regd cvr Teheran-Germany, SG630+634(pair 12ch).20
9791928(Apr) cacheted FFC Teheran-Bouchir, SG631,648-51(airs).20
9801939 cvr Teheran-Switz, 5-colour mixed issues SG801-2,16-17,19-21.15
981IRAQ: 1902 cvr Nedjef Echref-Tehran, Turkish 1pi.40
9821922 Army Form C398 env Indian FPO 61-Hinaidi(scarce rec’rs inc FPO 41), pair 1a Service (O20).40
9831923 regd(h/st) cvr Bagdad-Switz, pair 3d ovpts(SG6) tied reverse.20
9841951 formular blue & grey airletter comm.used Baghdad-USA, SG272,330,33(x5) + T330.20
985IRELAND: 1847 outer Drogheda(blue cds)-London with fine h/struck 2 in blue.35
9861850 outer Waterford-Dublin, 1d dp red-brn 3+mgns with recut corners & portion of another stamp.25
9871869 EL Dublin-Spain, 6d SG109 scarcer pl.8 (cat £140). PHOTO50
9881886 QV 2d regd env size G Dublin(2 diff.red regd pmks)-Birmingham + ½d(SG187 x2 cat £20).25
9891931 regd cvr Grosvenor St,Belfast-Argentina(destination/rec’r), GB 2½d+3d. Took 1 year!20
9901933(Apr-Sept) airmail cvrs(3) Dublin-Switz @ 5d(inc SG73 x2), 5½d or 9½d(inc SG80) rates.25
9911958 airmail cvrs(2) Dun Laoghaire-USA, 1/3d commems (SG157 or 165 cat £26).25
9921958 regd airmail cvr Dun Laoghaire-Canada, SG123(2/6d)+164. See also lot 1773.20
993ISRAEL: 1948(May) 25m Palestine airletter comm.used Tel Aviv-UK + Herzl 10m with red TA ovpt.40
9941949(May 1) regd FDC Tel Aviv-UK, Tabul minisheet (MS16a cat £95).50
9951951(Apr) printed/cacheted SAS FFC Lydda Airport-Tokyo, SG35-6(cat £20). See also lot 1339.20
996ITALY:(see lots 29,35-6,1079): 1831 EL to Livorno rated 7, oval red V.Triest.20
9971843 EL Milan(2-line inc date)-Genoa rated 18. Boxed Affrta Frontiera.15
9981843 EL Venice(2 diff.pmks inc Venezia Franco oval)-Corfu(rec'r) con vapore(h/st).25
9991863 EL Genoa-Bedonia, 4mgn 15c type 1 (Sass.12 cat £17+).25
10001864 local Genova EL with 5c+10c scarcer London printings cat 60eu.35
10011873 cvr Rome-N.York, 3-colour 5c,20c,40c. PHOTO75
10021890 comm.cvr Naples(rail pmk)-UK, 40c (SG39 cat £21).40
10031915 ppc comm.used Naples-Inhambane,Port.E.Africa(destination) via Zanzibar @ 10c rate.20
10041917(Jun 28) flown cvr Palermo-Naples-Rome, 25c on 40c air ovpt (SG103 cat £55).40
10051930 unadd.Milan FDC of Wedding set SG267-9(cat £18).40
10061945(Jun) US 6c air env regd US Navy USS LCI(L)36 imprinted env to USA, mix franking Italian 1L airs, RSI 25c + pair 3L tax stamps + US 48c. Passed by US naval censor. PHOTO50
10071947 regd cvr Rovereto-Ingrid Bergman,USA, SG677(airs x2 cat £27) + 683(x3). PHOTO50
10081951 cvr Naples-UK, 55L (SG780 cat £60). PHOTO50
10091952 airmail cvr Rome-Sudan(destination/rec'r), SG678(x2)+775.15
1010Eritrea:(see lots 444-6): 1935-6 cvr/RP ppc(underpaid) Adi Caie-Italy, SG195 or 242. Scarcer pmk.35
10111938 LATI airmail env Asmara-Italy, 1L+1L50 (SG242-3).25
1012Levant: 1909 20pa on 10c p.stat.card comm.used Smyrne-Berlin.25
1013Somalia: 1931 dance ppc comm.used Mogadiscio-Germany, mixed issues SG91,146,155(cat £16). PHOTO65
10141936-8 RP ppcs(2) Mogadiscio-Italy, 20c or 30c (SG165a or 7a).20
1015Tuscany: 1854 outer Campiglia-Pisa, 2cr blue/grey(cat £160). Cat 800eu(cvr). PHOTO100
1016JAMAICA: 1785 EL to Lyssons rated 1¼oz @ 3/1½. 2-line King/ston.50
10171838 interesting EL(transcript) 3 Mile River estate-Scotland rated 2/5d, fair s/line Savanna La Mar (rare P55: cost vendor £125 in Harmers 1981 sale) across flap + Kingston cds. PHOTO125
10181844 business EL(transcript) to UK rated 1/2d. Scarce Ocho Rios cds. PHOTO125
10191901 QV ½d p.stat.card Spanish Town(sq.circ)-Montpellier(rec'r), redirected to Half-Way Tree(rec'r).25
10201902 cvr Bethel Town-UK via Kingston @ 1d(SG32) rate. Scarce pmk. PHOTO50
10211903 KEVIII ½d p.stat.wrapper + QV ½d Port Antonio-USA.15
10221941(Oct) cacheted Internment Camp airmail cvr to USA with 4-line viol.Postage Paid Postal Censor Jamaica30
10231942 internment camp printed p/card comm.used to USA with camp cachet, Passed D/5 & US censors.25
10241952 regd airmail cvr Cross Roads-USA, 10/= (SG133aa).20
1025JAPAN: 1885 2sen red p.stat.reply card (FC6) fine unused. Cat 14,000yen (£100+).30
10261898 1s blue p.stat.card comm.used Kioto-UK + SG113-4(making 3–colour franking).25
10271905 comm.cvr Dutch Consulate,Kobe(cachet)-Holland via Yokohama, 10s (SG144).20
10281919 POW printed card censored Aonogahara Camp-Germany. PHOTO50
1029WW2 illus propaganda leaflets(4: SJ84-6,88) dropped by SEAC showing POW,map,soldier+song, forlorn wife50
1030WW2 propaganda leaflets(2: SJ137-8) dropped by SEAC for events Aug 5-10(atomic bomb & end of war).40
10311946(Oct) airmail ppcs(2) USS Sawannee-USA, US 6c air & US Navy Tokyo or Wakayama(Honshu) pmks.25
10321954 Asian Games JAL illus FFC to Philippines, airs SG575-6(cat £51). See also lot 156,1057,1128.40
1033Used abroad: 1898 2s p.stat.card comm.used Shanghai(IJPO pmk)-Kobe(rec’r).30
1034JORDAN: 1958 airmail parcel card regd Amman Bar-Switz, SG495(x10,2 creased)+1520(cat £310).75
10351981 regd parcel card Amman-Switz inc pair 1d (SG458 cat £42). See also lot 1340-1.25
1036KENYA etc:(see lot 1753): 1893 BEA 2½a green p.stat.env Mombasa(sq.circ)-UK.40
10371893 2½a(SG7b) on cvr Mombasa-Germany via Zanzibar & Aden. Scarce. PHOTO250
10381904 cvr Kampala-UK, Uganda 2a(SG86). PHOTO100
10391905 ppc Mombasa-France @ 1a rate. Scarce boxed Too Late. PHOTO80
10401907 Uganda Notes bookpost wrapper Kampala(scarcer D6 pmk)-UK , ½a(SG17) rate.40
10411919 GEA 3c p.stat.card comm.used Tanga-Germany + GEA 6c. S/line Opened by Censor. PHOTO150
10421920 OHMS regd cvr PMG,Nairobi-India, 5–colour SG45a,6,7-9(all x2),64(blk of 4). PHOTO45
10431921 cvr Molo-USA @ 6c rate via scarce Sorting Carriage No.1 in use 4 years. PHOTO80
10441930(Dec) regd FFC Tanga-Dar(Camp PO rec'r), Tanganyika 40c+75c (SG99,101 cat £34).45
10451931 p/card written Mugussi to Tanga @ 15c rate. Unlisted Return to Sender + Unknown violet h/st. PHOTO50
10461933 Tanganyika 30c regd env scarcer size H Bukoba-Dar + SG95-6.40
10471934 regd(provisional label) air cvr Mbosi-Germany. 3-col.Tanganyika & Mbeya pmk. Box By Air to Brindisi.25
10481935 comm.cvr Lupa River(skeleton pmk in use 2 years)-Dar via Mbeya, Tanganyika 20c.30
10491938 hotel RP ppc comm.used to UK, 15c & Dar-Tabora TPO Up 2 pmk. Also 4 TPO pmks.15
10501940(Mar) airmail EL Nairobi-USA @ 2/= rate(underpaid). Opened by Censor Nairobi label + h/stamp.40
10511941(Jun) cvr Nairobi-USA @ 30c rate. Blk/white Opened by Censor label + unusual patriotic label.25
10521942 regd cvr Nyeri-USA via Mombasa @ 60c rate. Examiner N/168 label tied crown N/6 censor.20
10531946 airmail cvr to USA ex Rhodesia, SG155(x2)-6(x3) pmk'd Mwanza. Box Insufficiently Paid for Airmail.35
10541950 airmail cvr Kahama-Spain(destination) via Mwanza(scarce D7 pmk), SG133(x10, front & back),35,39b (x2 cat £72). Taxed. 2–line violet Insufficiently Prepaid for Airmail & Diverted to Surface Mail. PHOTO65
10551954 comm.cvr Ndanda(skeleton pmk)-Mindu, SG131ai(x5)+138(cat £41).35
10561955 KGVI 40c regd env size G Bukwimba-Dar + SG170(2).15
1057KOREA: Japan used in: 1937 4s Admiral Togo(SG317) on comm.cvr Benedictine Mission,Tokugan-Switz.25
1058KUWAIT:1988 regd parcel card(3) to India ex Salimiyah(diff.labels),Shuaiba, surface/air inc SG912-3 cat £94.45
1059LABUAN: 1896 regd cvr to UK, Jubilee set 1c-8c (SG83-8 min.cat £110). PHOTO175
10601897 regd cvr to UK, 12c+18c (SG95a,99a cat £115). PHOTO140
1061LATVIA: 1895 Russian 20k p.stat.env(145x89mm) regd Riga-Rumania(destination/rec'r).30
10621921 shipping ppc to UK, perf 5r(SG30) & oval Wezgulbene-Eeriki-Riga TPO pmk.20
10631933 airmail cvr Riga-UK via Berlin, mixed perf airs Mi177A+179B(x2 cat 37eu).25
10641939 illus official p/card(no.19) comm.used Wemuiza-Riga.20
1065German Occ: 1942 regd Deutsch Dienstpost Ostland cvr Riga-Germany, Ostland 12pf+30pf ovpts.15
1066LEBANON: (see lot 16): 1926 comm.cvr Beirut-UK, 4–colour SG60,63(x2),64,68(cat £17).20
10671941(Dec) airmail cvr Beyrouth-UK, SG189(50pi)+250. Pink Controle label, Free French censor + mss AV2.35
10681945(Oct) OAS cvr Indian FPO27(Ablah)-India.15
10691952 underpaid airmail cvr France-Beirut, SG1006+1156(cat £15), tax marks & 5pi P.Due(D467) tied reverse.35
10701958 stampless airletter UNEF,Beirut (scarce Brazilian Battalion) to Brazil(rec’r).25
1071LEEWARDS:(see lot 117,123,408,1459): 1899 QV 1d p.stat.env Antigua-UK.15
10721902(Jan) regd cvr St Kitts(A12 duplex)-USA, SG2(x2)-3. PO seal(reverse).25
10731949(Jan 3) regd cvr St Kitts-USA, 5/= S.Wedding (SG118).15
1074LIBERIA: 1882-93 all diff.p.stat.cards inc reply,letter card, envs to 10c & 10c regd env good-fine unused(12).50
10751893 1c brown wrapper unused perforated Specimen.15
10761900 comm.used Spanish ppc Monrovia-Germany via ‘Wohrmanndampfer’, SG145(x3)+47.35
10771945 cvr Dutch House,Monrovia-Holland, SG623 & violet box Holland-America Line SS Maaskerk pmk.20
1078LIBYA: 1903 festival ppc comm.used(in Arabic inc box cachet), Turkish 20pa & Tripoli(Africa)pmk.35
10791912 foreign military ppc used to France, Italian 5c(x2) & hooded PM IV Division Tripolitania pmk.25
10801913-4 ppcs(2) comm.used Chefren/Sirt(Tripolitania)-Italy. Military regiment cachets. Scarcer pmks.40
10811917 stampless military p/card comm.used Derna(Cirenaica)-Italy. Red regiment cachet + censor.20
10821919 regd advert cvr Tripoli-UK, 25c (Sass.7 x2). Red Tripoli crown censor.35
10831941 cvr(+ letter) Zanzur(Tripoli)-Italy, SG55(p14)+72.20
10841952 airmail cvr Derna-UK via Benghazi, 5m+20m opts(SG135+9: fault).Valid 4months. Cat 4000eu(cvr).PH250
10851952(Apr 15) unadd. Benghazi FDC of Idris set to 500m (SG176-87 cat £24).40
10861955 regd parcel tag Tripoli-Ceylon(destination/rec'r), hi-vals SG184-6. PHOTO50
1087LIECHTENSTEIN: 1920(Dec 31) cvr Eschen-Vaduz, 50h (Mi32). Scarce issue on cvr.40
10881919 regd cvr Vaduz-Vienna, mixed issues 20h+25h (SG12-13).30
10891920 regd cvr Eschen-Vienna, perf Kings Birthday set (SG43-5).45
10901936 regd official cvr(inc contents) Vaduz-Canada, mixed officials O122(35r)+26(25r) cat £130. PHOTO100
10911938 regd ppc Vaduz-UK, mixed issues SG129,31,54-60(cat £15).20
10921956 Sports + ’57 Xmas sets (SG340-3,60-2 cat £80) on regd GPO FDCs(2) to Germany/USA.50
10931960 illus unadd.Europa FDC of 50rp (SG404 cat £80).45
1094LITHUANIA: 1924 regd(h/st) cvr Kaunas(x2 diff.pmks)-Berlin(rec'r), air set (SG223-6). Address feint.25
10951937 regd cvr Panevezys-Bulgaria(destination/rec'r), 4-colour SG390-1,99,408.20
10961940 35c illus p.stat.card cto with scarce Olympics set (SG420-3 cat £70).35
1097LUXEMBURG: (see lot 72): 1880 30c insured money letter env to Petange (& returned). Scarce.40
10981927 regd cvr Lux’burg Station-Amsterdam, Child Welfare set (SG266-70 cat £40).30
10991939(1/12) regd FDC Vianden-Italy, Royal Wedding set (SG390-5 cat £250). PHOTO200
11001945(Jun) advert window env, SG472 & Esch pmk. Scarce Luxemburg postal censor label.25
11011952 illus FDC of Welfare Fund (SG559-62 cat £70) to UK. PHOTO50
11021956 printed unadd. FDC of Coal & Steel set (SG606-8 cat £40) & sp.pmk.30
11031959 unpaid ppc Trier-Clervaux taxed with 3fr P.Due (D498 cat £95? in SG SOTW).20
1104German Occ: 1941 regd cvrs(2) to Bochum, Winter Relief set (SG429-37 cat £22).25
11051940 regd express(label/cachet) cvr to Wurttemburg, SG416-7,427(80Rpf).20
1106MALAYA:1917-21 underpaid Indian ½a p.stat.envs(2) to Penang, tax mark & fine boxed To Pay 4(or 8) Cents25
11071927 OGS stampless cvr Labour Controller Klang-Teluk Anson. See also lot 1209.25
11081927 regd cvr Singapore-Denmark(destination/rec'r), 3-colour KGV 5c,10c,12c.30
11091932 KLM double rate airmail cvr Singapore-UK @ Straits $1.08 rate.40
11101933-6 cvrs(2 inc airmail) Penang-UK @ 25c FMS rate or K.Lumpur-Teluk Anson @ 5c. 2 diff.box TrainLetter65
11111940 Penang Land Conveyance Deed(4pp), KGVI 50c,$2(x2),$5(x3) & red Stamp Office seals.35
1112BMA: 1946 airmail cvr Singapore-W.Australia(destination) @ 50c rate (SG13a x2).15
11131945-8 surface/airmail cvrs(4) Penang/Ipoh/S'pore-Australia @ 8c-50c rates. Unchecked papers.40
1114FMS: 1911 ppc Bagan Serai-UK via Parit Buntar & Penang @ 4c rate.25
11151920 ppc Menglembu-UK @ 4c rate. Written Lahat.35
11161924 cvr India-K.Lumpur @ 2a rate via RMS Sorting Carriage.40
11171926 comm.cvr to India, 6c (SG63) tied fine Paul St,Seremban pmk reverse.15
11181930 underpaid Indian p.stat.env to Klang, tax mark & 2c+4c P.Dues (D2w-3) tied reverse.25
1119Johore: 1906 cvr Johor Bahru(red cds + crown cachet)-Denmark(destination/rec'r), 8c (SG66 x2 cat £36).PH80
11201941 censored(Singapore) cvr Layang Layang-UK, 2c+10c (SG105,112)40
1121Kedah: 1912 1c grn p.stat.card fine unused.15
11221928 comm.cvr Jitra-India, 6c (SG56) tied reverse.20
11231938 cvr Sungei Patani(scarce D6 pmk)-India, 8c(SG57) tied reverse.40
1124MPU: 1952 underpaid airmail cvr India-Alor Star, tax mark & 20c(D21 x4 cat £26) tied reverse.45
11251953 underpaid Indian airletter to Penang with Madras Airport tax marks & pair 8c P.Dues (D19) tied reverse.35
1126Penang: 1941(Oct) cvr Burma-Penang @ 3a rate cancelled on arrival FPO SP502 pmk + censor 12. PHOTO50
1127Perak: 1936 airmail cvr Ipoh-UK, 3-colour SG88(x3)-9,94(x2).15
1128Jap.Occ: 1942(Jun) censored advert cvr Taiping(scarcer Yubin Kyoku pmk)-Alor Star(rec'r), 8c(J241).40
11291942(Sept) advert p/card Taiping(d/ring pmk)-K.Lumpur, pair 2c with damaged ovpt(J246). Jap.censor. PH.50
11301942 re-used OGS cvr Klang(1st anniv pmk)-K.Lumpur, 8c(J262). Dai Nippon Yubin pmk also.40
11311945(Aug 14) local Penang Victory Day cvr, J293,95-307 + Japanese 25s (cat £30+). PHOTO50
1132MALDIVES: 1958 local illus newsletter complete with wrapper to USA @ 3L rate (SG33). Uncommon.40
1133MALTA:(see lot 863): 1862 EL to Genoa, GB 4d pl.3 (Z48 cat £35).30
11341875 bit soiled double rate cvr to Paris via Marseille, 6d violet scarcer pl.8(Z60 x2 cat £52+). PHOTO65
11351905-13 underpaid ppcs(2) ex Greece/UK with tax marks both countries inc 1d in circle.20
11361916 cvr Valetta-Switz @ 2½d rate. Double censor inc Martial Law 5 blk/pale grey label.20
1137WW2 airmail cvr to UK, red/white Relief Fund ½d tied multiple strikes censor 10. PHOTO50
1138GB used in: 1862 QV 3d carmine-rose with A25 pmk (Z41 cat £130; but cat £350 used in GB?)45
1139QV 2d star p.16 (Z16 cat £350) & M pmk. PHOTO100
1140QV 10d brown (Z72 cat £120) & A25 pmk.40
1141MAURITIUS: 1862 QV 6d+9d unused p.stat.envs(2) on bluish unwmk'd paper + type 3 embossing. Scarce.25
11421878-1902 all different p.stat.envs(8: H&G9,10,13,18-22) good-fine unused.25
11431878 formular card H&G2 fine unused with 2c (SG83 cat £17) affixed.15
11441883 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used Union Vale(cds + 15 numeral)-Pt Louis. PHOTO125
11451895 advert cvr to India per SS Bancoora, 15c (SG108) & pillar box pmk.30
11461896 formular p/card H&G3 with 2c added comm.used Curepipe Road-Forest Side(rec’r).40
11471902 2c on 4c p.stat.card comm.used Pillar Box 1 Pt Louis-Riviere Dragon(rec'r).25
11481908 2c brn p.stat.card, H&G8 comm.used Rose Hill(hyphen pmk)-Forest Side(rec’r) via Carrier.25
11491937 regd local Pt Louis cvr, SG249-51 & scarcer Pt Louis Centre regd h/st & pmk.20
11501941 regd advert cvr Pt Louis Centre-UK @ 32c rate. Blk/white Opened by Censor label. Bit grubby(base).25
1151MEMEL: 1922(Dec) regd cvr to Kiel, pairs 5mk & 9mk ovpts (Mi69,71 cat £18).35
1152MEXICO: 1885 Wells Fargo 6c p.stat.env, H&G5 comm.used Torres-California.35
11531897 double regd (Toluca & Mexico DF labels)-USA, 15c (SG225).25
11541914(Nov) banking advert cvr Vera Cruz(US Mail Agency pmk)-N.York @ US 2c rate.40
11551921 regd cvr Atatitlan-USA, 3-colour SG393(x4),5(x2),8(x2).20
1156MONACO:(see lot 11,70): 1887 mourning cvr to France, 15c (SG5 cat £33).40
11571915 regd cvr Monte Carlo-Nice, marg.blk of 8 10c+5c Red X (SG30 cat £88+). PHOTO100
11581918 regd cvr Monte Carlo-Russia(destination/rec'r), 25c blue (pair SG26 cat £15). French milit.censor. Box Mail Service Suspended(UK) & ret'd to sender. Then tried via Russian Ambassador,Algiers & again ret'd. PH.75
11591935 regd cvr to Luxemburg(rec’r), 1fr+1fr75 (SG132+6 cat £31).30
1160MONTENEGRO: 1903 comm.cvr Rieka-Cettigne(both violet pmks), 10h (SG105).20
11611908 comm.cvr Cettinge-Austria, 20pa (SG134).20
1162MONTSERRAT: 1937 cvr Salem-UK, mixed issues SG66+84(cat £18).40
11631943(Mar) comm.cvr to Antigua(rec'r) @ 1½d rate with scarce AA/9 Examiner label.30
1164MOROCCO AGS: 1905 Hotel Cecil ppc(+ dated cachet) comm.used Tangier-USA, 5c (SG24 x2 cat £20).25
11651905 KEVII 5c on ½d Gibraltar ovpt wrapper comm.used Tangier-Portugal.25
11661934(Nov) airmail cvr Tangier-Porto, 4-colour SG231-2,3(x2)-4(cat £16). PHOTO45
11671935 cvr Tetuan-UK, Spanish S.Jubilee set (SG149-52 cat £26).30
11681936 regd cvr Tangier-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG62-5 cat £35).30
11691937 regd cvr Tangier-UK, SG166-7,8(x2),230(x2),247(x2 cat £11).15
11701942 airmail(V-label) cvr Tangier-N.York via Bermuda(IC censor), mix KGV-VI SG72,246(blk 4)-7(x2 cat £16).30
11711953 illus Coronation FDC Tangier-UK of SG306-9. See also lot 539.20
1172NATAL: (see lots 1758-9): 1896 cvr to UK, pair + strip of 3 Half ovpts (SG125 cat £11) & 1 pmk of Pm’burg.40
11731897 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used High Flats-Umzimkulu(rec’r).20
11741901 cvr POA 2(Tugela Ferry)-UK via Durban @ 1d rate. PHOTO50
11751901 OHMS PO regd AR env Durban-India(DLO pmks) & redirected to Germany. Uncommon.40
11761909 cvr Inganga-Scotland @ 1d rate. Unlisted Putzel. PHOTO50
11771909 KEVII ½d reply half p.stat + ½d comm.used Munich(Germany)-Durban. Rare. PHOTO150
1178NAURU: 1930s 'boat harbour(swimming baths!) RP ppc fine unused.30
11791938 regd PO receipt for letter to Australia. Vendor paid £145 for it!50
11801938(July) Empire airmail scheme illus cvr GB-Nauru(rec'r) @ 1½d rate.20
11811954(Feb 6) illus unadd.FDC of set to 5/= (SG48-56).15
1182NEPAL:(see lot 71): 1933 8p red p.stat.env H&G3(pointed flap) comm.used internally.30
11831960 regd airmail cvr Kathmandu-UK, 2r(SG114 x2 cat £23) tied reverse.30
1184NETHERLANDS: 1853 EL Rotterdam-Amsterdam, fine 4mgn 10c pale shade pl.1(min.cat £39).35
11851866 outers(2): local Amsterdam or Amsterdam-Roermond @ 5c/10c rates (SG8-9 cat £33).25
11861902 Wilhelmina 5c p.stat.reply card complete comm.used Amsterdam-Paris.15
11871902 SS Kroonlund env Vlissingen-USA @ 12½c rate. See also lots 1,37,64,608,1778-9.15
11881932 airmail express(label) cvr Amsterdam-Basel, 3-colour franking inc SG394(36c air).20
11891933(Aug) cacheted FFC Amsterdam-Zoute, SG304c(x2),408–9. Taxed. Unlisted Muller.25
11901937 airmail cvr Amersfoort-Bangkok(destination/rec'r), SG426a+37a(40c).35
11911937(Jun 1) regd airmail FDC Hague-Vienna of Cultural Fund (SG469-72 cat £9).25
11921937-9 Culture Funds commems (SG466,69-72,79-80,82 etc) on cvrs(3) to Canada.20
11931940(Nov) censored(German) airmail cvr Amsterdam Station-USA, pair 22½c (SG529 cat £14).25
11941945(Oct) airmail cvr The Hague-USA, 3-colour mix issues SG513,57(scarce 50c),82.20
11951952(Jun 28) illus cacheted ITEP FDC to Antwerp of SG754-7. Sp.pmk/regd label. Cat 120eu.30
11961952 illus Van Riebeeck FFC to S.Africa, SG744-6(x2 ea),7(cat £39).30
1197as above lot but also flown return flight to Holland + S.Africa SG136-40.35
1198Antilles: 1950 airmail cvr St Nicolaas(Aruba)–Sarawak(destination/rec’r), mix franking SG314a(x7) + Curacao SG159A. Red maritime anchor cachet of Apostaletus Maris.20
11991952 local Curacao illus FDC of Seamens Fund (SG336-40 cat £28). See also lot 1764.25
1200Curacao: 1938 regd cvr Willemstad-Argentina(destination/rec’r) via Trinidad, 6-colour SG155-7,9,61,64.25
12011940 airmail cvr Willemstad-UK, SG127a(x7)+159A(cat £9). S/line violet Passed by Censor.15
12021942 local regd Brazilian Consulate env censored, scarce Prince Bernhard Fund (SG175-82 cat £320). PH.250
1203Indies: STB 1853 wrapper to Semarang rated 20, fine Japara Gefrankeerd negative oval with p/horn.35
12041886 cvr Soerabaja-India via Singapore, 25c (SG36) with surface rub on value but still scarce.30
12051903 ppc Soerabaia(sq.circ)-UK, SG91+119(ovpt). See also lot 37,766.15
12061910 cvr to Vienna via Cheribon(sq.circ), SG123+8 tied s/line Koeningan.25
12071911 Sumatra ppc comm.used Singting Godeli(sq.circ)-Mexico(destination/rec'r) @ 2½c rate.25
12081937 regd cvr Tandjongpoera-Manchuria(destination), Salvation Army set (SG375-9 cat £10).20
12091941 airmail cvr Batavia-Bangkok via KLM to Malaya(box censor 16), 25c(SG348), 3 diff.Dutch censors. PH.45
12101946 airmail advert cvrs(2) Soerabaia-UK @ 3-colour 1g50 or 3g30 rates (SG472-8).25
12111946(July) OAS airmail lettercard Indian FPO 648(Medan)-UK. Uncommon.20
1212New Guinea: 1945(May) US censored 6c p.stat.env US Army APO7-USA.20
12131954 airmail cvr Biak-Holland, SG1,2,3(x3),4-6,8,10-12.15
12141963 UNTEA 15c airletter addressed locally, 35c airletter to Holland + unused printed official env (3 items).20
1215Surinam: 1928 local Paramaribo regd cvr, Marine Insurance set (SG195-201 cat £32).35
12161929(Sept) regd FFC Paramaribo-Br.Guiana, SG132,36,42(x2 ea).25
12171945(Nov) official(env) regd cvr Paramaribo-UK, SG321-2(x2).15
1218NEW BRUNSWICK:(see lot 23-6): 1839 EL St John-UK via Halifax(NS) paid 9 erased & 1/= added.20
12191839 ELs(2) St John-Ireland via Halifax(NS). Rated as above lot or just 1/=.30
1220NEWFOUNDLAND: 1922 regd cvr to UK via Liverpool, 3-colour Caribou SG131a,2a,4.25
122119 29 scarce commercial usage of QV 2c message half reply card(UY6a) St Johns(vacation slogan)-USA.30
12221931(Jan) cacheted FFC St Johns-St Anthony, SG182+192(cat £19).20
12231933(July) cacheted FFC Wabush Katsao(gold concession)-Labrador-St Johns-N.Sydney via St.J&PAB RPO + Port aux Basques & N.Sydney TPO(both violet), SG192(x2)+225c(cat £36).45
12241933 advert cvr Grand Falls(violet skeleton pmk)-USA, SG199-200(cat £10).20
12251937(May 15) printed regd cvr St Johns-UK of extra Coronation set to 48c (SG257-67 min.cat £50).35
1226NEW GUINEA:(see lot 143): 1931 OHMS Treasury,Rabaul(cachet) cvr to USA, OS 3d(O25).45
12271931(Aug) airmail cvr Madang-Wau, strip of 4 1d (SG164 cat £28).35
12281932(Jan) regd airmail cvr Wau-Rabaul-Sydney-UK, 9d (SG171 cat £15).25
12291934 regd cvr Rabaul-Australia, 6d airmail (SG197 cat £15).25
12301945(Oct) regd(scarcer unframed h/st) cvr Aust FPO 156(Wewak)-Tasmania @ Aussie 6d rate.20
1231NEW HEBRIDES: 1921 regd cvr Vila-USA, mixed issues/ovpts SG31-3 + F33-a(cat £56). PHOTO75
12321968 airmail cvr Forari-USA, SG101+6(1fr). PA only open 6 years.25
12331977 opts set to 500FNH on 3 illus unadd. FDCs (SG220-32 cat £50).35
1234French: 1935 regd(scarcer b/w label) cvr Vila-Switz, mixed issues F39,44,51(scarce 2fr cat £44). PHOTO75
123519 41(Nov) cvr Vila-USA, F53,65-7 + SG52(cat £105). Circ.local bilingual violet censor(reverse). PHOTO125
12361947 OCS PO official stampless cvr Pt Vila-USA. Uncommon.20
12371963 airmail cvr Pt Vila-Walaha Aoba(Santo rec'r), 15c Red X (F108 cat £11).20
12381964 regd cvr Lamap-UK via Australia, 60c (F107 cat £18).25
1239NEW SOUTH WALES: 1866(Jan) cvr Sydney-UK per Madras, 1/= (SG169). PHOTO200
12401881 advert(large general store rev) cvr Grafton-UK via San Francisco, 1/= (SG221a cat £23). PHOTO125
12411901 regd cvr Smithfield(194 duplex)-Tasmania, 2d only paid so mss 6d To Pay.30
12421904 regd cvr Sydney-Hobart, 2d+3d (SG294b,327).R cachet tied stamps. Boxed Too Late.25
12431905 OHMS card Botanic Gardens,Sydney-India(destination/rec’r), perf OS NSW ½d+1d(SG313-4).25
12441910 QV 3d regd env size G Kogarah(provisional label)-UK + 2d.25
12451910 GB KEVII 1½d embossed p.stat.env regd Dundas-USA + 2d (SG336 x4) & 457 sunbursts.30
1246NEW ZEALAND: 1865 cvr Dunedin-UK @ 10d rate (SG113 x2, 122 cat £88). Stamp faults. PHOTO100
12471867 mourning cvr Dunedin-UK, strip of 3 2d wmk NZ SG107(cat £225) but perf faults. PHOTO100
12481891 Property Tax Free env Wellington-Dunedin. Uncommon.50
12491897 local Auckland cvr with red Auckland Paid pmk. See also lot 464,673.35
12501902 regd cvr Wellington-UK via Newcastle ST TPO, 2½d Wakitipu + 3d birds (SG249+261 cat £52). PHOTO50
12511902 QV 1d brn p.stat.card used locally Wellington(2 diff.pmks inc red).S/line red Unclaimed + box Not Known35
12521907 ppc RMS Ionic,Wellington-Ch'ch, 1d univeral cancelled on arrival + box Loose Letter(Hosk.1562). PH.65
12531907 regd(box violet) hotel env Martinborough-Ch'ch via TPO Wellington-Napier, 1d universal + 3d birds.35
12541914(Dec) cvr Egypt-UK, 5m & boxed violet NZ MPO Expeditionary Force pmk. PHOTO65
12551914(Dec) stampless Tasmanian ppc to UK, boxed violet NZ MPO 1st Reinforcements Force pmk. PHOTO100
12561921 On Public Trust Office business env Wellington(2 diff.pmks)-UK @ 2d meter franking rate.40
12571925 comm.cvr Auckland-Norway(destination/rec'r), 2½d (SG419 cat £7)20
12581930(Oct) airmail cvr Nelson-UK, KGV 3-colour SG424da,448b,468(cat £25).30
12591931(Apr) sp.printed env for Kaitaia-Auckland FFC(cachets), SG468(x2). Pilot signed (Mill).20
12601931(Dec) illus Xmas cacheted airmail FFC Wanganui-New Plymouth, airs SG548+51(cat £26).20
12611932(Jan) cacheted FFC Westport-Hokitiki, 5d air ovpt (SG551 cat £10).20
12621934(Feb) cacheted Trans-Tasman illus FFC Auckland-Australia, 7d air opt (SG554 cat £50).30
12631934(Mar) illus Trans-Tasman 6th Southern X flight regd Auckland-Australia, airs SG548+50(cat £25). Unusual George Bernard Shaw caricature + newspaper cutting of his visit to NZ both tied.40
12641935 Kings Jubilee printed airmail cvr Auckland(FMB pmk)-UK, SG567,70,72,75(6d S.Jubilee cat £54).40
12651935 regd cvr Christchurch-Austria(destination), 2½d+3d (SG560-1 cat £44).40
12661936 regd cvr Ponsonby-USA per Mariposa, mixed issues SG556,8a,60b,73(SJubilee). Stamps cat £46.40
12671937 cvr Australia-Waikaka @ 2d rate with 3 blue Officially Sealed NZ labels. PHOTO45
12681937(Dec) illus/cacheted Samoan Clipper FFC Auckland-Hawaii, 3/= (SG590).20
12691938 airmail(Nelson-Auckland) cvr to UK per Monterrey, 2½d (SG581 cat £26).20
12701939(Aug 16) local Kingsland cacheted FDC of 2d P.Due(D43). Centennial Exhib’n label(reverse).25
12711943(Mar) regd censor(DDA/11 label) cvr Christchurch-UK @ 3/10d inc scarce 3/= p.12½(SG590b cat £50).40
12721955 unpaid cvr New Plymouth-Dunedin taxed with 6d To Pay cachet + SG729 tied postmens pmk.15
1273QE2 1½d printed matter p/card(scarce K7),3d env, 4d on blue lettercard + 1/4d regd env fine unused (4).25
12741959 regd illus Boys Brigade airmail envs(2) Masterton-USA, scarce coil join interpanneau pairs QE2 4d,1/= or 1/6d defins with 16 or 18 controls.50
1275Maori: nice lot unused/used pre-WW1 ppcs(10) inc real photos.50
1276Officials: 1948 regd cvr Social Security Nelson–Gowan Bridge, KGVI 3d+4d (O140+153).25
1277Ross Deps: 1969 illus airmail cvr Scott Base-Australia, SG5(pair)+6(cat £20).15
12781976 Operation Icecube 12 set of 6 illus cacheted FFCs to NZ. All pilot signed.40
1279NICARAGUA: 1899 cvr Rama(oval violet pmk)-USA via New Orleans, 15c (SG113) opt’d Telegrafo. PHOTO.50
12801898 3c illus p.stat.card, H&G41 comm.used Managua-Belgium via Corinto (both oval violet pmks).25
12811901 5c p.stat.env H&G45 comm.used Momotombo(blue oval agency pmk)-Leon(violet rec’r).30
12821931 1c p.stat.card H&G87 comm.used Corinto(violet skeleton)-Berlin + SG465,618(3-colour).20
1283NIGERIA: 1907 ppc to UK, S.Nigeria ½d(x2) & Forcados s/ring pmks.30
12841909 regd(scarce h/st) cvr Degema-UK, S.Nigeria 1d(x3). PHOTO75
12851910 Danish butter ppc used to Germany @ 1d rate tied both Forcados + TPO S.Nigeria pmks. PHOTO125
12861912 local ppc comm.used Sapele(S.Nigeria pmk)-UK, S.Nigeria 1d (SG34ab).20
12871916 cvr(+ letter) Kontagora(NW)-Ireland via Lagos @ 1d rate. PHOTO50
12881919 double regd cvr Shaganu(S.Nigeria pmk)-USA @ 3d rate. PHOTO50
12891935 comm.cvr Afikpo Road-UK via Pt Harcourt @ 2d rate.30
12901936 regd cvr Lagos-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG30-3 cat £60).40
12911940 airmail cvr Calabar-UK via Kano, SG50+54(x3 ea cat £18). Local censor 14 label tied 20 hexagon.15
12921945 regd airmail advert cvr Lagos-Argentina(destination/rec'r) via N.York, SG53b,56(x2),59a(5/=).25
12931946 regd(scarce h/st) cvr Duke Town,Calabar-UK @ 6d rate.20
12941955 regd QE2 4d regd env size F airmail(W.African Airways Corp.label) Ikeja Airport-UK + damaged 2/6d.15
1295S.Cameroons: 1936 p/card Tiko(mandate pmk)-Germany @ 1d rate.35
1296NIUE: 1936 regd OHMS cvr to UK, SG62-66(cat £16).30
1297NORFOLK IS: 1947(Jun 6) airmail cvr to UK, Australia Mitchell set (SG216-8).20
12981959 fine illus FDC to Australia of 3d,2/= (SG6a,12a cat £22).20
12991953 Quantas Coronation cacheted FFC + scarcer printed airletter(2) both to UK, SG2+10 or 12.15
1300N.BORNEO: 1948 airmail cvr Jesselton-UK, SG336-7,46b(lower bar broken variety cat £40). PHOTO80
13011965 regd cvr Tawau-Singapore @ 55c mixed Malaysia/Sabah rate.10
1302N.RHODESIA: 1924 KGV 2d p.stat.env, H&G1a fine unused & scarce.25
13031936 airmail cvr Lundazi-UK via Ft Jameson @ 6d rate.20
13041947 regd(box h/st) airmail censored(?) cvr Broken Hill-Bulgaria(destination/rec'r), SG36+40(1/4d).20
13051948 airmail cvr Livingstone-UK, 6-colour SG30,2,6,8,40,42(3/= cat £20).25
1306NORWAY: 1833 EL Christiania-Hamburg(scarce box 3-line KS&NPC) rated 16, pmk’d Stromstad(Sweden).35
13071909 underpaid cvr GB-Kristiania taxed with pair 4o P.Dues (L4Kb) & brevpost cds.35
13081919(Xmas Eve) Fram ppc written Maud-Drammen, 5o & Polhavet (x2 diff) pmks.40
13091922 comm.cvr Kristiania-Norwegian Legation,USA, 5-col. Fa100(x3),1(x2),3,12,22(pair inc thick throat var).35
13101929(Jun) illus cacheted night FFC Oslo-Goteburg-Malmo, 45o air (Fa158 type 1).25
13111930 underpaid cvr Montreal-Norway, tax marks & strip of 3 12o violet p/horn (Fa108) tied reverse T in circle.35
13121937 regd cvr Oslo-Manchuria(destination) via Amb.Oslo-Ed.bureau D, 7-col.franking Fa101(x2)-2,4-5,8,35-6.25
13131944(Apr) censored cvr to UK, 10o-60o (Fa335-40) & boxed Norwegian merchant navy ship 34 illus pmk.25
1314NYASALAND: 1918 OAS censored cvr Lt Morley,KAR,NFF Blantyre-UK. Scarce. PHOTO200
13151931 comm.cvr Dedza-France, SG101(x3).25
13161932 OHMS cvr Administrator-General,Blantyre(cachet)-UK.40
13171934 cvr to UK @ 2d rate with TPO pmk.40
13181934 airmail cvr Chikwawa-UK, 1/= (SG108).40
13191935(May 6) regd FDC Zomba-UK, S.Jubilee SG123-6(cat £70). PHOTO60
13201943 cvr Mkhoma(scarcer D3 pmk)-Pretoria, 2d (SG133a).20
13211949 airmail cvr Cholo-USA, S.Wedding set (SG161-2 cat £32).30
1322ORANGE FREE STATE: 1889 1d p.stat.card comm.used Fauresmith(red–brn cds + 4 numeral)–Cape Town.40
13231902 local Winburg double censored(inc ER martial law label) cvr, VRI ovpts SG107,17,20-1,36c(cat £27).PH.50
13241906 cvr Harrismith Army-UK @ 1d rate. Rare pmk as PO only open 2 years. PHOTO75
13251906 ppc comm.used Cape Town-Groothoek(rare POA violet temporary skeleton) via Harrismith. PHOTO100
13261917 Agricultural Parcel Post label(rare) Buitensingel-Pretoria, VRI 1d(x4)+4d (SG107+118 cat £22). PHOT.100
1327PAKISTAN:(see lot 1781): 1951 airmail cvr Karachi–UK, 3-colour SG56-7(scarce),59.20
13281955 On State Service airmail env to USA, SGO23(x2),27,30(scarce).15
1329PALESTINE: 1902 German RP ppc comm.used to Hotel Germania,Nazareth(scarce type 9 rec'r) @ 10pf rate.35
13301919(Apr) OAS cvr APO SZ20(Ludd)-UK. See also lots 533,1675.20
13311919(Nov) cvr(+ long letter) GB-Capt.Day c/o Milit.Governor,Acre(rare OETA skeleton rec’r) via Haifa. PHOT.50
133219 27 cvr Jerusalem-Egypt, 3-colour SG71a,75,77.15
13331930 underpaid front USA-Jerusalem, tax marks & pair 8m P.Due(D16) cancelled. Forwarded Er Ramle Rehovoth & 3-colour P.Dues (D12-3,18) added. PHOTO45
13341936 airmail cvr Haifa-Holland, SG90-1 + vertical pair SG93 ex rare booklets SB1 or 2.30
13351939(Oct) cvr Qiryat Haim-Red X Geneva @ 15m rate. Early H/31 PC22 red/pink censor label.30
13361940(Nov)-42(Nov) censored Active Service env airmail to Australia with SG97+100 or OAS stampless censored env to Alexandria with either 3rd Bde HQ PO P3 or 1st Bde HQ PO P1 pmks both located Gaza.30
13371941-2 OAS/Active Service grn censored envs(3), stampless or GB 10d rate FPOs120,1,22-UK.25
13381945 printed illus airmail cvr Carmelite Mission,Nablus-USA, SG97+100a(x2 ea). Oval red OAT.30
13391955 internal telegram comm.used with Jerusalem TO violet rubber skeleton pmk.25
1340Jordan Occ:1949(Nov) air censored cvr Bethlehem-Beirut via Amman, P1,8(x2),PT38(x3). Blue box AV2. PH45
13411952 regd cvr Tulkarm-Jerusalem, 4-colour mix franking SG258 + ovpts P2,4,7-8.25
1342PANAMA: 1925 1c p.stat.env, H&G8 comm.used David-USA + 1c(SG185).20
13431930(Dec) cacheted FFC Colon–Cienfuegos(Cuba) @ 20c rate.20
13441942-4 local cvrs(6) @ 2c rate + 1c Cancer obligatory tax(all diff issues SG396-436) & varied pmks.30
1345PAPUA: 1901 1½d blue Lakatoi p.stat.card, H&G2 good unused.25
13461935 regd cvr Pt Moresby-Philippines(destination/rec’r), S.Jubilee set (SG150-3 cat £14).20
13471936(Dec) airmail cvr Samarai-UK, 6d+1/= airs (SG116-7 cat £32.40
13481938 regd airmail cvr Pt Moresby-UK via Australia, 50th anniv set (SG158-62 cat £55). PHOTO45
13491940 regd airmail cvr Pt Moresby-UK via Townsville(Qld), SG163-7(cat £41). Box censor. PHOTO45
13501945(July) OHMS Certified Official cvr Aust Unit Postal Stn 410(HQ Angau)-Dogura Mission.20
13511945(Sept) regd(scarce h/st) cvr AIF FPO 23(Cape Pus)-Australia @ Aussie 6d rate. AMF box censor.25
13521952 regd(box h/st) cvr Kieta-Buin @ Aussie 3-colour 1/0½d rate.20
13531967 5c p.stat.env, H&G2 Kerema-Pt Moresby. Uncommon.15
1354PARAGUAY: 1892 2c wrapper comm.used Villa Concepcion-Switz(rec’r).20
13551910 cvr to USA, 3-colour mixed issues SG126(60c)+ 1908 ovpts (SG191-2).20
1356PERU: 1921 regd advert cvr Lima-S.Africa(destination), 3-colour SG407,9(x2),11.20
13571932 cvr Fuera de Valija Mollendo(violet undated cachet)-Argentina @ 10c rate via Arequipa.20
13581932 regd official(h/st) airmail(Aeropostal h/st) cvr Brazilian Legation Lima(h/st)-France, SG501-2(x4),5.15
13591935 printed/cacheted Chorrillos Military School,Lima envelope regd to Madrid, SG553+5.15
1360GB used in: 1884 6d grey pl's 13,15 & 16 (Z46 cat £150) & C38 pmks (3).45
13611857 1d star with fine D74 pmk of Pisco. A forgery but superb spacefiller.25
1362PHILIPPINES: 1926 Legislative Palace set (ex 18c), SG384-6,88-90(cat £40+) on local Manila cvr.30
13631935(Mar) FFC Manila-Pto Princesa via Flying Boats Dutch RNAF(cachet).20
13641937 regd cvr Iligan-USA, SG341(x2)+510(x3).15
1365PITCAIRN: 1938 cvr to USA, NZ 1d kiwi (Z41 cat £17) & scarcer blue agency pmk.35
13661938(May 13) cvr to UK, Cook Is Coronation set (NZ set cat £130 thus). Signed Richard Edgar Christian. PH.75
13671938(Mar) illus Pitcairn Radio cacheted cvr to USA, NZ 1d (Z41 cat £17).20
13681944 censored airmail cvr USA-Fred Ward,Pitcairn(rec'r) via Canal Zone @ 70c rate.25
13691945(Aug) local colour patriotic cvr with HMS Bounty cachet & SG1+3 addressed to Fred Christian.25
13701945(Aug) comm.cvr Roy Clark-USA @ 3d rate. DDA/196 examiner label.30
13711949 illus airmail UPU FDC to UK of SG13-16 (cat £15).20
13721993 regd airmail cvr to UK, ships set to $5 (SG315-26 cat £18).20
1373POLAND:(see lot 768): 1919 regd(?) cvr Kalisz-Posen, imperf 3f-2m (between SG104-38).15
13741922 regd cvr Lubartow-Zagreb multifranked front & back 7-colour inc SG140(x4)-1(x2),53(x2).20
13751924(Feb) inflation cvr Grodno-Argentina(destination/rec’r), blk of 10 50,000mk (SG205) tied reverse.25
13761925(Aug) cacheted flown cvr Lwow-Vienna, SG219+46(x2).25
13771932 regd express(label) cvr Warsaw-Berlin, SG272(x3),84-5,8.15
13781933 ppc comm.used Bielsko-Mexico(destination/rec'r), SG274+286.20
13791938 cvr Lwow-Brazil(destination/rec'r), SG317,8-9(x2 ea).20
13801940 Red X set (SG409-12 cat £25) on regd express dienstpost cvr Krakau-Germany.20
13811944 cvr to UK, exile set (SG486-93 cat £30) & merchant marine 27 illus pmk.25
13821946(Nov) cvr to UK, GB 2½d & Poczta Polowa 102 pmk.20
13831953 regd air cvr Sosnowice-USA, rare Presidents MS Mi620 with violet groszy opts (cat 1900eu used).PH1000
1384PORTUGAL:(see lot 787): 1863 EL Viano do Castilo-Porto, 4mgn 25r (SG30 x2 cat £14) & 102 numerals.25
13851876 outer Lisbon-Para(Brazil) per Maranhuia, 80r (SG148 cat £28) scarcer p.13½. Cat 300eu(cvr). PHOTO80
13861884 10r p.stat.card comm.used Estremoz(oval pmk)-Lisbon.20
13871881 internal cvr with 25r grey Luis p.12½ (SG188) & R.A.Norte 1 TPO pmk.20
13881885 cvr Lisbon-UK, 25r brown Luis (SG212 x2) p.13½.20
13891892 cvr Lisbon-Estoril via Cascaes, 2 diff.types provisorio ovpts SG283-4(x3 cat £45).40
13901911 regd cvr Lisbon-France, 100r Republica opt (SG413).25
13911916 advert cvrs(2) Lisbon-Sweden @ 5c rate. Portuguese censor labels tied oval censors 32 or 70.20
13921926 ppc comm.used Porto-Czech, 4-colour Ceres SG541,61,705,8.20
13931928 unpaid cvr Alter os Chao-Lisbon, tax marks & 8c+72c P.Dues (D580,592) tied rev. 8c minor stain.35
13941931(Jun 13) cacheted scarce St Anthony FDC airmail to USA, SG853-8 cat £70. PHOTO75
13951934 advert cvr Lisbon-Paris, SG839 + scarce 1e60 Colonial Exhib’n (SG880 cat £20).20
13961940 regd airmail cvr Lisbon-Holland, Port.Legion set inc 2 x 1e (SG904-11 cat £18).20
13971957 comm.cvrs(2) Estoril/Lisbon-UK/Argentina, Almeida Garrett SG1144-5 or 1143+1084(cat £35).40
1398Angola:1946 internal advert emergency air cvr Lobito-Luanda, SG360(x2)+ 90c air(Sanabria 12 x11 inc blk 9)35
13991951-3 birds issue to 5ag on advert cvrs(5) to USA. All different frankings.25
1400Angra: 1906 ppc of SS King Albert passing Velas(Azores) comm.used Velas-USA via Angra, 20r (SG32).25
1401Azores: 1891 10r opt p.stat.card comm.used Angra do Heroismo(oval pmk)-Ponta Delgada(rec’r).40
14021927 cvr Horta-Germany, 10-colour Ceres to 32c between SG245-406.30
14031929 local ppc comm.used Horta-Belgium, Portugal 96c (SG717).20
1404Cape Verde: 1910 washerwoman ppc comm.used S.Vicente-France, SG60(x2)-1.15
14051925 cvr S.Vicente-UK, SG234(x10)+240(x2).30
1406Guinea: 1941(Feb) cacheted Pan-am FFCs(3) Bolama-Trinidad,P.Rico or N.York with airs to 5e cat £20+.25
1407India: 1882 1t red p.stat.card, H&G2 fine unused.10
14081942 regd double censored cvr Mapuca-Bombay, 3-colour SG526,47-8 tied reverse.25
14091946 airmail advert cvr Nova Goa-Switz, 4-colour SG538,40,43,53. Hi–rate25
1410Madeira: 1915 underpaid cvr USA-Funchal, Portugal 10r+50r P.Dues (D419+23).25
14111940(Mar) airmail cvr Funchal-Trinidad(destination/rec’r) via Lisbon, Portugal SG849b,93(x2),99.20
1412Mozambique: 1911 10r p.stat.card comm.used L.Marques-Germany + L.Marques 20r. Mix franking.25
14131947 regd airmail cvr Beira-USA, scarce $3 air opt (SG369 x3 cat £51). PHOTO65
14141947-8 air cvrs(3 inc regd) L.Marques/Canicado-USA, airs SG397(x4)+401,399+401(x2) or 400(x2 cat £15).25
1415Mozambique Co: 1928 firms cvr Beira-USA, SG247(x2)+250(2e).20
14161940-1 cvrs(3,2 censored) Beira-UK, SG297(x2),312 or 317(x2).20
1417S.Tome: 1916 20r Republica p.stat.card(H&G11) comm.used Belgian Vice-Consulate-USA.20
1418PUERTO RICO: GB used in: QV 10d red-brn (Z102 cat £275) & fine C61 pmk. PHOTO80
1419QUEENSLAND: 1876 cvr Warwick-Freestone Creek, 2d pl.2 (SG97 cat £15).40
14201906 US 2c p.stat.env underpaid to Brisbane, tax marks both countries inc oval T3d.25
14211908 stampless ppc Tiaro-UK, tax marks both countries inc 3-line 20ctms T25
14221909 illus ironmongers p/card Maryborough-Gympie @ 1d rate. PHOTO65
1423RHODESIA:(see lot 846-7): 1905 cvr Belingwe-Denmark(destination/rec’r) @ 2½d rate.20
14241907 ½d grn p.stat.card comm.used Gadzema-Salisbury(rec’r). Corner crease.40
14251909 elephant ppc comm.used Chinsali(NE pmk)-UK via Broken Hill @ 1d rate. Early use. PHOTO100
14261911 Transvaal firms printed ½d p.stat.card comm.used Salisbury-Jo'burg. Scarce usage. PHOTO100
1427& Nyasaland: 1955 S.Rhodesia KGVI 4d regd env H2 Lilongwe-UK via Limbe CSO + 1/3d(SG10).15
14281963 formular Federation regd env size G Que Que-France + tobacco SG44+6(pair).15
1429Pmks: s/card of earlies inc better eg Makowries,Duchess Hill,Bwana Mkubwa,Turkois Mine,Colleen Bawn(18)50
1430RUMANIA:(see lot 1782): 1868 EL Bucarest(Austrian PO)-Vienna(Alsergrund rec’r). PHOTO50
14311897 unpaid local Craiova cvr with pair 10b (D450) tied reverse.30
14321906 comm.cvr Brasso(now Brasov)-Canon,St Josephs Cathedral,Bucarest, Hungarian 25f.25
1433Austrian milit.post: 1918 cvr FPO 520(violet pmk)-Vienna, set to 4L(front & back), SG18-34 cat £30.40
1434Occ.Debrecen: 1920 regd local cvr with 20f+30f opts: SG72A(strip of 3)+74A.40
1435RUSSIA:(see lot 475): 1873 10k p.stat.env(U16c) regd to Premysl via Boehnia & Usjte Solne & TPO 47-48 + 1k,3k(Mi18-9) pmk’d TPO 21-2 making 3-colour franking.40
14361883 3k grey-blk p.stat.card comm.used Moscow-N.York(paid all rec'r).15
14371893 10k p.stat.env(145x20mm) Birzhi Kovan-Germany. Crayon 17 & 40 tax marks.15
14381899 2k p.stat.wrapper(scarce 177x444mm) St Petersburg-USA + 10k(SG56). PHOTO100
14391910 ppc comm.used Moscow-Australia(destination) @ 4k rate.20
14401916 POW card Carkossich-Czech via Bakhmach-Odessa 308 TPO. Odessa(box)& Vienna(triangular) censor25
14411917 double regd(2 labels) 10k p.stat.env(scarce 145x81mm) Kolomna-UK(censor) + SG111B(x3),170.40
14421934 ppc comm.used Moscow-Bahamas(destination/rec’r) @ 3k rate.20
14431934 regd airmail cvr Moscow-Prague via Berlin, SG579c + scarce commems 594,626,55-8(cat £43). PHOT.45
1444Levant:(see lot 864): 1898 4k p.stat.card (P1) comm.used C’tinople-Belgium via Odessa.30
14451914 local ppc comm.used C’tinople-UK, 20pa on 4k (Mi51).20
1446Ukraine: German Occ: 1942(Sept) cvr to Aschaffenburg, German Hitler 12pf & blank pmk tied violet s/line Zwetkowo. Deutsch Dienstpost Ukraine official violet circular cachet.25
14471943(Apr) Deutsch Dienstpost Ostland printed env Generalkommissar Minsk-Westerland, Ostland 3pf opt.20
14481944 Deutsch Dienstpost Ukraine regd cvr Brest Litovsk-Hamburg, pair 50pf Ukraine ovpts (Mi16)30
1449RYUKYUS:1959-62 cvrs(2) Miebashi(Okinawa)-USA, SG62+74(blk 4) or 132(x2)+38(blk 4 cat £20) & diff.pmk25
14501960-2 regd(2 diff.h/st labels) Kainan-USA, SG93,103-4(blk 6) or 124,29,37(x8: 2 blks 4 cat £40+).50
1451All different pre-1970 unused/FDI p.stat.cards + 13c on 15y airletter (10 items).25
1452SAAR: 1934 regd cvr Saarbrucken-Holstein, Xmas charity set (SG169-75 cat £350). PHOTO250
14531935(Jan 13) Plebiscite Day local Saarbrucken cvr, Xmas charity ovpts (SG196-7 cat £46).40
14541935(Mar1)German Saar set(SG562-5 cat £15)on sp.illus 'welcome home' p/card Saarbrucken(sp.pmk)-Germ25
1455ST HELENA: 1896 message half 1d harbour view reply card comm.used to UK with s/line pmk.40
14561915 regd cvr to USA, KEVII 2½d+6d (SG64,67a cat £15).40
14571929 Napoleons tomb ppc comm.used to USA, 1½d (SG99 cat £13).30
14581948 regd airmail cvr to NZ, 2/6d (SG138).20
1459ST KITTS-NEVIS: 1897 Leewards QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Basseterre-Germany with cds + A12 duplex.15
14601904 cvr to UK @ 1d rate with rare St Kitts SP(Sandy Point) pmk. PHOTO200
14611942(Aug) airmail cvr USA-Basseterre via Antigua @ 15c rate. Brown censor label + crown BB/ h/stamp.35
14621944 regd(Nevis label) cvr Gingerland-UK, SG68a,78-9.15
14631946-52 regd cvrs(2) to UK, 3d+1/= (SG73f,75b) or 5/=(SG77a). Stamps cat £63. See also lot 114,1072.50
1464ST LUCIA:(see lot 32): 1883 1½d p.stat.card, scarce H&G1 comm.used to UK with A11 pmk.35
14651904 cvr to Panama(destination/rec’r) via Colon(transit pmk), 2½d (SG68) & A11 pmk.20
14661923 cvr Castries-USA, pair 1d rose-carmine (SG92 cat £42). PHOTO50
14671924 KGV 2d regd env Vieux Fort-UK + KGV 3d (SG99a cat £11). Violet regd h/st. PHOTO50
14681928 comm.cvr Soufriere-USA @ 2d rate.40
14691932 Govt House embossed seal env comm.used to Canadian Legation,USA, 2½d (SG98).20
14701942 US Army airmail censored cvr US APO 805-USA @ US 15c rate.20
14711961(Nov) comm.cvr Augier-St Vincent @ 4c rate. PO only opened July.15
1472ST VINCENT: 1919 cvr Kingstown-St Lucia(rec'r), SG102(pair)+ 2 diff.war stamp SG124+9(x2 cat £32). PH.50
14731943 airmail cvr to USA @ 1/4d rate (SG152 x2 + 6). UU/4 censor label.30
14741949 regd airmail cvr Kingstown-UK, 1/=-2/6d (SG156-7a).15
14751949 regd airmail cvr Kingstown-USA via Trinidad, S.Wedding set (SG162-3 cat £40).40
14761958-61 cvrs(5) to Kingstown @ 2c rate & Chateaubelair,Barrouallie,Lowmans Hill,Cumberland,Biabou pmks.40
14771971 regd cvr Kingstown-USA, SG192,99a($1),212-4,20(50c cat £12).20
1478SAMOA: 1918 long regd cvr Apia-USA, ½d+6d (SG134,141a). Boxed GRI censor 3.35
14791950-2 SS Sierra paquebot(mss or scarce Hosk.1640) cvrs(2) Apia-USA @ US 3c rates.50
1480SAN MARINO: 1927 ppc comm.used to UK, 75c on 80c (SG123).15
14811931 regd cvr to Merano, 6–colour mixed issues SG111,13,15,17-8,29,53.20
14821953 airmail cvr City PO-USA, SG380,435,41,63(scarce commems cat £43+).40
1483SARAWAK: 1897-1902 Rajah Brooke 1c-4c p.stat.cards (4: P1-4) complete fine unused.65
14841928 Rajah Brooke 15c blue regd env size G fine unused.50
14851945 local Kuching FDC of Centenary set (SG146-9 cat £45).35
14861947(Apr 16) local Kuching regd FDC of set to $5 (SG150-64 cat £14).15
14871953 airmail cvr Miri-UK, mixed KGVI-QE2 SG182+7(x2).12
1488Jap.Occ: 1945(Mar) censored cvr Bau-Miri, 3-colour J1,5-6(cat £370). PHOTO300
1489SAUDI ARABIA:1947 advert cvr Mecca-USA, SG331(blk of 6),349,356(scarce oblig.tax cat £10) tied reverse.20
1490SERBIA:1915 stampless p.stat.card comm.used POW in Nisch Camp-Saxony with 41mm black circ.censor.30
14911919 feldpostkarte Belgrade-France, 10p(SG197). 2-line Serbian censor(blk) + violet box Censure Milit.Serbe.20
1492Bulgarian Occ: 1918 unpaid censored cvr Sofia(Bulgaria)-Kiupria, taxed with Bulgarian SG182+186 opt’d T in circle used as P.Dues. PHOTO45
1493German Occ: 1941 Yugoslav 1d p.stat.card ovpt'd in grn Visac-Kragujevac. Box censor 38.25
14941944 regd advert airmail cvr Belgrade-Germany, pair 7d (Mi79). German censor label.20
1495SEYCHELLES: 1895 15c p.stat.env, H&G2 regd to UK with code 1 pmk.35
14961917 cvr Victoria-UK, 6c (SG85).15
14971927 cvr Anse Royale-UK, 3c+9c (SG99,106). Scarce village pmk. PHOTO80
14981938(Jan 1) local Victoria regd FDC of 3c–25c (SG136-7,9,40-1 cat £27).25
14991941 cvr Victoria-UK @ 18c rate. 2-line violet Passed by Censor Seychelles No.145
15001956 regd cvr La Digue-UK, SG135-7,39a,41,2a,3(cat £25).20
1501SIERRA LEONE:1925 underpaid cvr Freetown-USA @ 2d rate. Tax marks both countries inc scarce 20c. PH.75
15021927 regd cvr Freetown-UK, 3-colour SG113b(x2),131,135(cat £22+).30
15031928 funeral ppc comm.used Kambia-Switz, 2d (SG134).35
15041930 regd( box h/st) KGV 3d regd env size F Sumbuyah-UK + KGV 1d(x2).25
15051942 airmail cvr Makene-USA, 1d+5/= (SG198 cat £17). QQ/1 censor.20
1506c1946 crested WAFF 1st SL Regt env Garrison Mail(undated pmk)-UK @ 2½d rate.15
1507SINGAPORE: 1929 ppc comm.used Raffles Hotel-Czech, Straits 8c (SG229).25
15081927 cvr USA-Singapore ret'd with bilingual box Not Known + scarce oval brown DLO pmk(reverse). PHOT.150
15091941(Oct) censored OAS cvr FPO SP501-UK.25
15101952 BOAC Comet illus FFC Singapore-UK, SG19a,24a-5.10
15111966 local RAF Seletar AR(circ.h/st) cvr), SG63-4,70(x2 cat £10).15
15121969 Certified Official(h/st) airmail cvr Base Fleet Mail Office 20-UK. Cachet of CO HMS Terror.15
15131969 illus unadd.FDC of $10 (SG115 cat £15) & Dempsey Rd pmk.40
15141971 Art & Earth Station(blk of 4) illus FDCs(2) of SG160-70(cat £70) & sp.pmks.35
1515SLOVAKIA: 1939 regd cvr Bratislava-Trebisov, imprint pairs(x2) from left & right of 1k (SG12) sheet.20
15161939 cvr Trencianska Teplice-UK, 3-colour perf Hlinka SG26,27a(blk of 9),28(pair cat £12).15
15171942 express airmail censored cvr Bratislava-Prague, SG62,78-80.15
1518SOLOMONS: 1935 cvr Tulagi-USA, 1d+2d (SG41,44 cat £26).35
15191937(May 13) cacheted regd(label or box h/st) Coronation FDCs(2) Gizo-Australia, SG57-9.15
15201944(Oct) OAS censored patriotic illus cvr RNZAF NZAPO C(Guadalcanal)-NZ.20
15211957 airletter to UK, 8d(SG90) & separate s/lines Barakoma Airfield + date.20
1522SOMALIA:(see lot 1013-4): 1974 official cvr Ministry of Mining,Mogadiscio-UK, 80c meter frank.10
1523SOMALILAND: 1906 ppc comm.used Berbera-S.Africa via Aden@ 1a rate.30
15241922 cvr GB-Lt in Royal Scots with Camel Corps,Berbera(rec'r) @ 2a rate.50
15251935 regd cvr Berbera-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG86-9 cat £50).40
15261949 regd printed S.Wedding cvr Hargeisa-Aden, SG119-20.15
1527S.AFRICA:(see lot 85,200-2,1197): 1913 EL written in German on Govt.House Pretoria notepaper to Aliwal North in crown crested envelope with Governor-General's office official cachet.50
15281916 cvr New Hannover Rail-Switz @ 3d rate redirected to Germany(Frankfurt martial law label). Oval Cape Town censor + S.African censor/label.
15291916 long advert cvr Explosive Works,Dynamite Factory PO-USA @ 7½d rate (triple).35
15301917 KGV ½d grn p.stat.card comm.used Kloof St,Cape Town-Swakopmund with C8/99 circ.censor.15
15311918(Mar) OAS ppc Simonstown-UK. Ex small British contingent at naval base.20
15321921 comm.cvr Jo’burg-Switz, 3-colour SG4b,6,7a.20
15331923 cvr CapeTown(Br.Empire Exhib'n slogan)-Robertson @ 2d rate. Insufficient address so RLO Cape pmk.15
15341929(Aug) FFC(Millers Service) Bloemfontein-Cape Town, SG31+40-1(cat £16).25
15351933 rail cvr SAR Baggage Pt Elizabeth 217(oval pmk)-Oudtshoorn, vertical pair 2d (SG44).35
15361935(May 1) airmail S.Jubilee FDC Cape Town-UK, SG65-8 cat £140. PHOTO100
15371935 airmail cvr Jo'burg-Germany, ½d+1d booklet panes of 6 with marg.adverts (SG54c,56e cat £67 mint).PH50
15381937 airmail cvr Jo'burg-USA, vertical pair 2/6d (SF49aw cat £250 horiz). PHOTO50
15391938 regd KLM illus FFC Blood River(sp.pmk)-Holland inc blk 4 with rare 'spear flaw'(SG46bw cat £202). PH175
15401941(Apr) Rail Infantry Bn cacheted cvr to Jo'burg, 1½d & temporary War Train PO pmk. Scarce. PHOTO75
15411941(Sept 3) local Jo'burg regd FDC of 6d war effort (SG93 blk 4 cat £38) & Commissioner St pmk.30
15421944(Apr 1) 1d ship illus p.stat.card comm.used to UK with Cape Town Phil.Soc 1944 1d label tied Liberty Cavalcade s/ring pmk in use 1 week.25
15431950 regd airmail cvr Boksburg-Iraq via Egypt @ 1/1d rate. AV2 h/stamp.40
15441954 regd illus FDC Skukuza-Holland of defin set to 10/= (SG151-64) & sp.pmks20
15451965 cvr Welkom-Jo'burg with disallowed 25c revenue stamp, tax marks & D51,54 P.Dues tied.15
1546S.AUSTRALIA:(see lot 1635): 1866 local Adelaide EL ex Official Assignees office, 2d roulette (SG26). PHOT.50
15471874 EL Canowie(cds + 264)-Adelaide via Kooringa & TPO Railway 1, 2d (SG160).25
15481898 cvr Beltana(sq.circ)-Sydney via PA Railway 6, 2d (SG177).25
15491903 advert cvr Wasleys(sq.circ)-Tasmania via Express Railway SA @ 2d rate.40
15501912 regd cvr Keyneton-Melbourne, 1d (SG294a x4).20
1551SW AFRICA: 1915(Apr) OAS censored cvr FPO 30(blue box: Kilo 116 for 8 days)-Pretoria. Rare. PHOTO200
15521924 regd(h/st) cvr Tsumeb-Germany via RLS Windhuk, singles 1d+6d (SG17,21).35
15531931(Dec) regd airmail cvr Windhoek-Kimberley(sp.pmk), SG30,49,72-3(cat £47).40
15541935 regd airmail cvr Windhoek-Germany, S.Jubilee set (SG88-91 cat £35) + singles SG59b,61(cat £5).30
15551938 regd cvr Windhoek-Transvaal, Voortrekker Memorial set (SG92-5 cat £60).45
15561938 air cvr Windhoek-Germany(opened Customs), officials O14-15(blk 4),17(cat £93). Cat £794(SGcvr).PH200
15571971 illus FDC no.3 to Rhodesia of SG230-33(cat £18) & sp.pmk. See also lot 46.20
1558S.RHODESIA: 1936 cvr Inyazura-USA, 1d p.14 (x3).35
15591936 airmail cvr Bembezi-UK, 6d p.1425
15601941 comm.cvr to UK, SG40(x2)-1. Both We Realise in Rhodesia….British Navy & National War Fund labels.25
15611943(Jun) OAS cvr Thornhill-RAF Heany,Bulawayo. Black Official Free cachet.25
15621943(Sept) OAS cvr Heany Camp-UK. Violet Official Free cachet.25
15631945 OHMS official free cvr Air Training Group,Salisbury(cachet)-Sherwood Estates. Returned via Que Que with red Insufficient Address & Not Known cachets.40
15641946 regd airmail(to London) cvr Bulawayo-USA, SG35b,46(x2,1 damaged)-7(x3). Scarce rate.20
15651947 very long regd OHMS cvr Victoria Falls-Jo'burg, set to 5/= (SG35a-b,40-52,64-7 cat £28).25
15661952 airmail cvr Jumbo-Ireland, 3-colour SG35a,41,46.20
15671953 set to £1 (SG78-91 cat £110) on 2 regd illus FDCs Bulawayo-UK.80
1568SPAIN:(see lot 1783): 1869 mourning cvr Madrid(Amb.Asc pmk)-UK, pair 200m (SG148 cat £27+). PHOTO45
15691865 EL Valladolid-France via St Jean de Luz TPO, 4mgn 12c (SG82 cat £22). 5c h/st.25
15701876 EL Tarrasa-Barcelona @ 10c(SG230) + 5c war tax rate tied TPO Aragon pmk.20
15711877 EL Alcudia(Majorca)-Barcelona @ 10c + 5c war tax rate.10
15721902 ppcs(2) to UK, 5c(SG293) tied boxed blue/violet Barcelona Mollet or Moncada.35
15731905 stampless comm.used ppc to Granada, blue crowned Estafeta de Congreso pmk.20
15741910 ppc comm.used Madrid-China(destination + Tientsin Fr.PO rec’r) @ 10c rate.20
15751929 Soller ppc comm.used to Switz @ 25c rate & Baleares p/bot Barcelona pmk. 2 different hotel cachets.20
15761930(Jun 15) FDC of Goya air set to 1pta(SG570-9,E583) Seville(sp.pmk)-Barcelona.20
15771936 double regd (Seville +Gibraltar) cvr to UK, 5-colour SG745,48,50,55 + 5c Pro-Seville label.15
15781944 ppc Madrid-Switz @ 45c rate. Madrid & German censors + 2 secret writing wipes.15
1579Ceuta: 1933 Spanish 15c p.stat.card(Edifil 69) comm.used to Barcelona.20
1580Guinea: 1956(Nov) illus FFC by helicopter Santa Isabel-San Carlos, SG382,90,402.25
1581Ifni: 1952 illus Ferdinand FDC to Spain of 5p (SG80 cat £10).15
15821954-64 illus unadd.FDCs(12 diff) between SG101-203.30
1583Morocco: 1906 town ppc comm.used Larache-Paris via Tangier,Algeciras @ 10c rate.20
15841931 advert cvr Larache-France, SG106(pair).20
15851935 advert cvr Beni Enzar(Mellila)-Denmark, SG157(pair).25
15861937 regd cvr Tetuan-Paris, patriotic minisheet (Edifil 167). 2-line violet Military Censor Tetuan.45
1587Sahara: 1951 regd(no.1 h/st) cvr Villa Bens-USA, 5ptas (SG84 cat £18).30
15881954-65 all different illus unadd.FDCs(11) between SG113-238. Nice thematics.30
15891961 airmail cvrs(2) Villa Cisneros/Aaiun-Barcelona @ 1p50 rates.15
1590SUDAN: 1897 5m opt p.stat.card comm.used Halfa(early use D2 pmk)-Cairo(rec'r).20
15911901 4m on 5m p.stat.card(H&G4) Khartoum-Germany via Beni Souef-Cairo TPO.15
15921904 4m on 5m reply card complete Wadi Halfa-Austria then Danzig with TPO Shellal-Halfa SPS pmk.40
15931906 OSGS official 13mm ovpt on 3m violet p.stat.card fine unused & scarce.25
15941906(Feb) 5m p.stat.env Wadi Halfa Camp-Cairo via Sudanese/Egypt TPOs. PO closed in March.25
15951907 2m on 3m p.stat.card(scarce H&G6) comm.used Omdurman-Cairo via Sudanese/Egypt TPOs.40
15961920 5m p.stat.env regd Khartoum El Obeid TPO 2-UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO2(regd) + 5m(x2). PHOTO75
15971929 cvr Pt Sudan-UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO No.1, GB 1½d & box paquebot (Hosk.2861).25
15981932 5m brn camel p.stat.env airmail Aroma-UK + 2pi.35
1599SWAZILAND: 1946 regd cvr Bremersdorp-Australia(destination/rec'r), mixed issues SG33a+41.30
16001948 OHMS regd(h/st) stampless cvr District Commissioner(official free frank),Mankaiana-Natal. Unknown/ Undeliverable(cachets) so ret’d to sender.30
16011956-61 QE2 6d or 5c on 6d regd envs(2, both size G), H&G6-7 fine unused.15
1602SWEDEN: 1884 6o p.stat.card + 1889 10o lettercard internally used with PKXP No.46 or 79 TPO pmks(2).20
16031889 4o blue local Stockholm Stadtspost commercially used. See also lot 21,1685,1784.20
16041903 ppc comm.used Marstrand-Japan(rare destination/rec’r) @ 10o rate.30
16051928(Aug) regd air cvr Vasteras-USA via Stockholm-London overnight FF, SG105A,175c-e(cat £11) & sp.pmk20
16061929(Feb) cacheted airmail(s/line Luftpost fran Malmo) Malmo-Swedish Vice-Consul,USA, 15o(SG175c).25
16071930(May) ABA 1st night flight Stockholm-Rotterdam, airs SG175f-g.20
16081935 10o p.stat.card + 5o (Fa240C) comm.used Lund-Belgian Congo (rare destination).25
16091937 regd cvr Stockholm-Manchuria(very rare destination), 3–colour Tercent.Post SG188,91-2.35
1610SWITZERLAND: (see lots 2,14,47-8): 1828 official crested EL written Epesses-Fribourg rated 4 + s/line Cully.20
16111839 EL Interlaken-UK via Suisse Delle 1(red) rated 1/11. Red 2-line AEJF(scarce) & Intersee pmk.25
16121925(May) regd airmail cvr Zurich-UK, SG316,19,21,24(cat £220) then N.York-Chicago paid for by US 8c Air (A614 cat £18) & onto Canada. PHOTO150
16131925(Oct) regd military flight cvr Zurich(airport pmk + regd label)-St Gallen, SG280,321,23(cat £102). PHOT.65
16141925 Pro-Juventute set (J32-5 cat £20) on regd cvr Monti della Trinita-Holland.30
16151926 regd complete parcel card Zurich-France via Basel(exchange label), 70c+1f20c (Mi171x,195x).20
16161929 regd cvr Thalwil-Bremen, Pro-Juventute set J48-51(cat £25). See also lots 61,66,80,1785.20
16171929(Nov) ppc flown Graf Zeppelin to St Gallen, 15c+65c airs (Mi179x+89x cat £30+).30
16181935 airmail cvr Zurich-UK, pair scarce 35c airs (SG320a cat £150). PHOTO100
16191935 airmail cvr Zurich-El Salvador(destination/rec'r) via N.York, SG325a+51.25
16201937 regd airmail cvr Mobile PO 1(Biel)-Basel, air surchs SG359-61(cat £32).25
16211937 regd cvr Montreux(Conference des Capitulations)-Basle, SG344,51(bklet tete-beche blk 4),61(cat £34+)30
16221939 airmail cvr Cham-Chile via Geneva, Exhib'n 20c G(blk of 4) + 30c F+G(blk of 4 cat £62+). PHOTO50
16231940(May) scarcer cacheted Red X FFC Fribourg-FPO 20, SG395G,97I,404,J91(cat £55).40
16241942 airmail advert cvr St Gallen-Sweden, SG372A + blk of 4 10c (SG427G+I+F+G).20
16251943-6 sp.Pro-Aero printed p/cards(2) Zurich-Bern or Locarno-Lausanne, pro-aero SG433 or 466(cat £111).75
16261945 regd airmail advert cvr Winterthur-UK, SG460(blk 4)+464(scarce x2 cat £155). PHOTO100
16271954 express(label) cvr St Gallen-UK, Pro-Patria SG533(x2),4-5,6(x2)-7(cat £50).35
1628SYRIA: 1903 comm.cvr Damascus-UK, Turkish 1pi tied reverse.20
16291906 Jerusalem ppc used to Belgium, Fr.Levant 5c & dotted circle Caiffa,Syrie pmk. See also lot 533.30
16301920(May) ppc used locally Aleppo with 1m on 5pa + 1m Arab Kingdom (K81+88) & Alep 3+8 pmks.40
16311923 regd advert cvr Damascus-Berlin(released by Freiburg currency control), 5pi (SG83 cat £9).25
16321937 cvr French FPO 610-Egypt via Damascus, 3-colour French sowers/peace 1fr75c rate.20
1633TASMANIA:(see lot 1730): 1873 cvr Emu Bay-River Forth, pair 1d(SG144) & 187 numeral.25
16341896 On Public Service env Supreme Court Hobart-Canada, 2½d (SG217).40
16351899 cvr Hobart-Glenelg(SA) @ 2d rate. S/line Unclaimed + oval Advertised Unclaimed Adelaide pmk on front + red Adelaide cds & blue oval Tasmania Dead Letter Office pmks reverse. PHOTO150
16361905 KEVII 1d p.stat.card, H&G9c comm.used Ouse-Hamilton.20
16371906 advert cvr Campbell Town-Ross @ 2d rate via TML Ry No.3 TPO25
16381909 Govt House ppc comm.used Hobart-France, 1½d on 5d (SG244).20
1639THAILAND: 1941 15st blue regd env, H&G2 fine unused & uncommon.25
16401950 KLM airmail(red h/st) Bangkok-Switz, SG316,8,31(x2). Black AV2.25
1641TOGO: 1920 regd(typed h/st provisional label) cvr Lome-UK via Accra, strip of 3 1d(H48: 1 damaged).20
1642TONGA: 1912 1d King p.stat.card(H&G2 view: palace & chapel) comm.used Nukualofa-France + ½d(SG38).40
164319 25 cvr Vavau-USA, 2d (SG57d).20
16441929 regd cvr Nukualofa-Austria, 1d+4d (SG39,45).30
16451934 Tin Can Mail cvr ex SS Mariposa,Niuafoou-UK, pair 1d (SG39).15
16461937 OHMS cvr Nukualofa-USA with circ. Tonga Government frank.35
16471946 airmail advert cvr Nukualofa-USA, 5-colour SG56,75-6,8-9(x3),80(x2 cat £31). PHOTO45
1648TRANSJORDAN: 1939(Nov) double censored(Cairo + Amman) cvr Amman-Egypt via TPO, 15m rate. PHOT.50
16491944 regd censored cvr Amman-UK, vert.strips of 4(coils?) 1m-5m (SG222-6 cat £99). PHOTO.80
1650TRANSVAAL:1889 crested env to UK via Lydenburg, 6d(SG182b) & 36 numeral of Steelpoort. Scarce.PH.200
16511898 regd cvr Standerton-Italy(destination/rec'r) via UK, strip of 3 2½d (SG219).40
16521902 cvr(+ letter on military aftermath of Boer War) Jo’burg-India(destination/rec’r), 6d (SG250).25
16531903 wrapper to Heidelberg with red skeleton Pretoria Paid ½d s/ring cds. See also lots 3-4,317,1426.40
16541905 ppc comm.used Luipaardsvlei-Scotland @ 1d rate. Scarce pmk.40
16551907 stampless OHMS cvr London(MOD box pmk)-Heidelberg via Jo'burg. Oval Transvaal PO Official cachet.20
16561907 comm.cvr Pietersburg-Germany, KEVII 2½d (SG263b). Cat £150(cvr). PHOTO45
16571911 underpaid GB wrapper to Cape Town taxed with pair 1d PDues(D2). Interprovincial use.40
16581912 comm.cvr Jo’burg-Germany, 3-colour SG264,73a-4 & S.Africa Union machine cancel.20
1659TRINIDAD:(see lot 45): 1893 cvr Pt of Spain-NZ(destination/rec’r) via San Francisco, SG106-7(x2).25
16601901 cvr Princes Town-USA, 2½d (SG117).25
16611920 cvr Arouca-Archbishop of Pt of Spain(rec'r) @ 1d rate.15
16621930(July) NYRBA FFC to Grenada, 6d (SG226). See also Grenada lot.35
16631935 local Pt of Spain cvr with S.Jubilee set (SG239-42 cat £28).25
16641942 hotel advert airmail cvr to USA @ 30c rate. S/line Opened by Examiner E/8 censor.15
16651943(Aug) OAS grn airmail env(unusual) double censored (Pt of Spain + UK) @ 68c rate.25
16661943 regd airmail cvr Dominican Rep-Brazil @ 63c rate intercepted in Trinidad with IE/8018 label.15
16671958 underpaid cvr Gonzales-UK @ 5c rate. Tax h/st: T(Gonzalez),T14c(Pt of Spain),3½d(GB).20
1668TRISTAN: 1935(Apr) cvr to UK, GB KGV 1½d & type V bluish cachet.25
1669c1938 cvr to UK, GB KGV,EVIII & GVI ½d’s & violet type VI cachet.35
16701950 stampless cvr to USA via Cape Town p/bot. 2 diff.tax marks + boxed violet cachet IX.40
16711951 comm.cvr to UK with violet cachet X, taxed with GB 2d P.Due (D29).35
16721955 Caronia world cruise envelope airmail to USA, set to 10/= (SG14-27 cat £42).45
16731960(Feb 1) regd cacheted FDCs(3) to UK of set to 10/= (SG28-41 cat £55).50
1674TURKEY:1899 regd(h/st) cvr Galata-Gibraltar(destination/rec’r), 2pi (SG144) tied barred oval(reverse).20
16751908 official cvr Stamboul(circ.sunburst)-Hejaz Rail,Haifa(violet rec'r) @ 1p20 rate. PHOTO45
16761906 20pa p.stat.card comm.used Yeni-Keni(Bosphore)-France.20
16771906 ppc comm.used Merzifoun(fine violet pmk)-UK @ 10pa rate.20
16781915 advert cvr USA-C'tinople @ 5c. Double censored(box violet Arabic cachet + scarcer red/white perf label)20
16791918 cvr Karakeui Galata-Pera via Pangalti, 1pi (SG920). See also lots 502,866,981,1078,1628.20
1680TURKS & CAICOS: 1894 tone-spotted 1d on 1½d p.stat.card comm.used to Australia(destination/rec’r). PH.50
16811901 regd cvr to Germany via L'pool, 3-colour SG101,3-4(cat £21). PHOTO75
16821915 regd OHMS cvr to USA @ 4½d rate (SG129+34 cat £11).25
16831919(Apr 14) regd OHMS cvr to USA, war tax SG146a(strip of 3)+148(FDC).45
16841932 double regd cvr Salt Cay(no year in pmk)-UK, 1½d+2½d (SG165+7 cat £19). PHOTO65
16851937 regd(Swedish TPO from abroad label) Coronation FDC to Sweden(destination/rec'r).10
16861947 local cvrs(2), SG195a+9a or 201a+2a & fine Salt Cay or Cockburn Harbour pmks.25
16871962 regd airmail cvr Grand Turk-USA, 10/= (SG233 cat £27).25
1688UN: 1959 plain FDC to Canada of 10th anniv minisheet (MS38 cat £60) & sp.FDI pmk.40
1689URUGUAY: 1903 washerwomen ppc comm.used Montevideo-UK, 4–colour SG230-2+4.25
16901907 underpaid ppc Argentina-Montevideo, tax marks & 1c P.Due (D246) tied.40
16911910 regd advert AR(h/st) cvr Montevideo-Canada, 3-colour SG230-1,2(x4).30
16921925(Aug) lovely illus regd FFC Montevideo-Florida, SG436-8,472(cat £25).30
1693USA:1845 ELs(2) Buffalo(2 diff.fancy blue ovals)-Troy/Herkinnon + 2 diff.fancy blue Paid scrolls. 1 rated 37½.35
16941850s decorative small ladies env S.Weymouth(Ms)-W.Randolph(Vt), imperf 3c dull red type 2.25
16951861 local Philadelphia Bloods Penny Post(circ.h/st) cvr with IC L40 label in blk & blue acid tied.25
16961866 cvr Louisville(Ky blue pmk)-Granby(Ct), 3c rose-pink(SC.63b) on vertical laid paper. Cat US$500. PH.200
16971867 cvr Boston(paid pmk)-Brandon(Vt), 2c blackjack (SG69 cat £65) tied 4-ring cancel.40
16981868 cvr Chicago-UK, 12c Washington (SG65 cat £120). PHOTO75
16991870 cvr to UK via N.York, 6c Lincoln (SG161 cat £20) & spoked wheel cork cancel.20
17001873 outer N.York(Br.transit pmk)-France per Westphalia via Cherbourg charged 19. Scarce GB 2f h/st. PH.75
17011901 triple regd(Albany,NY & L'pool) advert cvr to UK, redirected to Moscow(destination/rec'r), 5c(x3) SG286.25
17021924(July) 1st transcontinental night flight matching cvrs(3): N.York-Philadelphia, Iowa-Nevada,Philadelphia-Utah @ 8c,16c,24c air rates (A614-6 cat £90).65
17031924 regd AR cvr N.York-UK, 16c air (A547 cat £42). See also lots 38,42,93,120,828,1006,1031,1154,1420.35
17041927(Nov) cacheted FFC Madison(Wis)-Chicago, A614(8c air cat £18) + imperf pair 1c Washington.20
17051928(Oct) 1c p.stat.card flown Graf Zepp(cachet) to Germany + SG648,701.30
17061929(Aug) Zeppelin Mail souvenir p/card flown Graf Zepp round world flight Lakehurst-Germany, SG636+701.35
17071931(Ju) illus Pacific ship-to-shore cvr San Pedro-Los Angeles via SS City of Los Angeles & Goodyear airship25
17081933(Oct 28) Graf Zeppelin cacheted scarcer flight cvr Akron-Seville(Spain), 50c (A732 cat £75). PHOTO100
17091940 advert cvr Italy-Vauxhall(UK) @ 1L25 rate. Both Missent to N.York and to Vauxhall,NJ h/stamps.20
1710Alaska: WW2 cacheted emergency airmail internal cvrs(7) ex Steel Creek,Barrow(violet),Circle Springs, Cordova,Kaltag,Savoonga or Clarks Point. Some censored.65
1711Antarctic: 1934-5 2nd Byrd Exped'n illus cacheted(2 diff) cvrs(2) Little America-USA @ 3c Byrd rate.25
1712P.Rico: 1931(Feb) FAM illus FFC San Juan-Maturin(Venezuela), 30c (SG700).15
1713Virgin Is: 1924 cvr St Thomas(flag cancel)-UK @ 2c rate.15
1714VATICAN: 1931 regd cvr to UK, SG1-4,6-7,13(10L cat £36). PHOTO60
17151933 regd cvr to Switz, Holy Year set (SG15-18 cat £85). PHOTO65
17161938 regd express cvr to USA, SG28,31(2L75),E36(cat £110). PHOTO100
17171938 regd airmail to Switz, airs SG55-60.10
1718VENEZUELA: 1900 10c ovpt p.stat.card(H&G12) comm.used to La Guayra in 1906 with oval barred pmk.15
17191904 ppc comm.used Caracas-Paris, mixed issues SG180+310(scarce ovpt).15
17201911 10c Independence illus p.stat.card, scarce H&G18 used Caracas-Germany + 5c(SG340).25
17211930(May) regd cacheted Pan–am FFC Caracas-Lima(Peru), SG401(x2).20
17221945 airmail advert cvr Caracas-UK, SG607+645(scarce hi-vals cat £11).20
1723VICTORIA: 1859(Aug) cvr Melbourne-Ararat(rec'r), 4d(SG85).40
17241860(Sept) cvr Melbourne-UK STB per Jeddo, 6d(SG73). Mss Missent to Zealand. PHOTO65
17251862 cvr Emerald Hill(48 numeral)-Scotland, 3d+6d (SG90,94a). Scarce. PHOTO200
17261881 QV 4d lilac regd envs(2), H&G1-1a fine unused.25
17271904 regd cvr Heidelberg-Tasmania, 1d+4d (SG390).25
17281904 cvr Springhurst(violet pmk)-Tasmania @ 2d rate.25
17291905 regd cvr Camperdown-N.York via Seattle, 3-colour SG384c,5c,7.40
17301908 Tasmanian ppc to Germany,Tas.SG237(x2)+44 tied Melbourne box Loose Letter(Hosk.1435). PHOTO50
1731VIETNAM: 1973 illus(map) internal cvrs(2 diff) ex Quan Buu with Canadian peace-keeping forces & KBC 3529 (Psychologial Warfare) or 3799 cachets & franked military frank stamp SMF115(x 2 diff.shades cat £60).50
1732Vietnam War peace-keepers multicoloured safe conduct pass. Uncommon.15
17331965 regd airmail cvr Saigon-India, S129(10p)+231.10
1734North: 1973 Red X printed airmail env Hanoi-Switz, N600+684(1d).15
1735W.AUSTRALIA: 1879 1d swan p.stat.card, H&G1 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen. Scarce.50
17361890 2d swan red p.stat.cards(H&G3) fine unused on white/cream papers & 2 different sizes.50
17371902 1d swan lettercard, H&G1 fine unused & very scarce. PHOTO100
17381903 Bunbury ppc comm.used Newcastle-UK via Perth SMR TPO, ½d+1d(SG94,117). Redirected in UK + ½d25
17391905 ppc comm.used Bridgetown-Midland Junction(rec’r), 1d (SG117).25
17401909 1d blue p.stat.cards(2: H&G6A-B) Perth(2 diff.pmks inc ship room)-Germany +½d(SG94a). No message50
17411913 1d on 2d lettercard, H&G5 comm.used Eudunda(sq.circ)-Adelaide(GPO rec'r). PHOTO50
1742YUGOSLAVIA:(see lot 52,59): 1897 Hungarian 2f p.stat.card comm.used Zagreb postal agency-Prague.25
17431920 Hungarian 1f p.stat.card Komorene Moravice-Zagreb + strip of 3 5v roulette (SG107).20
17441931 50pa p.stat.card written SS Tragu(at sea) to Zagreb. Oval violet ship’s cachet cancels p.stat.25
17451933 regd illus Pen Club FDC Dubrovnik-Vienna, SG270-5(cat £80) & sp.red pmk. PHOTO65
17461934 regd airmail cvr Maribor-Austria, scarce commems SG294-301(cat £65). PHOTO50
17471934 airmail cvr Split(triangular sp.air pmk)-UK, 4–colour SG253,300-2.20
17481940 folded regd 25pa parcel card with coupon Zagreb-Germany, mixed Kings SG320,415,25(x2) & pair 2d fiscals tied Customs cachet.25
17491943 cvr Broj Broda(oval pmks)-UK, SG468-71.20
17501945 local Cognorata cvr with mixed currency opts R29+SG482.25
1751ZANZIBAR: 1896 QV ¼a p.stat.card, H&G1(blue opt) comm.used locally with Zanz bar pmk. PHOTO50
17521907 1a on 1½a p.stat.card comm.used to Germany with sq.circle pmk.45
17531934 cvr to Dar-es-Salaam, pair 6c (SG302) tied Dar paquebot cds.15
17541936(Dec 9) regd airmail S.Jubilee FDC to Tanganyika of SG323-6(cat £10).15
17551952(Aug) local illus FDC of Sultan set to 10sh (SG339-52 cat £55). Scarce. PHOTO50
17561953 Sultan 20c+50c airletters(2), H&G1-2 fine unused & unfolded.10
1757French POs: 1891 French 10c p.stat.card to India via Reunion-Marseille p/bot 3(Amazone) & Aden. Minor soiling but rare. PHOTO350
1758ZULULAND: 1901 Natal QV 1d p.stat.env comm.used Eshowe-Pm’burg(rec’r). Minor opening fault.25
17591902 Natal QV ½d p.stat.env comm.used locally in Eshowe.25
1760BARBADOS: 1945(Jan) airmail cvr to USA, SG254-5. Double censored: Examiner 8076 + blk/grn H/15 labels15
1761BELGIUM: 1935 parcel card Baesrode-Buggenhout @ 70c rate + 30c fiscal tied.15
1762German Occ: 1915 advert express(label) cvr Brussels(censor)-Frankfurt, 5c+50c (Mi2+5).15
1763CANADA: 1941 airmail advert regd AR(h/st) cvr Vancouver-USA, SG363+71. C/294 censor label.15
1764CURACAO: 1943(Mar) airmail ppc to UK, SG210. Triple censored: local/US/UK.15
1765DENMARK: 1943(Sept) 15c p.stat.card used Copenhagen-Hamburg. German censor + secret writing wipe.10
1766DOMINICAN REP: 19th cent all different fine unused p.stat.cards,wrappers & envs to 20c (24 items).25
1767DRINK: 1892-1952 tea/coffee theme cvrs/ppcs(7) ex Costa Rica(2),Austria,Sweden,Brazil,Rhodesia,Salvador40
1768FINLAND: 1937-8 internal cvrs/card(4), 2m-7m defins tied s/lines Suorlaht,Sund,Juntula or Tankolampi.35
1769FRANCE: 1939 cvr to UK @ 1fr rate with hexagonal dotted pmk + 2-line cachet Gloire (cruiser).15
1770GREENLAND: 1959 medical advert ppc Godthaab-USA, 15o grey-violet (Fa31a).15
1771HAITI: 1927(Dec) printed/cacheted WIAE FFC Pt au Prince-Dominican Rep, SG296+302. Pilot signed.15
1772INDIA: 1930 1a p.stat.env Madras(unusual Innoculation prevents Cholera & Plague slogan)-Burma.10
1773IRELAND: 1936 airmail cvr Passage West(Cork)-engineer,SS British Star,Pt Said, 3-colour SG61,4,6.25
1774JERSEY: 1974-8 defin booklet panes,dues,arms to £1 all on illus unadd.FDCs(11).20
17751976-82 coats of arms sets to £1 + 1977 QE2 £2 all on illus unadd.FDCs(6).20
1776MACAO: 1937(Apr) illus/cacheted Pan-am FFC to Honolulu, 50a (SG354: strip of 4 cat £39).30
1777MARTINIQUE: 1900 10c p.stat.cards, 15c+25c lettercards & envelopes all different fine unused (6).40
1778NETHERLANDS: 1905 advert cvr Rotterdam-Australia(destination) @ 2½c(printed matter) rate.15
17791928(Oct) flown cvr Amsterdam Station-Weltvreden(Java), SG281+372(75c air).15
1780N.GERMAN CONFED: 1871 EL Frankfurt(box pmk)-Geneva, 7kr (Mi22).20
1781PAKISTAN: 1948 4a India p.stat.airmail card(H&G1d) with black s/line Pakistan ovpt.10
1782RUMANIA: 1921 regd cvr Radauti(Bucovina)-Germany, SG902(x3: stained perfs) tied reverse.20
1783SPAIN: 1948(Oct) illus(Lincoln cachet) FFC Barcelona-N.York @ 1p50 rate.15
1784SWEDEN: 1911 ppc comm.used Helsingor-Belgium @ 10o rate. Boxed Fra Sverige.15
1785SWITZERLAND: 1874 crested env Lausanne-UK via Basel, 30c blue Helvetia cat £17.15

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